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Harold E. Ford Jr.
Mr. Ford -- Jr. -- Goes to Washington

Harold E. Ford Jr., C'92, Democratic Congressman for the state of Tennessee, is chewing while he talks, for which he apologizes. "This is the first chance I've had to eat all day," he explains, at 4:00 P.M. on January 9. "I gave my first speech on the floor of the House today." The excitement is clear in his voice, even through his lunch.
It's been a busy week. On January 7, Ford was sworn-in to the United States House of Representatives, with his father, Harold E. Ford Sr., at his side. Continued ...

Tano Cabanyes
Surf and Scarf?

As "cybercafes" have proliferated around the world, a key question has emerged: how to design a table that provides for both actual and virtual communication -- allowing eating, drinking, talking to flesh-and-blood companions, and surfing the Net all at the same time? Continued ...

Robin Davis Miller
Educator With A Bite

Robin Davis Miller, C'83, L'88, calls her job as general counsel for the Author's Guild a "wonderful blending of law and love of writers." She describes herself as an "educator with a bite," explaining that the bite comes from the fact that "I can burst into law at any moment." Continued ...

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