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Class of ’65
Political Lessons
from a Pro

Most faculty don’t have students waiting for a turn to shake their hands after the first class of the semester, but when you’ve just finished two successful terms as the top office-holder in Philadelphia, you can expect this kind of reception. Continued...


Class of ’69
Cross Leaves Grisham in the Dust—in Germany
Donna Woolfolk Cross CW’69 may not have achieved vast name recognition in the United States—at least not yet. But in Germany she is widely known for her 1996 historical novel about a ninth-century woman who disguised herself as a man and for two years sat on the papal throne. Continued...

Class of ’68
Don’t Mess
with Texas Monthly

There are four things one must do upon moving to Texas: learn to love chicken-fried steak, buy a pair of cowboy boots and a matching cowboy hat, and subscribe to Texas Monthly magazine. Continued...




Class of ’81
We’re Still Here. Now What?
Jan. 1, 2000, has come and gone, and the world—along with most of its computers—remains intact. So what’s a scholar to do after spending the past eight years studying millenniana? Continued...

Illustration by Marc Rosenthal


Class of ’72
The Secret of Your Success —Civility
When Emily Post penned her first etiquette book in 1922 to guide America’s burgeoning middle class, one never wore white after Labor Day and a man would always stand when a woman entered the room. Times have changed, but good manners have never gone out of style, argues Peter Post C’72, a marketing executive who maintains his great-grandmother’s legacy as an officer of the Emily Post Institute, a “civility think tank” based in Burlington, Vt. Continued...


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