Faculty Senate of the University of Pennsylvania

The Senate Committee on Publication Policy for Almanac

The Senate Committee on Publication Policy for Almanac consists of at least six members. The Faculty Senate Chair-Elect also serves ex-officio.

The Committee maintains oversight over Almanac's guidelines and publication policies and the relationships between Almanac and other University news and information sources. It advises the Editor of Almanac on publication issues when necessary or requested. In particular, the Editor will consult it, or, when appropriate, the Almanac Advisory Board, of which it forms the faculty representation, when considering refusal of a contribution on any grounds other than legal liability.

2018-2019 Almanac Committee Members

Martin Pring (Perelman School of Medicine/Physiology), Chair
Sunday Akintoye (School of Dental Medicine/Oral Medicine)
Christine Bradway (Nursing)
Daniel Cohen (SAS/Sociology)
Al Filreis (School of Arts & Sciences/English)>
Cary Mazer (School of Arts & Sciences/English)

Ex Officio: Steven Kimbrough (Wharton) Senate Chair-Elect

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