Foundation of Society: The Constitution in Everyday Life Dr. Richard Beeman, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, professor of history
Astronomy for English Majors Dr. Brett Bochner, associate professor of astronomy
Ways of Etiquette in Japan Dr. Linda Chance, associate professor of Japanese studies, undergraduate chair of Asian and Middle Eastern studies
Normandy Dr. Thomas Childers, professor of history
Beyond Penn and Philadelphia: Exploring the Delaware Valley Dr. Nicholas Constan Jr., adjunct professor of legal studies
Work Matters: Making a Living and Making a Life Peggy Curchack, associate director of career services and Dr. Robin Leidner, associate professor and undergraduate chair of sociology
Sinatra and the American Pop Singer David Fox, associate director of college houses and academic services, lecturer in theatre arts
Australian and American Landscape Painting: A Behind-the-Scenes Look Dr. Elizabeth Johns, professor and chair of the history of art
Ceramic Tile Making Mark Lueders, lecturer in fine arts
The Reconstruction of Italy: Politics, Economics, and the Mafia Since WWII Armando Maggi, assistant professor of Romance languages
Cyberspace 90210 Dr. James O'Donnell, professor of classical studies, vice provost for information systems and computing
Food and Life Dr. Paul Rozin, professor of psychology
The Politics of Organizational Life Dr. Kenwyn Smith, associate professor of organizational behavior, School of Social Work
A Trip to Fallingwater Dr. George Thomas, lecturer in historic preservation and urban studies
Photography Workshop in the Visual Diary Becky Young, adjunct associate professor of fine arts
Exploring Public Discourse Dr. Judith Rodin, president of the University
I Want a New Drug Dr. P. Roy Vagelos, chair of the Trusteees of the University and the former chair of Merck & Co., Inc.

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