Homecoming 2001

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Homecoming Day
From the September 1952 issue:

The out-of-town alumnus who returns to Philadelphia for one football game during the fall season is usually not delighted with the location of his seat in Franklin Field, despite the fact that there are few really poor seats in Pennsylvania’s stadium. The reason is that the best vantage points go to students, season-ticket purchasers and the visiting school. The out-of-towner naturally wants to attend a particularly good game, one for which the ticket demand is exceptionally high to begin with.

The solution: Homecoming Day.

Arrangements have been made to supply organized alumni groups with fifty-yard line tickets for the Army game on November 15. The plan, which was initiated by the students, provides that alumni clubs, classes and graduate fraternity groups that apply for blocs of tickets will be seated in the best student sections in the South Stand. Students that have to be displaced will be transferred to the West Stand for the game.

If the expected keen interest in Homecoming Day develops this year, it will be made an annual affair, centering around a particularly attractive football game.

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