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Bringing Together “The Greatest Generation” at Penn
Seymour Finkelstein’s life as a University student changed forever one February morning in 1943. The Wharton School junior ate breakfast, then marched from the University campus to 30th Street Station with a couple hundred students, singing Penn songs along the way. Continued...

Heart and Sole
Mark Maas C’73 had traveled frequently to China on business, but it wasn’t until he and his wife adopted a baby daughter, Jennifer, from that country last February that he went into one of its many orphanages. Continued...

He Puts the I in Information
When Stuart Siegel W’85 graduated from the Wharton School, he recalls, “My desire was to be a real-estate tycoon.” Fifteen years later, it looks like he’ll have to settle for standing at the helm of one of the fastest growing technology companies in the country. Continued...

Studio Westward View, oil on canvas, 1999-2000. Courtesy Locks Gallery, Philadelphia.

Elizabeth Osborne FA’59 once kept a studio in a former funeral home. Looking at the color-saturated canvases that define the painter’s latest work, you can see why this wasn’t a good match. Continued...

Creative Winds Still Blowing at Monsoon
Charlie Szoradi GAr’93 says he never worried about whether his new-media design and marketing firm was going to make it. Chalk it up to entrepreneurial bluster, but the president and CEO of Monsoon Microstudios says such concerns didn’t register during the past four years it has been conducting business inside a former church in North Philadelphia. Continued...

Extracting Data on Dentistry
She’s never drilled into a throbbing molar, but Dr. Lois Kushner Cohen CW’60 holds honorary membership in the American Dental Association. Forty years ago she helped pioneer a field that has contributed greatly to oral and craniofacial health: the sociology of dentistry. Continued...




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