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An Artist’s Life,
Set to Music

The brief life of German Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon was so infused with music that, as composer Gary Fagin C’73 explains, “She actually writes into her paintings a text, that these paintings should be viewed accompanied to the tunes of x, y or z.” Continued...

Sports Is the Story
Fred Bowen C’75 is an attorney with the U.S. Department of Labor in Washington. However, he is better known—to children at least—as the author of the best-selling AllStar SportStory Series. His books cover baseball and basketball and are intended for readers ages 8-12. Continued...

In the Cards
Archaeologist Dr. Robert Fitts C’87 began collecting Japanese baseball cards almost a decade ago as a diversion from the drudgery of Ph.D. work. Continued...

Dom Sweet Dom
When a delegation from
Vladimir, Russia, came to Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, in 1989 to sign a sister-city agreement, Dr. Ronald Pope Gr’75 served as an interpreter for the occasion. “Out of that,” recalls the associate professor of Russian politics at Illinois State University, “I wangled an invitation from the Russians to observe their local elections in March of 1990.” Continued...

Dry Idea
Most people would have looked at these 67 acres in the California desert—covered with dilapidated sheds, crumbling Styrofoam and an abandoned, 5,000-gallon ethanol still—and seen one giant mess. Architect Stuart Resor C’64 saw an opportunity. Continued...

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