Penn Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty

The mission of PASEF is to initiate, conduct and coordinate activities that encourage retired faculty members to continue to be active, contributing participants in the intellectual and social life of the University and to maintain connections among themselves and with their colleagues who are not retired. Such activities include organizing lectures, discussion groups, and social functions that provide fellowship and interaction among members and with the scholarly community on campus; familiarizing members, especially those planning retirement, with issues relating to retirement benefits and retired life; and promoting opportunities for members to render service to the University and its surrounding community.

Jack Nagel

Anita A. Summers, Wharton

2015-2016 PASEF President


Unless specified, lectures will be at the Hourglass Room at the Inn at Penn from 12:00pm-1:30pm.



Date: Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Location: St. Marks Room, Inn at Penn

Paul A. Offit is the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia as well as the Maurice R. Hilleman Professor of Vaccinology and a Professor of Pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine.



Date: Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Roger Allen is the Sascha Jane Patterson Harvie Professor of Social Thought and Comparative Ethics Emeritus in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.

PASEF Tech Tools Workshops

We are pleased to announce our workshops for Fall 2015. Each session is limited to 10 participants and we will offer follow-up by appointment afterwards. Please click on the registration link to sign up for each session.

Word Tips: Join Lahari Uppuluri for a customized tour of Microsoft Word. We will explore features including graphic design, layout and ways to bring in content from the web. Friday, October 2, 10 to 11 am. (Register!)

Google Scholar: Join Lahari Uppuluri for an in-depth look at Google Scholar. We will search for our own citations, works cited and written by our peers and new research relevant to our fields of study. We will save citations and articles and manage the reading process. Friday, October 23, 10 to 11 am. (Register!)

Streaming Music: Join Stephen Mantz for a hands-on exploration of streaming music through Penn Libraries’ collections and subscriptions. You can enjoy your favorite music from any location! Tuesday, October 27, 10 to 11 am. (Register!)

Streaming Video: Join Charles Cobine for a guided tour of Penn Libraries’ film and video collections. We will explore how to watch and share our video content online. Tuesday, November 3, 10 to 11 am. (Register!)

PowerPoint: Join Liz Crowder for exploration of PowerPoint. We will look at sharing presentations with colleagues online, improve the design of our slides and work with images and text boxes. Thursday, November 5, 2:45 to 3:45 pm. (Register!)

Twitter: Join Anu Vedantham to explore Twitter, a popular social media platform that can be used for research, teaching and general sharing purposes. We will describe academic uses of Twitter, ideas to manage your lists and followers, and techniques for managing information overload. Monday, November 9, 10 to 11 am. (Register!)

Voice-over PowerPoint: Join Vickie Karasic to explore voice-over narration in PowerPoint. In this session, learn how to create voice-over narration on a PowerPoint presentation and export the file to a video. For the first half of the workshop, we will practice on a sample presentation provided in class. The second half will be help and practice on a presentation of choice. Tuesday, November 17, 1 to 2 pm. (Register!)

You may also want to register for one of our general workshops.

Questions? Please contact us at

Anu Vedantham, Ed.D.

Director, Weigle Information Commons

University of Pennsylvania Libraries


Road to Retirement Essays by Colleagues

PASEF has held “road to retirement” panel discussions over the past several years, and some of our colleague participants have written brief descriptions in which they describe their thoughts and steps in deciding to go emeritus, and then how life has been thereafter. Please click here to enjoy their insights and experience regarding the transition:

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Faculty Retirement

We are proud to announce the release of the Eighth Edition of the Hitchhiker's Guide to Faculty Retirement, ASEF's annually revised handbook highlighting the policy and process governing the transition from full-time faculty to emeritus.

Please refer to the official release notes for a review of the updates to this year's edition.

Bulletin Board

From time to time links to articles and reports deemed to be of interest to the PASEF membership will be posted. PASEF does not endorse any positions taken or views expressed in the items cited. The two listed below address Social Security and the choice of a retirement community. Both are from The New York Times.

The Black Art of Deciphering Social Security

Retirement in a Community - But Which One?

New Summary of Information on Retirement Communities

Howard Goldfine, Jim Saunders and Heidi George have recently assembled a set of tables providing important information for those considering the move to a retirement community. You can find this information by clicking on the Retirement Communities link under Spotlights in the right column of this web page or simply clicking here.


Do you have questions about health care, including bills?

We suggest that you contact Health Advocate,offered through the Penn Division of Human Resources (HR) to help Penn employees and their families resolve healthcare-related issues.

Check out their website.

Members of PASEF Council

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Roger Allen

Name: Roger M.A. Allen
Dept: Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations
PASEF: Former President
Email | Phone: 215-898-6337 | View Profile

David P. Balamuth

Name: David P. Balamuth
Dept: Physics & Astronomy
PASEF: Rep. to Univ. Council on Benefits & Pensions
Email | Phone: 610-896-5846 | View Profile

 Janice Bellace

Name: Janice Bellace
Dept: Legal Studies and Business Ethics, Wharton
PASEF: At-large member of the Council
Email | Phone: 215-898-6820 | View Profile

Lois Evans

Name: Lois Evans
Dept: Nursing
PASEF: At-large member of the Council
Email | Phone: 215-898-2140 | View Profile

Joan F. Goodman

Name: Joan F. Goodman
Dept: Education, Culture, and Society Division, Education
PASEF: At-large member of the Council
Email | Phone: 215-898-5677 | View Profile

Howard Hurtig

Name: Howard I. Hurtig
Dept: Neurology, Medicine
PASEF: At-large member of the Council
Email | Phone: 215-829-8407 | View Profile

 Lynn Hollen Lees

Name: Lynn Lees
Dept: History
PASEF: At-large member of the Council
Email | Phone: 215-898-8784 | View Profile

Rob Roy MacGregor

Name: Rob Roy MacGregor
Dept: Medicine
PASEF: Former President
Email | Phone: 215-662-3565 | View Profile

Roberto S. Mariano

Name: Roberto S. Mariano
Dept: Economics
PASEF: At-large member of the Council
Email | Phone: 610-642-2729 | View Profile

E. Ann Matter

Name: E. Ann Matter
Dept: Religious Studies
PASEF: At-large member of the Council
Email | Phone: 215-463-2663 | View Profile

 Jeanne C. Myers

Name: Jeanne C. Myers
Dept: Biochemistry and Biophysics, Medicine
PASEF: President, ASEF
Email | Phone: 215-592-4096 | View Profile

Jack Nagel

Name: Jack H. Nagel
Dept: Political Science
PASEF: Past President
Email | Phone: 215-898-4255 | View Profile

David Pope

Name: David P. Pope
Dept: Materials Science
PASEF: At-Large Member of Council
Email | Phone: 215-898-9837 | View Profile

Gerald J. Porter

Name: Gerald J. Porter
Dept: Mathematics
PASEF: Former President
Email | Phone: 215-898-8467 | View Profile

Martin Pring

Name: Martin Pring
Dept: Physiology, Medicine
PASEF: Rep. to Senate Executive Committee
Email | Phone: 215-898-6870 | View Profile

Vivian C. Seltzer

Name: Vivian C. Seltzer
Dept: Social Policy & Practice
PASEF: Former President
Email | Phone: 215-731-1101 | View Profile

Paul Shaman

Name: Paul Shaman
Dept: Statistics, Wharton
PASEF: President-Elect
Email | Phone: 215-898-8749 | View Profile

Benjamin Shen

Name: Benjamin Shen
Dept: Physics & Astronomy
PASEF: Former President
Email | Phone: 215-222-5757 | View Profile

Neville E. Strumpf

Name: Neville E. Strumpf
Dept: Nursing
PASEF: Former President
Email | Phone: 215-898-8802 | View Profile

Anita Summers

Name: Anita A. Summers
Dept: Public Policy and Management, Wharton
PASEF: President
Email | Phone: 610-645-8660 | View Profile

Ross A. Webber

Name: Ross A. Webber
Dept: Management, Wharton
PASEF: Former President
Email | Phone: 856-216-8233 | View Profile


Jocelyne Waller

Name: Jocelyne Waller
PASEF: PASEF Coordinator
Phone: 215-746-5972

Council Meetings 2015-2016

Date Day
September 16, 2015 Wednesday
October 21, 2015 Wednesday
November 18, 2015 Wednesday
December 2, 2015 Wednesday
January 19, 2016 Tuesday
February 10, 2016 Wednesday
March 16, 2016 Wednesday
April 13, 2016 Wednesday
May 18, 2016 Wednesday

All meetings are from 12:00 - 1:30 p.m. in the Lenape Room.

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