Dr. Sagi, Sociology

Dr. Philip Sagi, professor emeritus of sociology in Pennís School of Arts and Sciences, died of a heart attack on February 17, 2011, at age 86.

After 26 years in the department of sociology where he taught demography and social statistics, Dr. Sagi retired in 1988. Prior to coming to Penn, he was a research associate at Princeton Universityís Office of Population Research.

Born in New York City, Dr. Sagi graduated from Stuyvesant High School and then attended the University of Wisconsin, leaving to serve in WWII from 1943 until 1945 as a gunner on a B-24 bomber, flying 35 missions in the European Theater. He then returned to Wisconsin where he completed a bachelor of philosophy degree in 1949 and a masterís degree in mathematical statistics in 1951. He earned his PhD in sociology from University of Minnesota in 1956, while working there as a research assistant in the department of sociology on a Navy grant to study small group interactions.

Dr. Sagi had been a member and board member of the American Statistical Association. He consulted with social science division of the National Science Foundation. He was published in many academic journals including Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences; Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, and American Sociological Review.

Dr. Sagi is survived by his wife, Rita; son, Paul and daughter-in-law, Rokiah.