Penn Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty

Speakers Bureau

The PASEF Speakers Bureau enables community groups to identify and invite PASEF members who are eager to share their knowledge and insight with audiences in the Philadelphia area. Our Roster of Speakers includes retired Penn faculty (and some nearing retirement) from schools across the University. Their areas of expertise include literature, history, politics, public policy, finance, religion, education, health, and medical advances. For more information on how to arrange for a speaker, please click on the links below.

Roster of Speakers | Listings by Title | Listings by Topic Area


Art, Architecture, and Design

  • Now I Sit Me Down: From Klismos to Plastic Chair, a Natural History [Witold Rybczynski]
  • Rembrandt’s Angels [Larry Silver]

    Economics and Finance (Public and Personal)

  • Civilizations’ Economic Drivers: Babylon to Bitstream [Gerald Faulhaber]

    Health, Medicine, Biology

  • All You Want to Know About Diabetes, But Were Afraid to Ask Your Doctor [Stanley Schwartz]
  • Beef - what's for dinner, or should it be? [James Ferguson]
  • Healthy Lifestyles [Paul Mather]
  • History of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia [Balu Athreya]
  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction [Balu Athreya]
  • Milk - it's what a body needs [James Ferguson]
  • New Directions for Understanding Diabetes [Stanley Schwartz]
  • Nothing We Eat Is Natural [Scott Poethig]
  • Opioid Addiction [Wade Berrettini]
  • Sugar Drink Prevention [Paul Mather]
  • Thinking Skills in the Age of Information Disorder [Balu Athreya]
  • Turning Over a New Leaf: How Plants Develop [Scott Poethig]
  • Waste not want not - the food we throw out and its impact on food security and the environment [James Ferguson]
  • What If It’s Not Alzheimers? [Murray Grossman]

    History, Culture, Literature

  • A Thousand and One Nights: a Tale of Two Tale-Collections [Roger Allen]
  • History of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia [Balu Athreya]
  • ISIS [Roger Allen]
  • Shakespeare and Women [Phyllis Rackin]

    International Affairs, Politics, Policy, and Law

  • French Versus American Perspectives on Food and Eating [Paul Rozin]
  • Is the Constitution an Impediment to Democracy in America? [Jack Nagel]

    Psychology, Education, and Relationships

  • Thinking Skills in the Age of Information Disorder [Balu Athreya]

    Religion and Philosophy

  • ISIS [Roger Allen]