The Growth of Obesity in Modern Society

On April 10th, 2008, from 3:00-5:00 PM, the Penn Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty (PASEF) will sponsor a round table discussion on obesity. This event will take place in the Wu-Chen Auditorium of Levine Hall (directions given below).

The round table will bring together three distinguished specialists:

Dr. Nicholas Christakis, Professor of Sociology at Harvard University, also Professor of Medical Sociology at Harvard Medical School, is an internist and social scientist who conducts research on social factors that affect health, health care, and longevity. His research is principally concerned with health and social networks, and specifically with how ill health, disability, health behavior, health care, and death in one person can influence the same phenomena in a person's social network.

Dr. Shirika Kumanyika, Professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology and Associate Dean for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in the School of Medicine. Dr. Kumanyika's work integrates epidemiology, nutrition, aging, prevention, minority health, and women's health issues. Her current research and policy-related activities relate to obesity prevention and treatment, with a particular focus on African Americans.

Dr. Nicolas Stettler, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, is a pediatrician trained in nutrition, tropical medicine and epidemiology. His research is focused on the epidemiology and prevention of obesity and related cardiovascular risk factors, especially the causes and consequences of obesity over the lifecourse.

Refreshments will be available from 4:30 to 5:00 PM in the anteroom of the Wu-Chen Auditorium.

Directions to Wu-Chen Auditorium in Levine Hall: Start at the corner of 34th and Walnut Streets in front of Bennett Hall . Walk 45 paces south on 34th Street past the front of Bennett Hall and turn left onto Chancellor Walk. Walk straight ahead past the south side of Bennett Hall and you will see Levine Hall (all glass facade) at the end of the Walk. Enter the anteroom of Levine Hall and the door to Wu-Chen Auditorium is to your right.

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