Dr. Escoll, Psychiatry

Dr. Philip J. Escoll, clinical professor of psychiatry in the School of Medicine, and retired psychoanalyst, passed away June 21, 2009, at age 81.

Dr. Escoll served on the department of psychiatry’s clinical faculty from 1961 to 2004. He published widely on psychoanalytic topics, including adolescence, the treatment of young adults and the central role of empathy in psychotherapeutic process. He also had a private practice.

In 1972, Dr. Escoll was the original winner of the Earl Bond Award, the annual teaching award first given out that year by the department of psychiatry. He also received the Robert Dunning Dripps Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education from the School of Medicine in 1991.

Dr. Escoll earned his undergraduate degree from Penn in biology in 1947 and his medical degree from Thomas Jefferson Medical College in 1951.

Dr. Escoll is survived by his wife, Audrey; sons, Andrew and Paul; a daughter, Linda; and five grandchildren.

Memorial donations may be made to the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia, 3810 Mount Pleasant Dr., Philadelphia, PA 19121.