Faculty Senate of the University of Pennsylvania

The Senate Committee on Faculty and the Academic Mission (SCOF)

The Senate Committee on Faculty and the Academic Mission consists of six members. The Faculty Senate Chair and Chair-Elect serve ex officio.

The Senate Committee on Faculty the Academic Mission oversees and advises the Senate Executive Committee on matters relating to the University's policies and procedures concerning the academic mission, including the structure of the academic staff, the tenure system, faculty appointments and promotions, faculty research, and faculty governance.

In general, the Committee deals with the matters covered by the following sections of the University's Faculty Handbook: I.E.-F., I.H.2., II.A.-D.

2013-2014 SCOF Committee Members

Santosh S. Venkatesh (School of Engineering and Applied Science /ESE), Chair
Nancy Hanrahan (School of Nursing )
Ron Harty (School of Vet Medicine)
Amy Sepinwall (Wharton School/Legal Studies & Business Ethics)
Mindy Schuster (Perelman School of Medicine/Infectious Diseases)
Tom Sollecito (School of Dental Med/Oral Medicine)
Jeff Winkler (School of Arts & Sciences/Chemistry
Ex Officio: Claire Finkelstein (School of Law), Faculty Senate Chair-Elect
Ex Officio: Dwight Jaggard (SEAS/ESE), Faculty Senate Chair

SCOF Annual Reports

Report of the Senate Committee on Faculty and the Academic Mission, 2012-2013

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