Dr. Kuklick, History and Sociology of Science

Dr. Henrika "Riki" Kuklick, professor emerita of history and sociology of science in SAS died on May 12, 2013, at her home at age 70.

Dr. Kuklick received her bachelor's degree from Brandeis University, master's from University of London and a PhD from Yale University, all in sociology.

She came to Penn in 1974 as a senior fellow, in 1976 was appointed an adjunct assistant professor, assistant professor of history and sociology of science in 1981 and in 1987 associate professor. In 1995 she was promoted to professor of history and sociology of science. She was chair of the department in 2000, and retired in 2012 and became emerita professor in 2013. Dr. Kuklick specialized in the history of sociology and anthropology. Among her many publications was the work The Savage Within: The Social History of British Anthropology, 1885-1945.

Dr. Kuklick was the recipient of a University Research Foundation Awards & URF Conference Support Award in 2004.

She is survived by her former husband, Bruce; daughter, Marva; brother, Jonathan Takiff; and a sister Karin. Donations may be made in her memory to the Morris Animal Refuge, 1242 Lombard St., Philadelphia, PA 19147.