Iakovides, Classical Studies and Penn Museum

Dr. Spyros Iakovides, professor emeritus of classical studies and curator emeritus of the Mediterranean section of the Penn Museum, passed away on June 16, 2013, in Athens, Greece, at age 90.

Dr. Iakovides was an eminent scholar of Mycenaean Greek civilization, which he investigated in a range of excavations at Pylos, Eleusis and Thera. He also directed excavations at Perati, Gla, and Mycenae. A prolific author, his many volumes include detailed final reports on excavations as well as broad subjects.

Dr. Iakovides was highly esteemed by students and colleagues for his broad learning, his groundbreaking research, his productivity, and his concern for the personal welfare of his associates.

Dr. Iakovides is survived by his wife who lives in Athens, Greece.