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Eat Your Heart Out Christo

Two campus works-in-progress -- one new building and an old one undergoing a complete change of identity -- have been draped in weather-proof plastic recently in a manner that
brings to mind the work of the artist Christo. Above, the Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, on the site of the old Smith Hall on 33rd Street, is scheduled to be completed this fall, and will be -- in the words of Dr. P. Roy Vagelos, C'50, chairman of the trustees, who contributed $10 million for the institute's Roy and Diana Vagelos Laboratories -- "a confluence of medicine, chemistry, and engineering."
The shrouded figure to the left was, in a former life, the Asbury Methodist Church on Chestnut Street between 33rd and 34th Streets. A blend of Victorian Gothic and Romanesque architecture, the building is now being lovingly transmogrified into the Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall on the strength of a gift from Lady Colyton, the second wife of the late Charles Addams, FA'34, Hon'80. When it opens in August, it will house studios, classrooms, and a gallery. Photos by Gregory Benson

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