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Fugitive Remains in France
Efforts to extradite Ira Einhorn, C'61, to the United States to serve a life sentence for a 1977 murder have so far met with a firm "non" from French authorities.
Ira Einhorn

   An appeals court panel in December refused to hand over the 57-year-old fugitive, convicted in absentia in 1993, because there is no provision to grant him a retrial upon his return to Philadelphia. Einhorn, a countercultural guru in this city during the 1970s, jumped bail and fled to Europe in 1981, before he was to go on trial for the bludgeoning death of his girlfriend, Helen "Holly" Maddux.
   While prosecutors back here fumed over the ruling, Einhorn and his Swedish wife defiantly strolled through the marketplace of the southwestern village of Champagne-Mouton, where he had been hiding under a false name for four years before his capture on June 13. Released from prison, he's free to remain in France, pending an appeal and a separate hearing on his illegal entry into the country. Recently, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate passed bills that would permit his retrial, and 35 lawmakers wrote to French President Jacques Chirac, urging cooperation.

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