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Nobelist Found a Way to
Peer into the World of Molecules
Ahmed Zewail Gr’74 Hon’97, a scientist at the California Institute of Technology, accepted the Nobel Prize for chemistry last month for his pioneering research in femtochemistry—a field that has emerged from the use of ultrafast lasers to observe chemical reactions as they actually happen. Continued...

Spinning Sugar Into Lucre
When the health food trend emerged in the early 1990s, Douglas Chu W’90 and Scott Samet W’90 thought they had stumbled upon the perfect business opportunity. "We were working for BankersTrust, doing mergers and acquisitions," Samet recalls, "when we realized that no one out there was selling health foods in movie theaters." Continued...

Protecting Artists from Piracy—
and Poor Taste
Pick a topic, almost any topic, and chances are Theodore Feder’s staff at Art Resource, the world’s largest photo archive of fine arts, can find an image to help illustrate it. Continued...

Worth Saluting
When the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps was formed during World War II, Martha Settle Putney Gr’55 glimpsed a way out of her dead-end government job. And so she volunteered. Armed with a master’s degree from Howard University and a strong sense of self-assurance —"I told the W.A.A.C. official I would accept nothing less than a commission"—she entered elite company as one of few black women accepted into the officers-training program. Continued...

“Still the Greatest Country”
In the fall of 1941 Nao Takasugi WG’46 was a 19-year-old studying business at UCLA. Back home in Oxnard, Calif., his family —Japanese-Americans in good standing in their community—operated a thriving market. Continued...

Lemons, Sugar, Water … and a Marketing Plan?
To Emmanuel Modu WG’85, learning the fundamentals of investing and starting a business is as important as reading and math. A vice president at Chase Manhattan Bank, Modu has set up his own Web site ( to encourage young people to get an early start in entrepreneurship and money management. Continued...



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