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Rover Redux?
Illustration by Jean Wisenbaugh
Ever since Scottish scientists announced the birth of a cloned lamb named Dolly last year, scholars, pundits, and policy-makers have been mulling over the consequences for humans. But a seminar organized last month by the Veterinary School's Center for the Interactions of Animals and Society and the Center for Bioethics examined a different angle -- the implications of all kinds of genetic engineering for animals. Continued...

Now On Stage at the Annenberg Center: Michael Rose
A new era began at the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts last month, as Michael J. Rose, former executive director of the Glassboro Center for the Performing Arts at Rowan University, took over as the center's new managing director.

Have You Heard the One About the Traveling Book-Salesman?
Photo by Mike Turley Ken Wunsch
Long before the Book of the Month Club or, American publishers had ways to get their books into the hands of readers. The Zinman Collection, recently acquired by the special-collections department at Van Pelt Library, contains about 2,500 sample books used by traveling book-salesmen, and thus provides a unique window on book-marketing, advertising, and popular culture in the 19th century. Continued...

A Wheelchair for All Seasons
It has treads that could rival Nike's. It can pass over slippery puddles, shifting sand, and bumpy terrain like a sports-utility vehicle. It can climb steps and curbs and even cross ditches. But the "all-terrain wheelchair," designed in the University's General Robotics and Active Sensory Perception Laboratory, must attract a manufacturer's interest before people with disabilities can make use of it.

Shooting Leaves One Dead and a Penn Student Injured
Shortly after 4:00 on a Sunday afternoon last month, at least 10 shots were fired from semiautomatic pistols on 33rd Street near Hill Field, leaving one man dead and three people -- one of them a Penn student -- wounded. The incident occurred after the Philadelphia Public League boys' basketball championship game had ended at the Palestra.

Twelve Months of Penn Men
Three campus deejays strike suave poses in January. A trio of ROTC members, brawny arms folded above their fatigues, stare down the camera in June. Closing out the year in song are four a-cappella singers. What do these groups have in common? They each get a page in a 1998 calendar of Penn men. Although it may sound like an Ivy League version of Chippendales, the calendar wasn't created to stoke undergraduate hormones but to promote a new organization called Prism, which encourages interaction among diverse groups of students.

Iran in the Khatami Era:
Cracks in the Wall of Mistrust

Illustration by Vlad Guzner
"Something very unusual has happened in Iran," said Dr. Ian Lustick, professor of political science, at the outset of a seminar sponsored by his department. Lustick was referring to the election of Mohammad Khatami as president last May, which came as something of a shock to the conservative religious forces that had been governing Iran for the last two decades. And one of the results of that election -- and the subsequent hints of a thawing of Iranian-American relations -- was the very unusual appearance at Penn by Iranian political scientist Moustafa Torkzahrani.

Largesse for the Law School
Penn's Law School has received a $15 million gift -- the largest outright gift ever made to an American law school.

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