ASEF Luncheon, May 9, 2011

James C. Saunders will discuss "Hearing Loss and Aging: New Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment".

Saunders is Emeritus Professor of Otorhinolaryngology and Director of the Auditory Lab. His specialty is hair cell injury repair and regeneration. Current projects in the auditory research laboratory range from auditory development and aging to hair cell regeneration. Laser interferometry is used to examine the development of the middle-ear system, which is related to the overall process of hearing maturation and aging. He is studying the processes that lead to hair-cell damage and destruction and exploring interventions to accelerate hair-cell repair. Another study is the recording of single cell responses in the auditory nerve of the chick to follow the recovery of function after exposure to intense sound.

Professor Saunders has received numerous research and teaching awards. He is Co-Chair of a university-wide committee to establish a Penn Retirement Community.