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Manufacturing Products—and Relationships
It was the first day of her internship when a Wharton undergraduate informed the president of a 94-year-old manufacturing company that he had incorrectly identified the market for its products. Continued...

Illustration by Rich Lillash

Cheesesteaks, Tastykakes and … Information Technology?
When most people think about the nation’s hot sites for information technology—IT, also known as The Future—the Greater Philadelphia area does not come to mind. Yet there is a surprising amount of IT activity in the region, and Paul Morin W’91 WG’98 wants people to know about it.Which is why, last year, he wrote The Greater Philadelphia IT Report: Creating Wealth and Opportunity in the Region. Continued...

An UnConventional Experience
No need to float a trial balloon. Carol McCullough Fitzgerald CW’63, executive producer of PoliticalFest, is sure the nonpartisan celebration of American politics she’s planning will be a strong sideshow to this summer’s Republican National Convention. Continued...

Illustration by Josef Gast

CLASS OF ’90 & ’93
High-Adrenaline Reading
Think of every nightmare or adventure fantasy you’ve had: You’re attacked by a bear. The pilot of your plane passes out and you’re forced to land it. Or, for some reason, you have to leap from a motorcycle into a moving car just like MacGyver did. Continued...

Writing a Prescription for Tribal Health Care
Here in the “echinacea capital of the world,” where medicinal herbs are harvested by the handful, Dr. Larry Sokolic CGS’83 coordinates the delivery of a scarcer resource: modern medical care for 13,000 people scattered across 2,500 square miles of rural North Dakota. Continued...

Frequent Flyer
Jon Wurtzburger C’57 owns a six-seater prop jet, which he doesn’t like to leave idle for long. So the New York resident flies patients around the country to receive chemotherapy, reconstructive surgery—and, at a moment’s notice, the occasional organ transplant. Continued...


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Mush-on Accomplished

Aliy Zirkle C’92
became the first woman to win the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race when she crossed the finish line on Feb. 23 with her nine hearty team members: Pedro, A.J., Martin, Sonic, Diesel, Fats, Roller, Bob and Beaner. Though Zirkle told the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner she was “driven” to win, she gave due credit for the 10 day, 22 hour, 59 minute finish to pack leader, Pedro, saying, “There’s always a dog behind the glory.” As for the gender distinction, the Two Rivers, Alaska, resident said she didn’t think the top contenders in the race “ever looked at me as a woman competitor. They looked at me as a competitor.”


Need to track down
long-lost roommate or network with a Penn graduate in your field or just make sure your classmates have a way of reaching you? You can do all of these things if you join Penn’s On-line Community.
Since the On-line Community debuted last December (, more than 3,000 alumni have registered for the free service, which provides access to the alumni directory, and, since February, the opportunity to sign up for e-mail forwarding. As of late March, about 850 alumni had opted for the e-mail forwarding feature. With e-mail forwarding, alumni can ensure that their classmates have a single way to reach them even if they change careers or Internet Service Providers over the years. Mail sent to their assigned Penn e-mail address will be forwarded to their personal e-mail account, provided they notify the University whenever they change ISPs.
“The On-line Community is an effective and efficient way for us to reach an increasingly large segment of the alumni population,” says Dr. Martin Rapisarda, director of alumni relations. “For alumni, it is a great way to stay connected with the University and with their friends. Through the On-line Community, we have expanded the programs, events and services we can provide Penn’s alumni.”