Dr. George, Biology

Dr. Philip George, professor emeritus of biology, passed away July 21, 2008, at age 88.

A native of England, Dr. George attended Christís College at the University of Cambridge where he received his BA in 1940 and later a PhD in chemistry. During WWII, he worked as a researcher for the British government.

Dr. George was appointed professor of biophysical chemistry in the department of chemistry in 1955. During 1970-1971, Dr. George served as head of the Penn team at Pahlavi University in Shiraz, Iran.

He transferred to the department of biology in 1970, remaining there until his retirement in 1988. Dr. George was also director of the General Honors Program and the history and philosophy of science program (now known as the history and sociology of science department). He had also served as a volunteer at the Penn Museum.

Dr. George is survived by his children, Sarah, Emma, Simon, Hannah, and Edwin; seven grandchildren and two nieces.

Donations may be made to the Parkinsonís Disease & Movement Disorders Center, Pennsylvania Hospital, 330 S. 9th St., Philadelphia, PA 19107.