Housewarming Gift

The Quadrangle’s Spruce College House has been renamed Riepe College House in recognition of a $10 million pledge from alumni James and Gail Petty Riepe.

The gift will support maintenance, activities, and services of the residence, which houses 462 students, two libraries, a computer lab, and two music-practice rooms. It is also home to three residential programs for students and faculty who share interests in tutoring low-income elementary-school children, multicultural living, or health and fitness.

James Riepe W’65 WG’67, chair of the trustees, said, “Our family is excited about the opportunity to support undergraduate life at Penn, while at the same time be associated with a facility like the Quad which has had such a long and storied history at Penn and, in fact, has housed members from three generations of our family.” His wife, Gail Petty Riepe CW’68, serves on the School of Veterinary Medicine’s board of overseers.

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