Faculty Senate of the University of Pennsylvania

The Senate Committee Faculty and the Administration (SCOA)

The Senate Committee on Faculty and the Administration consists of at least six members. The Chair and the Chair-elect serve ex officio.

The Senate Committee on Faculty and the Administration oversees and advises the Senate Executive Committee on matters relating to the faculty's interface with the University's administration, including policies and procedures relating to the University's structure, the conditions of faculty employment (such as personnel benefits), and information.

In general the Committee deals with the matters covered by the following sections of the University's Faculty Handbook: I.A.-D., I.G.-H.1., I.K., II.E., III., V., VI.

2014-2015 SCOA Committee Members

R. Polk Wagner (School of Law), Chair
Sigal Ben-Porath (Graduate School of Education)
Ken Drobatz (School of Vet Medicine)
Jonathan Korostoff (School of Dental Medicine/Periodontics)
Irina Marinov (School of Arts & Sciences/Earth and Environmental Science)
Brian Salzberg (PSOM/Neuroscience)
Talid Sinno (School of Engineering and Applied Science/MEAM and CBE)
Ex Officio: Reed Pyeritz (PSOM/Medicine), Faculty Senate Chair-Elect
Ex Officio: Claire Finkelstein (School of Law), Faculty Senate Chair

SCOA Annual Reports

Report of the Senate Committee on Faculty and the Administration, 2013-2014

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