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Audrey Beeber David
Golden (or Platinum) Opportunity for Russian Studies major

Audrey Beeber David, C'92, who majored in Russian Studies and minored in Economics at Penn, has found a way to continue both interests in her professional career. Beeber is business manager of Russian World Gallery, which opened on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan in September 1996.
The brainchild of Felix Komarov, an emigre businessman and art collector, the gallery is described in publicity materials as "reviving in contemporary terms the great Russian tradition of fine design and exquisite craftsmanship in precious metals." Continued ...

David Pullman
Bowie Bonds

David Pullman, C'83, believes that shrewd investments don't have to be "plain vanilla" to pay off, so, like a "Rebel Rebel" in the bond business, he recently structured a deal to securitize the future royalties from rock star David Bowie's first twenty-five albums. The Bowie bond sale was the first of its kind.
It allows Bowie to collect $55 million up front, using some of the money to buy out a former manager and keep control of his music, explains Pullman, managing director of Structured Asset Sales Group, a division of Fahnestock & Co. in New York.
Continued ...

Charles Szoradi, Taheem "Tyme"
Gadson and Ronnie Norpel

Culture Conduits

When AAA executives wanted to reach out to twenty-somethings, they came to Monsoon Microstudios, in a desolate stretch of North Philadelphia, where they perched on green vinyl stools around a plywood conference table held up by oil drums. Were their hosts embarrassed? Far from it. The recycled furnishings and downscale location are part of what they stand for. Continued ...

Banny Ackerman and Ruth Yeiser
Building Bridges Between the City and the Suburbs

Only thirteen miles separate the classrooms of Banny Ackerman, CW'73, and Ruth Yeiser, C'87, but to get together, their students must do more than board a school bus. They must cross an urban-suburban divide and a gulf made by socioeconomics and race. Continued ...

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