Faculty Senate of the University of Pennsylvania

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As the faculty's official voice at Penn, its advocate and watchdog, the Faculty Senate deals with issues vital to the life of this University — and to YOU.

As faculty, we have a responsibility to serve the University community and participate in its governance. The Faculty Senate needs your wisdom, expertise and judgment.

But that's just one side of the equation. You have much to gain as well. Ask any of your colleagues who have been involved with the Faculty Senate or the University Council, and they will tell you of the lasting rewards they have reaped from their service.

Become involved in the Faculty Senate and you will:

  • Develop Valuable Relationships
    By participating in the Senate you will develop ongoing relationships and friendships with colleagues in other schools and with dedicated senior administrators across the campus.
  • Understand the University Better
    Your work in the Senate will help you understand more about how the University really works. On a campus as decentralized as Penn, where the schools operate with a large degree of independence, you may have little grasp of how things are done in schools other than your own. Here is your chance to find out. You'll feel more connected, and you'll be better informed. You'll also deepen your understanding of higher education in general.
  • Make Your Voice Heard
    The Faculty Senate deals with issues that are important to you. By participating, you will become involved in influencing policies that directly affect you and your life at Penn.

Contact The Faculty Senate

Fisher Hall

Office of the Faculty Senate

Box 9 College Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6303

(215) 898-6943

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