Fresh Air Food Plazas

In addition to continued street and sidewalk vending in designated areas, this Fall will mark the introduction of Fresh Air Food Plazas to the Penn campus. The Fresh Air Food Plazas will feature outdoor seating and a variety of inexpensive foods at convenient locations in and around campus.

The vendors who currently operate trucks and sidewalk carts will be invited to move their operations to the Fresh Air Food Plazas. Because running water, electrical hookups, and garbage removal will be provided, vendors will be able prepare a diverse range of foods in an attractive, hygienic environment. The University will make 5-year leases available to these vendors at a basic cost of just $1.00 per month.

Some of the vendors will be expanding their hours of operation to include evening and weekend hours-times when students have, in the past, had difficulty finding a quick, inexpensive meal off-campus.

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who is invloved and what is the process