heinz schleyer

Heinz Schleyer, assistant professor emeritus of surgery in the Perelman School of Medicine, passed away on November 10 at age 87.

Dr. Schleyer was hired in 1961 as a post-doctoral fellow in medical physics in the Johnson Foundation. He then became an associate in biophysics in 1963. From 1969-1970, he was in the Harrison Surgical Department as a research specialist and was appointed an assistant professor of biophysics in 1970. He became emeritus in 2004.

As a research scientist, Dr. Schleyer was known for his work on Cytochrome P-450, a series of enzymes involved in drug metabolism. He had been a member on the executive council of the Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty in the Perelman School of Medicine.

Dr. Schleyer is survived by his wife, Johanna (Hanne); daughter, Dr. Anneliese Schleyer; her husband, Peregrin Spielhoilz and his two grandchildren, Aubrey and Jakob.