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EDMUND SCHISSEL, W'25, Bourne, Mass., a retired sales manager for Stop & Shop; August 6.

ETHEL KATZENBACH HOWARD, Ed'26, Gladwyne, Pa., a retired second-grade teacher at the Penn Wynne School; June 18.

CARL E. JOHNSON, ME'27, Roswell, Ga., an engineer.

MARGARET HASTINGS McGOWAN, Ed'28, G'31, Lansdowne, Pa., retired president of the Standard Printing Company in Milton; July 9. She had earlier served as a securities analyst with Kidder Peabody in Philadelphia, and was its first woman sales representative. She had served on the board of the Presbyterian Home of Philadelphia.

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DR. JAMES W. BEAVERS, M'30, Greensboro, N.C., a retired physician who had practiced medicine there until the age of 89 years; August 12.

WILLIAM F. W. JONES, W'31, WEF'28, in Lower Gwynedd, Pa., July 31.

H. STEDMAN ALGER, W'32, Hingham, Mass., a retired employee of his family's former newspaper, The Rockland Standard; July 20.

DR. ROY F. BAKER, C'32, M'35, Madera, Pa., a retired physician who had practiced medicine in the area for more than 50 years; July 30.

RUTH GUTSTEIN COHEN, Ed'33, PSW'39, Philadelphia, a pioneering advocate for the elderly, who had founded and served, for 35 years, as director of services for older persons for the Philadelphia Jewish Family and Children's Agency; August 1. In the 1950s, she helped pioneer community-based care for elderly people in Philadelphia, a practice adopted by welfare agencies across the country. A charter member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers, she was elected a fellow of the Gerontological Society of America in recognition of her work for the aged. And she had taught in Penn's School of Social Work for some years.

AMI DEWEES ELTON, Ed'34, Spearfish, S.D., May 28.

GEORGE R. MOORE, W'34, Worcester, Pa.; a retired buyer for Strawbridge & Clothier, the old Philadelphia department store; June 25.

GORDON H. STIEFF, CE'34, Spring House, Pa.

MORTON H. TOWNSEND, WEv'34, Barbourville, Ky., vice president of development at Union College there; February 7, 1993, in New York City.

MARGARET A. HEILMAN, DH'35, Bridgeport, N.J., a retired municipal-court administrator; July 9. She was the founding first president of the Gloucester County Municipal Court Clerks Association.

CLARA HERBEIN IRVIN, Ed'35, GEd'41, Margate, N.J., a retired art teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School in Camden; July 2.

LILLIAN KETTERING KLINE, Ed'35, Springfield, Pa., June 29.

HAROLD W. LEV, WEv'35, Philadelphia, May 5.

EARL A. NIELSON, Ar'35, Woodbury, Conn., a retired employee of the Connecticut Motor Vehicles Department; July 13. He was also a master clockmaker.

RONALD B. WOODARD, W'35, Zionsville, Ind., president and chair of T.I.C. and a financial consultant to several firms; August 1. He was an owner and breeder of thoroughbred and steeplechase horses, one of which, Team Spirit, won the British 1965 Grand National Steeplechase. He was also one of the founders of the American Basketball Association.

DR. MANUEL BURNESS, C'36, D'38, Durham, N.C., a retired dentist who had served on the staffs of hospitals in Hartford, Conn.; August 13.

MARK T. DEIBLER JR., C'36, Gwynedd, Pa., retired president of Graf Brothers, printers in Philadelphia; July 12. A conscientious objector during the Second World War, he later headed peace education for the American Friends Service Committee.

PAUL A. WEHR, W'36, Shamokin, Pa., a retired Federal coordinator in the Shamokin School District; July 15.

WILLIAM A. JOHNSON, L'37, Philadelphia.

DR. L. PEARSON DEUBLER, V'39, Sun City, Ariz., a retired veterinarian who had practiced in Pennsylvania; July 10.

EDWARD GROETZINGER JR., W'38, Virginia Beach, Va., retired founding head of B & G Food Brokers; August 14. He had served on the board of Virginia Beach General Hospital.

DR. ROBERT SHATTUCK, GM'38, Littleton, Colo., a physician; April 20.

W. HAMILTON WILCOX, W'38, Henderson, Nev., formerly of Philadelphia; July 4.

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JOHN N. HORROCKS JR., C'40, Washington, D.C., a retired US Navy captain who had founded and headed the Public Citizens Visitors Center, a nonprofit group that promotes civic tours of Washington; August 5. His military decorations included the Legion of Merit.

DEWITT M. ESSICK, GEd'40, Columbia, Pa., retired personnel manager at Armstrong World Industries in Lancaster; June 15. He also taught at Franklin & Marshall College. After retiring in 1976, he served as a substitute teacher in the Penn Manor School District for several years.

DR. ERNEST W. WERBEL, GM'40, San Luis Obispo, Calif., a physician.

FLORENCE DEGLING CAMPBELL, Ed'41, Narberth, Pa., a former junior high school teacher in Philadelphia; July 26.

LEON G. DEETS, WEv'41, Cherry Hill, N.J., November 16, 1995.

ANDREW A. KARPUK, W'41, South Glastonbury, Conn., retired CFO of the New Haven Manufacturing Co.; August 10.

DR. FREDERICK MURTAGH JR., C'41, Wynnewood, Pa., emeritus professor and co-chair of neurosurgery at the University of Pennsylvania from 1975 to 1990; June 16. He was also neurosurgeon in chief at Pennsylvania Hospital, Graduate Hospital, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia VA Medical Center. When professor and chair of neurosurgery at Temple University (1964-75), he established neurological services at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. Dr. Murtagh was a past president of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Neurological Society (which he co-founded), and the Mid-Atlantic Neurological Society. He wrote the forthcoming From the Sword to the Scalpel, about his time as a US Navy physician during the Second World War.

ROBERT S. RUSH, W'41, New York City, June 6.

JACK F. HENNESSEY, W'42, Drexel Hill, Pa., retired manager of the bookstore at the Ogontz campus of the Pennsylania State University; August 2. He had earlier owned and operated the Philadelphia Book Company in Philadelphia for many years.

JOHN D. WRIGLEY, ME'42, Bloomington, Minn., July 30.

J. HENRY DAVISON JR., WEv'43, New Castle, Del., April 15.

ELIZABETH HATTON LANDIS, L'43, Gladwyne, Pa., a retired attorney specializing in trial law who, serving as assistant general counsel to SmithKline Beecham, had supervised that firm's legal cases nationwide; August 13. At Penn, she had edited the Law Review.

DR. GEORGE A. LINE, ChE'45, V'51, Sheridan, Wyo., a former veterinarian who later served as a Federal meat inspector at the Sheridan Meat Co.; July 8.

DR. JOSEPH F. SKELLEY, C'45, V'47, Brookhaven, Pa., former dean of admissions and continuing education at the University of Pennsylvania for over 40 years; July 14. He had also served as assistant professor of medicine at the Small Animal Hospital.

DR. J. FINTON SPELLER, GM'46, Philadelphia, a retired urologist who had served as Pennsylvania Secretary of Health from 1971 to 1975; May 7.

JOHN E. McINERNEY, W'47, Elmira, N.Y., former manager of the Ethan Allan Carriage House in Edgcomb; July 12.

JOSEPH B. SIMPSON, GEd'47, Exton, Pa., former coordinator of personnel and security at Montgomery County Community College; July 23.

JESSE W. WINNER, GEd'47, Charleston, Ariz., a retired school principal in Tulsa and Ft. Smith, Okla.; July 1.

DR. JACK M. BAILIS, GM'48, Pittsfield, Ill., a retired surgeon; July 10. He received five Battle Stars while serving with a US Army surgical group in Europe during the Second World War.

RICHARD J. FARRELL, WEv'48, Springfield, Pa., May 24.

FRANK DORPH, W'49, Holland, Pa., a retired title-insurance agent; August 3. He had earlier operated a delicatessen in Philadelphia.

CHARLES F. O'CONNOR, WG'49, Tulsa, Okla., June 2.

JOHN P. ROMAN, W'49, Croydon, Pa., June 22, 1992.

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HUGH C. ARNOLD, G'51, South Harwich, Mass., a business consultant and founder of a publishing company; July 6. He had taught business at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and Dartmouth campuses. He wrote Small Business Consulting.

ROBERT P. HANSON, G'51, Sparta, N.J., a former teacher at the College of St. Elizabeth; May 29, 1991.

JOHN H. LACY, Ed'51, GEd'58, Warminster, Pa., retired chair of English at William Tennent High School; July 12.

JOHN F. STIFFLER, JR., W'51, Jackson, Ohio, a retired public accountant who practiced for more than 45 years; July 12. He also served on the board of the Ohio Harness Horseman's Association.

ANDREW W. BESHGETOOR, C'52, Lake Charles, La., a retired director of market research for Audits and Surveys in New York City; July 10.

WILLIAM E. KEITER, WG'52, Madison, N.J., retired executive vice president and CFO of New York Life Insurance; July 30.

DR. C. FENNO HOFFMAN, Gr'53, Somerville, Mass., a retired English teacher at the Rhode Island School of Design for 29 years; August 7.

MARTHA ESCOLL LUBECK, CW'53, Jupiter, Fla., July 31.

ROBERT L. RISTINE, W'53, Essington, Pa., a retired labor-relations manager for Westinghouse Electric Corp.; July 22.

DR. MICHAEL RADULOVIC, M'55, Alexandria, Va., retired chief of ophthalmology at Southern Maryland Hospital Center; August 3.

WILLIAM F. HEISLER, W'56, Philadelphia, June 29, 1995.

STEPHEN S. STEPHANO, C'56, Gwynedd Valley, Pa., president of his family's real estate investment company; July 27.

THOMAS L. EAGLE, Ar'58, Oneonta, N.Y., an architect; July 1.

CARL B. METZGER III, W'58, Lynchburg, Va.

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CLIVE S. MENELL, WG'61, Johannesburg, deputy chair of Anglovaal Ltd., the South African mining conglomerate; July 24. He was deputy chair of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. In 1977 he had help establish the Urban Foundation, an organization to help the plight of black South Africans in Soweto and other urban areas, and had served as deputy chair of its successor, National Business Initiative.

SARAH ANDERSON PRUD'HOMME, GEd'64, West Hartford, Conn., a certified Rubenfeld therapist; August 7. From 1979 to 1995 she headed the drama program at the Renbrook School.

P. MARQUES DAVIDSON, WG'67, North Salem, N.Y., a mechanical engineer who had served as a senior vice president at Syska & Hennessy, Engineers, based in New York City; July 3.

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LAWRENCE D. COLDREN, WEv'76, Wilmington, Del., a district manager for Bell Atlantic Comunications in Philadelphia; July 14.

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Faculty & Staff

RUTH GUTSTEIN COHEN. See Class of 1933.

DR. JOSEPH F. SKELLEY. See Class of 1945.

DR. FREDERICK MURTAGH JR. See Class of 1941.

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