M&T Summer Overview

M&TSI is an extremely rigorous, non-stop, fast-paced college course that introduces students to the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for successfully linking technology and management concepts in just three weeks. By participating in coursework and other activities, M&TSI students will:

  • Explore engineering and business disciplines, as well as academic and career opportunities available in the fields of engineering and business
  • Create a prototype of a high technology product and present it at a product fair
  • Visit business enterprises in order to explore the qualities essential to managing a technology-oriented firm
  • Work with a small team of talented and diverse students on group projects and case studies
  • Participate in seminars designed to stimulate novel ways of thinking, encourage risk taking, and necessitate reliance on the group's collective knowledge to solve complex problems
  • Learn about Penn and Philadelphia

M&TSI students live on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. Evening and weekend activities include recreational and cultural trips designed to provide a truly East Coast and Ivy League experience. To view the 2016 syllabus and schedule, click here