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Roger F. Besecker, W'23, Canadensis, Pa., 1954.

Gerturde Kellinger Giulian, Ed'24, G'28, Camp Hill, Pa., July 23, 1976.

Gertrude Willis Suthard, Ed'24, Mesa, Colo., January 1980.

Dr. Cecil B. Vansciver, C'25, Tollhouse, Calif.

Lemoine C. Wheeler, W'25, Lighthouse Point, Fla.

Osborne C. Cresson, ME'26, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, December 31, 1996.

Donald W. Drummond, W'26, Vero Beach, Fla., August, 29, 1997.

Dr. Herman Epstein, C'26, M'29,Wyncote, Pa., a retired physician; November 16, 1997.

Dr. Marvin K. Rothenberger, GM'26, Allentown, Pa., a retired otolaryngologist; February 28, 1997. He also had practiced at Sacred Heart Hospital and was affiliated with the old Allentown Hospital.

George A. Westphal, W'26, Indialantic, Fla.

Rosalind Marsh Bradbury, Ed'27, Kennett Square, Pa., March 14.

Winfield D. Nevius, W'27, Auburn, N.Y., November 1997.

Dr. R. Carter O'Ferrall, M'27, Madison, Miss., a retired physician; December 5, 1997.

Georgiana Harris Shober, CCT'27, Philadelphia, a pioneer in the field of occupational therapy; February 27, 1997. She provided occupational therapy for disabled patients at their homes and helped organize the Home Service Program for Goodwill Industries. During the Second World War, she persuaded the Curtis Wright Aircraft Co. in Buffalo, N.Y., to permit her to collect discarded rivets that fell to the factory floors, in order for her to have people with disabilities sort them according to size, put into sacks, and then sell back them to the factory: in this way, she was able to give the homebound self-respect and a little dignity, and a chance to earn a little money.

Dorothy M. Stecker, Ed'27, East Hampton, N.Y., April 12, 1997.

Dr. Clarence W. Butler, WEF'28, Woodstock, Ill., November 25, 1997.

William S. Eisenlohr, Jr., CE'28, Boulder, Colo., an engineer and research hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey; November 18, 1997.

John Krupa, Jr., WEF'28, Scranton, Pa., a retired auditor; April 5, 1995.

Dr. B. Elkins Longwell Jr., M'28, North Palm Beach, Fla., a retired physician; October 13, 1997.

Dr. Simon Propp, C'28, M'31, Sarasota, Fla., the founding head of hematology at Albany Medical College; March 8. He also was director of the medical-center hospital's blood bank, intravenous services, and hematology laboratories from 1950 to 1972. Dr. Propp was an early proponent of the use of the clotting-agent, Factor VIII, to treat hemophilia.

Dr. Elic A. Denbo, C'29, GM'38, Cherry Hill, N.J., a retired physician; March 9.

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A. Moore Lifter, C'30, L'33, Chevy Chase, Md., a retired Pennsylvania state deputy insurance commissioner; November 3, 1997. He practiced law in Philadelphia before taking a job with the Office of Price Administration in Washington during the Second World War. After the war, he operated a construction business before entering the insurance industry. Retiring from the Pennsylvania insurance department at age 75, he worked for 10 years as head of the Delaware Guarantee Association, an agency of the Delaware state insurance department.

Allan C. Pringle, W'30, Toronto.

Natalie Ziernicki Shoener, Ed'30, Silverdale, Pa., January 21, 1998.

David H. Stockwell, C'30, Wilmington, Del., December 1996.

Robert A. Street, C'30, Carmel, Calif., January 14, 1997.

Paul H. Yeakel, W'30, Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Helen Newlin Amram, Ed'31, Wynnewood, Pa., April 3.

Julian S. Bers, W'31, Elkins Park, Pa., retired president of Bers and Company, a non-ferrous metal foundry; January 23, 1998. Retiring from there in 1969, he became president and chair of Imperial Metal and Chemical Company, which manufactured printing plates for newspapers. He was both a term and alumni trusteee of the University, serving as a chair of the trustee's health-affairs committee, and he was a trustee of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He endowed the Janice and Julian Bers Art Endowment at Moss Rehabilitation Hospital, which promotes the works of disabled artists. In 1968 he received the Alumni Award of Merit from the University.

Henry N. Lefferts, W'31, Wilmington, Del., June 20, 1997.

Kenneth A. Bidlack, L'32, Mifflinburg, Pa., June, 30, 1988.

Marian Lokes Brown, Ed'32, Lansdale, Pa., March 13. She had been a librarian in the Washington, D.C., area for some years. In more recent years, she had served on the Perkiomen Valley school board.

William F. Busser III, W'32, Chestertown, N.Y., October 1996.

Aaron Colish, Ar'32, Philadelphia, an architect and developer; November 24, 1997. He designed apartment buildings, homes, and offices in the Philadelphia area and in Florida. He co-designed the downtown-Philadelphia apartment building 2601 Parkway, which has no basement, a Colish trademark. A crusader for cellarless homes, he said it was cheaper to build family rooms on the first floor, rather than the then-popular, basement rumpus rooms. He felt it was better for families to gather in places where there was sunlight because "basements are damp."

Jeremiah Ford II, C'32, G'42.

Meyer Heiman, Ed'32, GEd'36, Narberth, Pa., February 28, 1998.

Arnold S. Boriss, C'33, New York City, a retired attorney; March 18, 1988.

Darthea Smith Burton, Ed'33, GEd'39, Bryn Mawr, Pa., June 1997.

Margaret McClean Fesmier, Ed'33, Mesa, Ariz., March 1, 1997.

Arthur C. Herman, W'33, West Des Moines, Iowa.

Charles M. Katterjohn, W'33, Henderson, Ky., June 18, 1997.

Lynn B. McVicker, W'33, Clearwater, Fla., June 1997.

Theodorick L. Wilkinson, W'33, Hialeah, Fla., September 1997.

Hyman Hauser, G'34, Philadelphia, March 3.

Elizabeth Allen Johnston, Ed'34, Newtown Square, Pa.

John Lamon Jr., C'34, Drexel Hill, Pa., a recently retired Philadelphia attorney; April 3. He had practiced general law, but in recent years had specialized in wills and estates.

Prof. Louis Loss, W'34, Cambridge, Mass., December 13, 1997. He had served on the faculty of Harvard Law School.

Dr. G. Herbert Moffses, C'34, Kissimmee, Fla., a retired physician; February 26, 1998.

Dr. Daniel D. Sagotsky, D'34, Freehold, N.J., a retired dentist; June 15, 1996.

George T. Craven, EE'35, Aldan, Pa. He was the former head of the Penn Panel and Box Company.

Dr. Robert F. Dickey, M'35, Ballston Lake, N.Y., a retired physician; September 23, 1997.

Norris S. Jackson, WEv'35, Drexel Hill, Pa., a retired accountant; March 20, 1997.

Dr. Joseph J. Moore, M'35, Exeter, N.H., a retired physician; August 22, 1997. He was in general practice for 34 years in Mansfield, Pa., and also served as the physician for Mansfield State College. He also served on the Mansfield borough council.

Francis A. O'Donnell, W'35, West Chester, Pa., a retired general agent with the Travelers Insurance Co., who had specialized in life insurance and pension-fund sales; March 28. At Penn, he was the first freshman to be captain of both the basketball and baseball teams, and later became the first junior to be captain of a varsity basketball team that won two consecutive Ivy League titles. He was named All-Ivy forward in 1934 and 1935.

James C. Parr, W'35, West Hartford, Conn., a retired vice president and treasurer of the Southwestern Life Insurance Co. in Dallas; March 2, 1997. During the Second World War he was a special agent of the FBI, involved in counter-espionage and counter-sabotage. He was a former chair of the Investment Committee of the State of Connecticut.

Mary Gambescia Petrini, Ed'35, Philadelphia, a retired schoolteacher; June 7, 1997.

Victor J. Pollock, W'35, Clarks Summit, Pa., December 28, 1995.

Louis S. Shishila, WEF'35, Wyoming, Pa., February 25, 1992.

Rebecca H. Shriver, G'35, Whiting, N.J.

Dr. Samuel J. Singer, D'35, New Hartford, N.Y., a retired dentist; September 5, 1997.

William C. Doak, Ar'36, Annapolis, Md., March 21. He was a retired manager of his family's Philadelphia firm that manufactured worsted yarns.

Benjamin G. Patterson, W'36, Spring Lake, N.J., a retired real estate and insurance broker; January 29, 1997.

William Choy, G'37, Hong Kong.

Frank J. Curran Jr., W'37, Philadelphia, February 25, 1997.

Philip J. Dagostino, W'37, Maple Glen, Pa., September 28, 1997.

William J. Duncan, W'37, Doylestown, Pa., a systems analyst for Minneapolis Honeywell Inc., March 19, 1997.

Herbert J. Siegel, W'37, Wyncote, Pa., January 3, 1998.

Kenneth H. Daly, W'38, Pinehurst, N.C., December 6, 1997.

Edwin Gage, W'38, Rumson, N.J., April 1997.

Josephine Silver Webb, CW'38, Hightstown, N.J., October 2, 1997.

Wynnefred Armstrong Willard, Ed'38, Bedford, Mass., March 5, 1997.

Calvin G. Bliss, C'39, Woodcliff Lake, N.J.

Herman Diehl, ME'39, Norwich, Conn., retired president and CEO of the H.L. Diehl Company and Giant Vac Manufacturing Inc.; April 28, 1997. He had helped design some of the early jet-engine airplanes that were just coming into use in the Second World War. In 1946 he began a candle shop in Manchester, but it was destroyed by fire in 1952. Unwilling to enter into bankruptcy, he started the H.L. Diehl Machine Co. and he was able to pay back all his creditors within five years. He produced precision aircraft parts at this plant until 1959, when he started to manufacture Giant-Vac Leaf Machines. Citing his philanthropy and generosity, the state declared October 6, 1996 to be Herman L. Diehl Day.

James Farquhar, LAr'39, Delray Beach, Fla., March 1997.

Harriet Hallett Glenn, CW'39, Palermo, N.J., September 1996.

Charles G. Hagedorn, C'39, Mamaroneck, N.Y., retired publisher of a small chain of newspapers in New York and Connecticut; November 17, 1997. The chain, Hagedorn Communications, started with Town & Village, a weekly newspaper for two large apartment complexes on Manhattan's East Side, Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. It now publishes various other weeklies in Manhattan, the Bronx, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Francis S. Hoffman, GEd'39, Basking Ridge, N.J., March 3, 1997.

Benjamin Kapustin, C'39, Havertown, Pa., retired head of his family's textile business; February 6, 1997. Known as the "Dean of Democrats of Delaware County," and in his 28th year as a commissioner of Havertown Township, he was preparing to run for his eighth term in office in a staunchly Republican county.

Robert C. Porter, L'39, North Palm Beach, Fla., retired president and chair of Chemical Fund, Inc.; March 12, 1997. He had earlier served as president and chair of F. Eberstadt & Co. in New York City. He was a past board president of Bowdoin College.

Dr. Julian Steinberg, D'39, Reading, Pa., a retired dentist; June 24, 1995.

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John Benson Jr., W'40, Houston, retired senior vice president of the Tennessee Life Insurance Co.; March 20.

Dr. Harry R. Elston, GM'40, a retired physician; Omaha, 1978.

Robert G. Erskine, W'40, L'46, Bryn Mawr, Pa., an attorney; January 28, 1997.

Ellen Hewitt Moore, Ed'40, G'46, Philadelphia, September 14, 1997.

George H. Stickney Jr., W'40, Ramsey, N.J., founder of an industrial real estate brokerage; May 3, 1997. He had served on the board of the National Association of Industrial Realtors and was a past president of its New Jersey chapter.

John P. Burleigh Jr., W'41, Fredericksburg, Tex., October 24, 1994.

Paul J. Corey, WEF'41, Whiting, N.J., December 5, 1996.

Dr. Ronald E. Prindle, GM'41, Geneva, N.Y., a physician; October 31, 1996.

Richard N. Sheble, C'41, Essex, Conn., retired vice president and associate publisher of the Home News Tribune in East Brunswick, N.J.; January 26, 1997. He had served on the board of the New Jersey Press Association.

Richard L. Alcorn, ME'42, Berwyn, Pa., December 7, 1996.

Arnold R. Beinstein, W'42, West Palm Beach, Fla., a former executive of Publicker Industries in Philadelphia; March 1, 1997. He retired to West Palm Beach in 1972, where he served as chief operating officer, then vice-chair of Todhunter International. At Penn, he starred in baseball and basketball, achieving All-Ivy status in baseball.

Dr. George H. Huganir Jr., G'42, Gr'58, Blue Bell, Pa., former secretary to the board of trustees of Temple University; April 5, 1997. He had earlier served as professor and chair of its sociology and anthropology departments, dean of the graduate school, and vice provost.

Dr. Jeannette McConnell Shorey, M'42, Little Rock, Ark., an endocrinologist who had taught at the University in the early 1950s and later at the University of Miami; July 5, 1997.

Dr. James E. Davis, M'43, Durham, N.C., a physician; October 27, 1997.

Jacob S. Disston III, C'43, Nassau, Bahamas, October 19, 1997.

William E. Goeser, W'43, Nesquehoning, Pa.

Russell Gregory, C'43, Palos Verdes Estates, Calif., June 27, 1995.

Jane Habgood Huston-Hoffmeier, CW'43, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., retired co-founder of Huston Clay Products Co.; February 1997. She served as secretary-treasurer of the company until her retirement eight years ago.

Paul I. Kenner, C'43, San Francisco, a retired executive with the Leviton Manufacturing Co.; March 11, 1997.

Richard M. Lund, W'43, West Palm Beach, Fla., a retired attorney who was a partner in the Miami law firm of Hyzer, Knight & Lund; June 6, 1997. He served as attorney of the Coconut Grove Bank, and an attorney for the Villages of Miami Shores.

Robert C. McEwen, W'43, Ogdensburg, N.Y., a former U.S. Congressman; June 15, 1997. Serving in the House for 16 years, he gave it up in 1981 to become chair of the American contingent to the United States-Canada International Joint Commission. When he had sat in the New York state legislature, he was responsible for the allocation of seed money to convert Whiteface Mountain into a modern ski resort; that put Lake Placid on the map as a magnet for winter-sports enthusiasts and an international attraction, resulting in the 1980 Winter Olympics being held there.

Barnett Mitzman, W'43, Tenafly, N.J.

Richard G. Moore Jr., W'43, WG'47, Stratford, Conn., December 20, 1996.

Dr. Don D. Olsen, M'43, Ogden, Utah, a physician; June 6, 1996.

Elaine Sunderland Otto, Ed'43, GEd'46, Huntington Valley, Pa., a retired teacher with St. Helena's Technical School in Olney; July 11, 1997.

Gordon Palmer Jr., EE'43, Tucson, Ariz., co-founder, with three other Moore School classmates, of Technitrol Corporation, which is now a world supplier of electronic equipment; March 30, 1997. He served as vice president from 1956 until 1969, when he retired to teach mathematics at Overbrook and Roxborough High Schools, retiring in 1977 to Tuscon.

Dr. Louis R. Piazza, D'43, Weston, Conn., a retired dentist; September 8, 1997.

Dr. Joseph E. Snyder, M'43, Holmes Beach, Fla., retired medical director of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City; March 16.

William W. Whitmore III, ME'43, Lockport, N.Y., February 8, 1995.

Dr. Thomas J. Adams, D'44, York, Pa., a dentist; March 1, 1997.

Joseph P. Callery, W'44, Tenafly, N.J.

Marjorie Nixon Cryan, CW'45, Atlanta.

Marvin R. Goren, W'44, Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Dr. Dorothy Lipp Harris, Ed'44, GEd'45, La Jolla, Calif., former dean of women at Pennsylvania State University; December 30, 1997. She moved to San Diego in 1970, and soon become dean of the college of human behavior at the U.S. International University, and later associate dean of the business school and director of a doctoral program in business administration there. After retiring from that university, she joined the faculty of the California Law Enforcement Command College. In recent years she had devoted her time to Harris International, a management-consulting firm that her husband had set up.

Sylvia Tahl Kohn, Ed'44, GEd'45, Elkins Park, Pa., December 2, 1996.

Gerald Jeffein, W'45, Baltimore, the former head of Kaufman's department store; March 25. He was described as "the Don Quixote of Old Town" because of his advocacy of keeping the inner city alive.

Dr. George H. Laskey III, D'45, Bronxville, N.Y., a retired dentist who had maintained a practice there from 1946 until his death; March 4, 1997.

Dr. Robert A Vanderhoof, V'45, Woodlake, Calif., a retired veterinarian; September 24, 1997.

Winfred Smith Viguers, CW'45, Wayne, Pa., a retired real estate broker; March 12. For 40 years she volunteered with the Devon Horse Show, raising money for Bryn Mawr Hospital.

Hilda Escoll Hope, GEd'46, East Stroudsburg, Pa., June 8, 1997. She and her husband founded and developed the Shawnee Mountain Lake Ski Area.

Helen Spudis Caretti, CW'47, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., April 9, 1991.

William A. Crawford, WEv'47, Southampton, Pa.

Patrick DeVito Jr., D'47, Villanova, Pa., a retired dentist and pharmacist; November 23, 1997. He practiced family dentistry in Haverford Township for 48 years, before retiring in 1995.

Phillip L. Goldsborough III, C'47, Ruxton, Md., an attorney; July 2, 1994.

Dr. Theodore W. Neumann Jr., M'47, Marco Island, Fla., a retired physician; October 8, 1997.

Dr. Eric Rosenbaum, Ed'47, GEd'48, Gr'51, Philadephia, retired head of foreign languages at the Philadelphia High School for Girls; April 4. He had also taught languages at St. Joseph's University for many years. He had served on the Advanced Placement College Entrance Examination Board.

Dr. David S. Brashear, M'48, Norristown, Pa., a physician; June 17, 1997.

Dr. Eleanor J. Carlin, GEd'48, Jenkintown, Pa., a physiotherapist who had worked upon President Franklin Roosevelt at Walter Reed Army Hospital in the early 1940s when the President's paralysis from polio was a closely guarded secret; May 18, 1997. After retiring as a brigadier general from the U.S. Army, she taught at the University for 30 years.

Catherine M. Clancy, Ed'48, March 18, 1997.

Dr. Allan B. Coggeshall, GM'48, Greensboro, N.C., a former surgeon and emergency-room physician; April 17, 1997.

Gail Jones Coughlan, Ed'48, Phoenixville, Pa.

Dr. Barclay G. Jones, Ar'48, Ithaca, N.Y., professor of city and regional planning at Cornell University; May 26, 1997. He was an expert on the social and economic consequences of earthquakes and on preventing earthquake damage.

Dr. Bernard C. Meltzer, G'48, New York City, retired head of Bernard C. Meltzer & Associates, the Philadelphia real estate firm, but more widely known as "Uncle Bernie," the New York City radio host; March 25. Starting as a radio host and newspaper columnist in Philadelphia, he was widely recognized as an expert on real estate and finance by the mid-1960s. He also wrote a general-advice column, "What's Your Problem," that became nationally syndicated -- and was the title of his talk show in New York. It ran from 1973 to 1993, and for much of that period he was on the air 23 hours a week, three on weekdays and four-a-day on weekends, as he counseled hundreds of thousands of listeners on everything from "affairs of the pocketbook to affairs of the heart;" he was quite willing to respond seriously to even the most mundane of problems -- such as whether, in one instance, to change the living-room drapes. In 1979, Newsweek magazine called him "the most celebrated radio host in New York." He had also, when in Philadelphia, served for four years as chair of the city's planning commission, resigning to devote his time to his radio career. His biggest fight, and most dramatic defeat, was over the attempt to achieve a cross-city expressway by building a tunnel under South Street: Philadelphians met the plan with hisses and boos. For a time he had taught in the Wharton School as an adjunct professor.

Dr. Reuben Schwartz, GM'48, Philadelphia, a physician, 1994.

Dr. Malcolm Cedric Spencer, GM'48, Veedersburg, Ind., a dermatologist who had practiced in Danville, Ill., for 50 years; March 19.

William P. Garrison, C'49, Diablo, Calif., a retired elementary-school teacher in nearby Dublin; February 13, 1998. Serving as a combat infantryman in the Second World War, notably in the Ardennes Forest, he received three Purple Hearts and three Bronze Stars: one was awarded for his "scaling the backside of a mountain and taking the enemy troops by surprise."

Joseph Haimovitz, WEv'49, Philadelphia, August 11, 1996.

Anthony R. Heffron, C'49, Springfield, Pa., September 10, 1997.

John B. Kitto, ME'49, Flourtown, Pa., August 1996.

Lt. Col. William J. Lingan, WG'49, Alexandria, Va., a former management analyst with the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration; May 16, 1997. He had retired from the U.S. Army after a career of 25 years.

W. H. MacLaughlin Jr., C'49, Kansas City, Mo., former head of an advertising-specialty company; July 12, 1997.

Dr. Elizabeth E. Rogers, G'49, Trenton, N.J., a retired teacher of instrumental music in high schools and at the old Trenton State College and Temple University; March 16. She wrote Music Through the Ages (1967).

Dr. Catharine S. Rose, Gr'49, Lititz, Pa., retired research chemist in nutrition at the University; March 5. 1997. In poor health for the last five years of her life, she had stopped eating and drinking and refused care about two weeks before her death. She had once spent five years in Bogor, Indonesia, as a nutritional expert to help that country better use its food resources.

Jules D. Schwartz, W'49, Wyncote, Pa., December 24, 1997.

Howard L. Voss, WEv'49, Lake in the Hills, Ill., March 18. He had worked for the National Accident & Health Insurance Co. and for C.N.A.

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Hugh B. Campbell, W'50, Norwich, Conn., retired senior vice president of individual sales with the Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co.; March 28.

Raymond R. Dooney, W'50, Philadelphia, an insurance broker who had served as head football coach at Penn Charter School; June 20, 1997. Penn Charter recently named its new field house after him. At Penn, he was a fullback, 1947-49, under coach George Munger. He had also served as an assistant football coach at Penn.

Dana W. Gangewere, Ar'50, Wyomissing, Pa., architect for almost 50 years who had designed more than 100 churches.

Dr. Abraham L. Price, C'50, a physician; Hollywood, Fla.

Herman Seltzer, EE'50, Mahwah, N.J., October 29, 1995.

James E. Aruffo, W'51, Wynnewood, Pa.

Dr. Harold E. Nichols, V'51, Greenville, Pa., a veterinarian; July 1997.

Dr. Charles J. Shannon Jr., C'52, D'55, Germantown, Tenn., retired chief of oral surgery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center; July 29, 1997. After retiring from the Army in 1981, he served on the faculty at the University of Tennessee at Memphis, where he was recognized with a number of awards for his work there.

Dr. David H. Freeman, G'53, Gr'58, Peace Dale, R.I., emeritus professor and chair of philosophy at the University of Rhode Island, April 4, 1996. Serving with the U.S. Army in Europe in the Second World War, he was awarded the Purple Heart. He wrote a number of books on philosophy and logic, but especially notable was that he translated 18 volumes of philosophical and theological writings from Dutch, including the four-volume work of Herman Dooyeweerd, A New Critique of Theoretical Thought. After retiring from the University of Rhode Island in 1985, he taught at the Naval War College in Newport. A fourth-degree black belt in karate, he taught it for 20 years.

Dr. Robert R. Millspaw, D'53, Baton Rouge, La., a retired dentist who served in the Louisiana Office of Family Services; March 8, 1997. He was an assistant professor of dentistry at Louisiana State University.

Dr. Roger A. Post, D'53, Lake Worth, Fla., a dentist; February 1997 .

Anthony J. Squadrito, W'53, Flourtown, Pa., February 26, 1988.

Dr. Arthur F. Glah, C'54, Maytown, Pa., a physician.

Philip C. Katz, W'54, La Jolla, Calif.

Dr. Harris S. Moyed, Gr'54, Irvine, Calif., founding head of the microbiology and molecular-genetics department at the University of California at Irvine; March 29. He also served as executive associate dean of the medical school there. Dr. Moyed had edited the Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine.

W. Spencer Stoughton, WEv'54, Dresher, Pa., November 1996.

Nancy Cohen Elkis, CW'55, Woodbury, N.J., the first woman and almost the only Democrat on the Woodbury City Council for many years, of which she was senior member; October 17, 1996. She was vice chair of the Gloucester County housing authority: a new, moderate-income housing complex has been named after her. She chaired the New Jersey Heart Association, and was about to be recognized as its volunteer of the year.

Dr. Leonard D. Miller, M'55, Philadelphia, a physician; June 1997.

Hon. Leonard Sugerman, L'55, West Chester, Pa., the recently retired senior judge of the Chester County Court; December 1, 1997. In 1981, he decided a newspaper libel case that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, setting a national standard for the burden of proof in libel cases.

Michael C. Filides, W'56, Boston, January 25, 1997.

Eleanor Reiley Pepper, Nu'56, Westborough, Mass., May, 1997.

Dr. Richard A. Angeloni, D'57, Beach Haven Park, N.J., a dentist; December 6, 1996.

Michael J. Ganster, CE'57, Basking Ridge, N.J., February 17, 1998.

Hon. Frank M. Jackson, L'57, Philadelphia, March 12, 1997.

Harris L. Kane, W'57, Falls Church, Va., an attorney with the federal Maritime Administration; March 25.

Gertrude M. King, Nu'57, Sea Isle City, N.J.

Ronald D. Lowden Jr., Ar'57, Narberth, Pa., July 18, 1997.

Patricia Thompson McEneaney, CW'57, G'62, Philadelphia, March 30.

Barbara G. Duffy, CW'58, Southampton, Pa., September 1997.

Theodore V. Kruckel Jr., W'58, Naples, Fla., retired president of Urban National Bank in Franklin Lakes, N.J.; February 20, 1998.

Gilbert W. Loffer, EE'58, Pipersville, Pa., an electrical engineer at Fort Monmouth, N.J., for 30 years; August 4, 1997.

Dean D. Hunter Jr., WG'59, Lexington, Ky., former city manager of Mountlake Terrace, Wash.; June 2, 1997. He saw the town's population and area double after the completion of nearby Interstate 5 in 1960, that changed the semi-rural community into a bustling suburb.

Alice Olszewski, GEd'59, Cherry Hill, N.J., January 15, 1997.

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J. Alaric Bowman Jr., GEd'60, Bridgewater, Va., retired dean of students at Bridgewater College; August 31, 1997.

William S. Rockett, C'60, Lavallette, N.J., a professor of computer science at Burlington County College for 20 years; August 4, 1997. Previously, he had been a computer analyst with IBM and editor-publisher of a local newspaper, Mount Holly.

Lawrence N. Shelley, WEv'60, Elizabethtown, Pa., October 22, 1997.

Elizabeth J. Geary, CGS'61, Lansdale, Pa., November 22, 1997.

Samuel H. Nelson, W'61, L'64, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., founder and president of V.I.P. Sportswear, Inc.; November 9, 1997.

Dr. Arnold M. Denenstein, EE'62, GrE'69, Philadelphia, a research specialist in physics at the University; December 9, 1997. He supervised the department's student laboratories which have since been named after him.

Gertrude L. Nilsson, SW'62, Willimantic, Conn., retired alcoholism program director for the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene who is credited with spearheading a public-health approach to alcoholism; March 21, 1997. Notably, she helped write the pioneering 1968 Maryland law that decriminalized public drunkenness and designated alcoholism an illness.

Dr. Helene Cohen Smith, CW'62, Gr'67, San Francisco, director of the Brush Cancer Research Institute at the California Pacific Medical Center; June 5, 1997. She did pioneering work in developing tissue-culture techniques for growing human breast-cancer cells for research and laboratory work. She also was active in discovering and identifying breast-cancer genes and genetic markers. She was chair of the oversight committee of the U.S. Department of Defense's $200 million grant programs for cancer research.

Dr. George H. Adams, M'63, Gr'66, Tucson, Ariz., a physician; January 17, 1998.

John O. Buick, WG'63, East Jordan, Mich., a real estate broker; August 2, 1996. He had served on the Michigan governor's Advisory Council of Mental Health, the board of the Charlevoix Area Hospital, and on the Northern Michigan Community Mental Health Board.

Veronica A. Geng, CW'63, St. Petersburg, Fla., January 24, 1997. She wrote parodies on politics and everyday life, and short articles called "casuals," for The New Yorker magazine till 1992.

Ruth M. Long, G'63, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, October 4, 1997.

Dr. Teresa Pecchia, G'63, Gr'72, Easton, Pa., a chiropractor who also served as professor and chair of foreign languages at the Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales; April 13, 1997. She also had taught at Rosemont and Lafayette Colleges and at Penn. Italian-born, she hosted an Italian cultural radio program and assisted many Italian migrants become American citizens.

Dr. Dollie R. Walker-Thomas, GrS'63, Randallstown, Md., founder of Walker & Monroe, a Baltimore-based human-resources consulting firm, who spent her life breaking sex and and race barriers; October 28, 1997. In 1945 she wrote an article for the Journal of Negro Education that promoted sex education for junior-high-school students. Though her idea was ahead of its time, she wanted parents to be enlightened about children's sexuality. One who cherished her heritage, in the 1960s she received a six-month federal grant to run seminars on African art, history, music, and culture for Baltimore students and their parents. When a senior education specialist with the federal Equal Opportunities Office, she challenged her lack of promotion there; the office found in her favor, but fired her two months later. That led to her starting her own business, the consulting firm; it ran programs, for example, that brought people together from Baltimore's white and black areas to discuss urban living. Believing in the cross-pollination of cultures, she traveled to Europe and Africa, and after her son graduated from high school, sent him to Luxembourg for an experience in international living. The family also took in European exchange students.

Lannuth R. Brown, WEF'64, Reading, Pa., June 6, 1997.

Dr. Carl P. Rydell, GCP'64, Gr'66, Santa Monica, Calif., October 2, 1997.

Miriam R. Kossman, GEd'66, Philadelphia.

Joseph C. O'Brien, SW'66, Scranton, Pa., 1991.

Richard F. Hinkson, W'67, Wilmington, Del., March 10, 1997.

Robert T. Kelley, C'68, Memphis, a prominent rock-concert promoter; March 27, by suicide. President of Mid-South Concerts, which he founded in 1973, he had promoted many major rock groups over the last 20 years, including The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Aerosmith. In 1997 he paired Bob Dylan and The Wallflowers, fronted by Dylan's son, Jakob, at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, which he founded in 1990. At Penn he was a member of the football team.

Adah Fitzwater Kerlin, CGS'68, Gladwyne, Pa., April 13, 1997. She was a former member of the Bucks County League of Women Voters. And she had served on the board of Welcome House.

Dr. Yedida Kalfon Stillman, G'68, Gr'72, professor of history at the University of Oklahoma; February 22, 1998. She had been chair of Judaic studies at Binghamton University (SUNY) prior to accepting the position at Oklahoma in 1995. Born in Morocco, she was a specialist in the study of Middle Eastern and North African costume history, and had published five books, two written in collaboration with her husband, Dr. Norman A. Stillman, C'67, Gr'70, and numerous articles and reviews. Two books, a history of Arab dress and an encyclopedic dictionary of Arab clothing, were in progress or at press at the time of her death. She served on the boards of the International Society for Judeo-Arabic Studies and the Centre de Recherche sur les Juifs du Maroc, the editorial committee of the Jewish Folklore and Ethnography Review, and she was a consultant for the Time-Life Books series The March of Islam (1988). Her funeral was held in Israel, where she had grown up.

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Deena M. Slade, G'71, Wilmington, Del., December 15, 1997.

Dr. Pamela Bekir-Thistle, SW'72, Villanova, Pa., clinical assistant professor of social work in psychiatry at the University who served as director of family therapy at the Veteran's Administration Medical Center, and director of student training at the University's Treatment Research Center; April 24, 1997.

Dorry Levin Hamano, C'76, G'76, Danville, Calif., March 25.

Joseph Warren Adams, WEv'77, WEv'87, Philadelphia, May 1997.

Anthony J. Boas, WEv'77, Broomall, Pa., a real estate broker.

Cynthia Bray Herbert, CGS'77, Clarkston, Wash., operating-rooms director at Delaware County Memorial Hospital in Springfield, Pa.; May 17, 1997. She was a head nurse and instructor at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania from 1974 to 1986, then she served at Hahnemann Hospital as education director of perioperative nursing and as operating-room director.

Joseph E. Johnson, C'78, San Francisco.

Barbara P. McCleary, OT'78, Strafford, Pa.

Blanche Lees Faul, GNu'79, Mount Holly, N.J., vice president for patient-care services at Sacred Heart Hospital; July 28, 1997. She had been with the West Jersey Health System as associate executive director for clinical services in Voorhees, and as associate executive director for nursing services in Camden.

Vincent J. Toles, G'79, Philadelphia, December 16, 1995.

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Dr. Virginia Wolf Briscoe, Gr'81, Philadelphia, a social activist and a financial consultant with the Vanguard Group of Investment Companies, who co-founded Congregation Mishkan Shalom, a Reconstructionist synagogue; November 30, 1997. She was committed to the Sanctuary movement of the 1980s and early 1990s, that sought to provide secure homes in this country for political refugees from Central America. Concerned also about women and social justice, she organized workshops for poor women, then joined H&R Block as manager of its downtown Philadelphia tax office, and later joined Vanguard, aiming to make it more sensitive to women's needs. In 1995, she set up on the Internet an ovarian-cancer users group, and through it organized Camp-Make-A-Dream in Missoula, Mont., a summer camp for women with ovarian cancer.

Daniel E. Ford, Nu'81, Rosemont, Pa., March 13.

Peter A. May, C'86, Tokyo. He was employed in the building-design department of the Takanaka Corp.

Andrew G. Pavlovsky, C'89, San Francisco, November 9, 1997, of heart failure. He was in his last year of law school at the Hastings College of the Law, University of California, and had accepted an offer to join a law firm upon graduation. He had married just eight months prior to his death.

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Barbara Lee Ellwinger, GNu'93, Mercerville, N.J., December 1, 1996.

Jaidev Singh, WG'96, Dallas.

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Pamela Bekir-Thistle. See Class of 1972.

Dr. Eleanor J. Carlin.See Class of 1948.

Dr. Arnold M. Denenstein.See Class of 1962.

Raymond R. Dooney.See Class of 1950.

Jeremiah Ford II, C'32, G'42.

Cynthia Bray Herbert.See Class of 1977.

Dr. Bernard C. Meltzer.See Class of 1948.

Dr. Teresa Pecchia.See Class of 1963.

Dr. Catharine S. Rose.See Class of 1949.

Dr. Jeannette McConnell Shorey. See Class of 1942.

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