Faculty Senate of the University of Pennsylvania

The Senate Committee on Economic Status of the Faculty (SCESF)

The Senate Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty consists of six members, in addition to the Chair, the Chair-elect, and the Past Chair of the Senate.

The Senate Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty gathers and organizes data on salaries and benefits and represents the faculty in the determination of University policy on salary issues.

The committee issues an annual report on the economic status of the faculty.

2013-2014 SCESF Committee Members

Erika Holzbaur (Perelman School of Medicine/Physiology), Chair
Gustavo Aguirre (School of Veterinary Medicine)
Peter Fader (Wharton School/Marketing)
Robert Hollebeek (School of Arts & Sciences/Physics & Astronomy)
Andrea Troxel (PSOM/Biostatistics and Epidemiology)
Ex Officio: Claire Finkelstein (School of Law), Faculty Senate Chair
Ex Officio: Dwight Jaggard (SEAS/ESE), Faculty Senate Past Chair
Ex Officio: Reed Pyeritz (PSOM/Medicine), Faculty Senate Chair-Elect

SCESF Annual Reports

Economic Status of the Faculty 2012-2013 Report

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