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Dr. David Mossberg D’34 writes, “On Jan. 25, I met for lunch in Boca Raton, Fla., with two other classmates from the Dental School, Dr. Clem Alpert C’32 D’34 and Dr. Sig Lichterman C’33 D’34; our wives were of course with us.”

John J. Newberry Jr. W’37 writes, “My wife and I celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary on Oct. 5; we had a great party with 75 guests. This meant a great deal to Bettie, and although her health has been deteriorating for several years, the anticipation put her on a high plane. She got dolled up at the hairdresser’s and with a beautiful new dress was relaxed and alert, and had a great day. Three days later she went by ambulance to the hospital for the seventh visit last year; unfortunately she lived in the hospital for two weeks and passed away on Oct. 24. I miss her very much.”


David C. Melnicoff C’41 G’50 received the 2001 Acres of Diamond Award from the Temple University Hospital Auxiliary. He was chair of the hospital’s governing board during the development of new facilities and a trustee of Temple University.

Dr. Leonard Apt C’42, emeritus professor of ophthalmology and emeritus head of pediatric ophthalmology at UCLA’s Jules Stein Eye Institute, received a lifetime achievement award from the American Academy of Pediatrics in January. At UCLA he established the first full-time division in pediatric ophthalmology at a medical school in the country and helped found the Jules Stein Eye Institute. During his nearly 40 years of practice on the campus, he has provided eye care for thousands of children in West Los Angeles, neighboring communities, and around the world. One of his contributions to pediatric ophthalmology was the development of the now widely used Apt test, which differentiates fetal from adult hemoglobin as the source of bleeding in newborns. The academy also recognized Dr. Apt’s work in co-developing an inexpensive eye-drop antiseptic that has dramatically reduced eye infections and blindness in children in developing countries.

Leonard S. Rosen C’42 writes, “I completed 50 years in the life-insurance business on May 25. I was president of my Class for the five years leading to our 50th Reunion, and president of the College Alumni Society from 1970 to 1973.”

Dr. Marvin H. Terry Grody C’43 M’46 in March received the Distinguished Surgeon Award from the Society of Gynecologic Surgeons. This complements a similar honor tendered to him two years ago at the International Vaginal Surgery Conference. In August last year he appeared on NBC’s Today show, speaking on gynecologic corrective operations that lead to improved quality of life.

Dr. Aaron M. Litwak D’45 was chair of the 84th Pink Ball in March, an annual fundraiser for the Children’s Home of Easton, Pa. He has long served as the dentist for the children there. The Junior Boys Cottage is named in recognition of his and his wife Sarah’s work.

Dr. G. Denman Hammond M’48 GM’52, Pasadena, Calif., was named Cancer Fighter of the Year by the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation in Long Beach last October “for his national leadership in the research and treatment of childhood oncology.” He was founding director of the University of Southern California’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, one of the nation’s first, and an associate vice president for health affairs at USC. He also served as a vice president of the American Cancer Society, senior consultant to the National Cancer Institute, and on the National Cancer Advisory Board.

Dr. John J. Patton C’48 G’49 recently completed his 35th year as a book reviewer for Choice, a monthly library journal; he has reviewed almost 200 books by or about 20th-century American authors. He was recently named to the committee for the Good Neighbor Golf Classic, which benefits the Disabilities Resource Center of Southern New Jersey.

Rev. Robert W. Wood W’48, Concord, N.H., writes that he retired in 1986 after 35 continuous years as a parish pastor—during which he gave 1,610 sermons. He is also a certified VA chaplain. He began speaking and writing for gay causes—under his own name—shortly after his ordination in 1951. His award-winning book, Christ and the Homosexual (1960), “began the dialogue between organized religion and the homosexual.” Robert enjoyed a one-gender marriage for almost 26 years with the American abstract artist, Hugh M. Coulter, who died in 1989. A resource person for United Church of Christ churches in the process of becoming Open and Affirming, he has also spoken at Holocaust memorial services for the Pink Triangle men who died in the Nazi death camps. Hailed in the gay press as a “pioneer for gay rights in America,” he is the subject of a forthcoming biography.

Dr. Matthew J. Colucci Mu’49 C’52 Gr’57, Broomall, Pa., has retired from teaching music theory at Temple University. He had earlier taught at the Curtis Institute of Music and the old New School of Music, where he later served as dean, till its merger with Temple in 1986. Earlier, he had taught at Penn from 1950 to 1961.


John S. Dowlin C’51, president of the Board of Commissioners of Hamilton County (Cincinnati), was re-elected to his third term on the board. In 1990 he retired from P&G after 38 years. He has just completed 42 years of elected public service, including 31 years of service for the City of Sharonville, Ohio.

Carol Helitzer Shedlin CW’51, New York, performed a new solo cabaret act of swing and “vintage” music at Judy’s in Chelsea for four nights in April and May.

Norton Juster Ar’53 was at Los Angeles’s Storyopolis gallery in February for a book-signing: a new edition of his The Dot & The Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics; first published in 1963 and in print almost continuously ever since, with a 1965 Academy Award-winning short film based on it. He is better known for The Phantom Tollbooth (1961); MGM released a film version in the 1960s and another is soon to be made by Warner Bros.

Dr. Eugene N. Myers W’54 is professor and chair of otolaryngology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Last October he received an honorary fellowship in the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and he was inducted an honorary member of the Hungarian Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Society during its 36th national congress.

Dr. Osborne W. Lacy Gr’55, emeritus director of counseling and career services at Franklin & Marshall College, was elected to the board of the Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation of Lancaster County, which awards interest-free loans to students who plan to attend a post-secondary institution.

Maj. Gen. Felix A. Santoni W’55 writes, “It has been well over one year since on Dec. 31, 1999, I ceased working for the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, an agency of the Government of Puerto Rico, where I was the executive assistant to the executive director. I am officially retired from a civilian occupation and from the army, having served 40 years in the U.S. Army Reserve, retiring as deputy commander-in-chief for the U.S. Southern Command at Quarry Heights, Panama. I continue to serve on the board of the Angel Ramos Foundation, as chair of the programs committee; it is the largest private foundation in Puerto Rico. I also serve on the board of advisers of the Association of the U.S. Army and as vice president-at-large for its third region. And I serve as chair of the Retiree Council of Fort Buchanan, the home of the United States Army South, in San Juan.”

Hon. Charles H. Loughran C’57, Greensburg, Pa., president of the Court of Common Pleas for Westmoreland County, will begin winding down his career on the bench and plans to retire in November or April next year—the anniversary of his appointment as president judge. He was quoted in an interview for a local newspaper that he decided there is life outside of the courtroom, and he wants to have a little more of it. “I like to travel; I’m planning a trip to Vienna. I’d also like to get back to painting in oils and working with clay … I’ve really enjoyed being a judge, but I’m going to be 67 in November and I think it’s a good time. I’ve really enjoyed this job; I’ve been given the chance to sit down and study the law. I love that.” First taking office in January 1978, he was retained by voters in 1997 for a third 10-year term, and elected by his fellow judges to a five-year term as president judge in April 1998; the mandatory retirement age for judges in Pennsylvania is 70.

Dr. Frederic Melnick C’58 D’61 is a dentist in New Hempstead, N.Y., and the father of two Penn graduates, Dr. David Melnick EAS’88, a fourth-year surgical resident at the University of Michigan Hospital, and Steven Melnick C’91, vice president of media relations for 20th Century Fox Television in Los Angeles—and grandfather of Noah, “the cutest little kid in Ann Arbor.” Fred and his wife, Bobbi, will soon be celebrating their 40th anniversary. He is also president and CEO of Paris Dreams Ltd., the parent company of ( a Web site providing information to visitors to Paris and other parts of France. Feel free to contact him at <> or through the Web site.

Dr. Richard P. Dakin D’59 writes, “I had been an associate in the crown and bridge department of the School of Dental Medicine from 1963 to 1974. The student body was predominantly white and male and from the Northeast. We saw the students as very competitive and less interested in others than creating a future for themselves. Today I am back in the restorative department at the School after 40 years of private practice. I always have loved the University for the career they provided for me and my children, both graduates. I now see a new student body, a reflection of integration of all creeds, colors, nationalities, sexes, religions and spirits. I am so impressed by the mixture of these young people, and their feeling of good will toward each other. They are still competitive, but with a feeling of concern and friendliness with their classmates, and even their teachers. These young students give me so much hope for the future of humanity, that people can achieve and still be a force of good will. Could this be a small start of a contagion of human concern?”

Dr. Lawrence Erlich C’59 joined Winter Haven Hospital in Florida as an adult psychiatrist. His A Textbook of Forensic Addictions Psychiatry and Medicine was published by Charles Thomas in April.

HÈloÔse (Ginger) Bertman Levit CW’59 continues to travel frequently to France to buy fine French paintings by listed European artists; her private gallery is now sub-titled “paintings with provenance.” She has resumed writing about art, covering museum exhibitions worldwide for a number of publications. A regular writer for Mid-Atlantic Antiques Monthly, her latest piece is on the Paris MarchÈ aux Puces (flea market). Ginger conducted the Richmond Symphony on Dec. 2 and 3, having won the exhilarating opportunity at a Richmond Symphony Orchestra League auction.

Shaun F. O’Malley W’59, chair emeritus of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, became a term trustee of the University in January; he already serves on the Wharton School’s board of overseers and on the executive committee of the trustee board of the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Last August he was inducted into the Accounting Hall of Fame at the Ohio State University and in December received the John J. McCloy Award for Outstanding Contributions to Audit Excellence by the accounting profession’s Public Oversight Board.

Dr. Douglas L. Wilson G’59 Gr’64, head of the Lincoln studies program at Knox College, appeared in and was an adviser for the PBS mini-series Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided, that aired in February.


Eleanor Civatella GEd’60, a retired reading specialist, gave the opening lecture at Rosemont College, near Philadelphia, to launch its Spring 2001 Forum program of continuing education for men and women 55 years and older. An active member of the forum’s curriculum committee, she spoke on “A History of Piracy.”

Paul Liberman W’60, Fayetteville, N.Y., was appointed vice president of sales for key national accounts for Bush Industries in Jamestown, which manufactures consumer-assembled home and office furniture.

David A. Seidenfeld W’60 writes that Bullishly Speaking, a book he edited and published in 1997, “has received some very favorable comment and recognition in the 2002 edition of John Slatter’s 100 Best Stocks You Can Buy.”

Wendy Powell GLA’61 and Geoffrey Collens GLA’62 are the joint editors of a monograph on the British landscape architect, Dame Sylvia Crowe, which was published last year by the Landscape Design Trust.

Rep. Lita Indzel Cohen CW’62 L’65 was appointed to the Pennsylvania House majority-policy committee for the 2001-02 legislative session, and re-appointed to the appropriations, judiciary (where she will chair the subcommittee on crime and corrections) and urban-affairs committees. She was also named to the newly formed committee on children and youth and will co-chair the majority leader’s task force on child care, while continuing as chair of the domestic-relations task force which is expected to revise the state’s domestic-relations court system to be more family-friendly.

Dr. Howard Pitkow C’62 G’63, professor of physiology at Temple University School of Medicine, was installed as president of the National Association of Academies of Science in February. The NAAS consists of 44 state academies of scientists, representing 75,000 scientists.

Richard A. Kaplan W’63 is a co-managing partner of the newly merged accounting firm of Yarlas, Kaplan, Santilli & Moran, Ltd., in Providence, R.I. An expert witness in state and federal courts, he also serves as a court-appointed mediator.

Karen Stein Kissileff CW’63 <> e-mails that she and her husband, Dr. Harry R. Kissileff C’62 Gr’66 and Julia Reisman Kissileff Ed’36 announce the birth of Yael Daniella Perlman to Dr. Beth Kissileff Perlman G’93 Gr’98 and her husband, Rabbi Jonathan Perlman. Yael is the sister of Tova Yonina Perlman, and the family lives in Springfield, Mass. Beth is a visiting assistant professor of religion at Mt. Holyoke College.

Idaherma Williams GFA’63 had woodblock prints in exhibitions at the Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn., the Ellarslie Open XIX, at the Museum of the City of Trenton, and in a national juried exhibition at Wenatchee, Wash. Pieces are also in “Eyes on Trenton,” at the New Jersey State Museum till May 20, and in “The Art of Healing,” a national juried exhibition which travels to hospitals and art centers across the country until October. Her works can also be seen on the Web site (

Dr. Robert N. Clark M’64 retired in January after serving for 22 years as head of orthopedics at Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. When not traveling with his wife, Carol Ann, he plans to donate his services to children with back injuries caught in natural disasters in other countries and will also continue some teaching at Ohio State University.

Peter Rutkoff G’65 Gr’71 in January was named professor of American studies at Kenyon College and director of its American-studies program, which he helped establish in the late 1980s. He recently co-wrote New York Modern: The Arts and the City (1999), and his first novel, Shadow Ball, was published in the spring.

Skip Dahlgren C’66 e-mails, “The archaeological site of Matara, a major Eritrean cultural treasure near the border with Ethiopia, was reportedly severely damaged or destroyed during the recent warfare between the two countries. I am developing a Web site which provides glimpses of Matara as it appeared 30 years ago, when I participated in two seasons of excavation there ( matara/matara.html). All are encouraged to visit the Web site, and I look forward to feedback, as well as any contact from classmates <>.”

Walter Grossman C’66 is chair of Brookehill Capital Partners, Ltd., the private investment firm in Westport, Conn., he founded in 1978. He was elected in February to the board of Datatec Systems, Inc.; based in Fairfield, N.J., it specializes in the rapid, large scale market absorption of networking technologies. He also serves on the board of overseers for Penn’s School of Arts and Sciences.

Ronald C. Rosen W’66 has been an adviser since 1980 for a seminar at the Sorbonne on the American economy, particularly on recent developments in agriculture, the automobile industry and cross-border mergers.

Biff Ruttenberg C’66 is president of Atlas Partners, LLC, a Chicago-based consultancy that provides real-estate evaluation and disposition services for troubled companies ( In February he was cited a Certified Turnaround Professional by the Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals, the industry’s professional association.

Thomas R. Bond CGS’67, Philadelphia, was elected a shareholder of the regional defense-litigation law firm of Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin; he was also appointed to the new position of director of client relations and development.

Dr. John P. Charde M’67 was promoted in March to chief medical officer at PHS Health Plans, of Shelton, Conn. He had served as vice president and senior medical director responsible for the company’s operations in Connecticut, New York state and New Jersey.

Bill Lohmeyer W’67 WG’73 in January was appointed president and chief executive officer of Builders Insurance, which provides coverage for members of the Home Builders Association of Georgia and is the state’s largest writer of workers’ compensation ( Previously he was senior vice president and chief financial officer with the Meadowbrook Insurance Group, an insurance and risk-management company.

Kathryn Kruper Plant Nu’67 in January was named deputy director of the division of medical assistance and health services of the New Jersey Department of Human Services. She had been the department’s chief of operations for the past two years, and recently oversaw implementation of NJ FamilyCare, which provides health insurance for more than 130,000 working adults and their children whose family incomes are too high to qualify for Medicaid but not enough for them to be able to afford private health insurance.

Barbara M. Richards G’67 in February was appointed president of the Coast Guard Foundation in Stonington, Conn. She had been associate director of corporate and foundation relations at the University of Connecticut Foundation.

Stuart Tobin C’67 wishes to announce that he is not CEO, chair or president of any corporate giant, nor is he a captain or any other officer of industry, nor is he listed as the ‘Best of Anything’ either nationally or locally, “but that life is good in the no-passing lane in Richmond, Ky.”

Dr. John D. Crowley GEE’68 Gr’72 was recently appointed chief information officer of Broadview Networks, a New York-based provider of electronically integrated communications for small businesses and communications-intensive residential customers in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. Previously he was vice president and chief technical officer of Open Support Systems, a Broadview Networks subsidiary.

Tad Decker C’68 was named chair of the administrative-leaders committee (equivalent to managing partner) of the Philadelphia-based law firm of Cozen & O’Connor; he joined the firm in April last year, having been executive vice president and general counsel for Asbury Automotive Group in Berwyn.

Dr. Rita D. Jacobs G’68 Gr’74 e-mails “To let my classmates know that my new book, The Way In: Journal Writing for Self-Discovery, is being published in April by Stewart, Tabori & Chang, a division of Harry N. Abrams Publishers in New York. It’s appearing as an individual book and also packaged in a slip case with a matching blank journal. I’ve been living in New York and teaching in the English department at Montclair State University in New Jersey since I left Penn, with a variety of leaves for Rockefeller Foundation and American Council on Education grants. I’ve published scores of magazine articles and several books, including Tommy, The Musical with Pete Townshend of The Who. In the past 12 years, I’ve been teaching journal writing around the country. This new book is based on those experiences.”


Dr. John H. Davis GrE’70, CEO of BeachHead Technologies, LLC, has joined the advisory board of Sylantro Systems Corp., a software company that supplies applications-enabled softswitch for delivery of high-value voice services. A 38-year veteran and pioneer in the telecommunications industry, he served most recently as CTO of Allied Riser Communications, a broadband IP-based services provider to businesses in commercial buildings.

Alan M. Jacobs W’70 e-mails, “My wife, Iris, who saw me through my undergraduate days at Penn, and I are proud to announce the May graduation of our daughter, Alison, from the Wharton School and the early-admission acceptance of our daughter, Courtney, to the College, Class of 2005.” After more than 30 years with Ernst & Young, specializing in business turnaround and insolvency, corporate restructuring and reorganization, corporate finance and dispute resolution, he withdrew from the partnership and founded AMJ Advisors LLC., which provides financial, restructuring and bankruptcy services in the troubled credit market; currently he is “co-chair and co-chief executive officer of West Coast Entertainment, adviser to the tort claimants of Dow Corning, director of Singer, Inc., and designated director of Criimi Mae upon the effective date of its plan of reorganization. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the transition to my new firm, probably working more than ever, but enjoying it immensely.”

Christopher Norall L’70 joined the Brussels office of Morrison & Foerster LLP in January as a partner. He was previously with the New York firm White & Case, based in Belgium for several years.

Stormy Byorum WG’71 is cofounder and managing partner of Violy, Byorum & Partners, a strategic advisory and investment banking firm in New York that focuses on Latin America. In February she was appointed to the board of AEterna Laboratories, Inc., of Quebec.

Gary F. Roth C’71, assistant vice president of legal and business affairs for the performing-rights department of Broadcast Music Inc. in New York, was named in January chair of the New York State Bar Association’s corporate-counsel section. He also serves on the Bar’s special committee on cyberspace law and on the executive committee of the entertainment, arts and sports law section.

Lee C. Stewart C’71 was appointed in April as executive vice president and chief financial officer of Foamex International Inc., the producer, based in Linwood, Pa., of cushioning for bedding, furniture, carpets and motor vehicles. Previously he was a vice president with Union Carbide Corp.

Anthony N. Calhoun WG’72 was appointed treasurer of the District of Columbia in January. Previously he was deputy executive director and chief financial officer of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.

Steve Fadem W’72 and his wife, Laurie Baskin, proudly welcome the arrival of their first child, Rachel Joy Fadem, on March 3. Her proud grandfather is Leroy Fadem W’41. She looks forward to being a member of the Class of 2023.

Dr. Michael Guthrie M’72 GM’76 was named in March to the new post of senior vice president for physician relations at Premier, Inc., a national alliance of more than 200 hospitals and health systems, based in San Diego, Calif. Since 1997 he led development activities for Premier Practice Management, Inc., the Premier company which provides services and support for physician practices and local healthcare networks.

Hon. Gary E. Jackson W’72 was appointed a judge on the City Court of Atlanta in December.

David R Laube WG’72, former vice president and chief information officer of US WEST, was appointed in February to the board of Carrier Access, a provider of broadband access and service-creation equipment, of Boulder, Colo.

Dr. Kathryn Daub Britney Gr’73 in March joined LJH Global Investments LLC, of Naples, Fla., as vice president of marketing and client service.

Charles E. Dorkey III L’73 is managing partner of the New York office, head of the New York litigation practice and a member of the executive committee of the international law firm Torys. In March he was appointed to the advisory council for the Housing Part of the Civil Court of the City of New York.

Dr. Larry Greller GEE’73 Gr’77 in March was appointed director of mathematical modeling at Molecular Mining Corporation in Kingston, Ont. The company specializes in constructing models of molecular networks for diagnostic and drug-target identification, predictive toxicology and in-silico drug screening. Previously he was assistant director of bioinformatics mathematical biology at SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals R&D in King of Prussia, Pa.

Dr. Howard Reinstein C’73 <> is the current president of the Los Angeles Pediatric Society and remains the public-relations coordinator of the Los Angeles-area chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. “My wife, Ellen, directs the Child and Family Study Center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. I have one daughter in high school and one daughter at Stanford. I continue to enjoy my private pediatric practice and the Southern California lifestyle.”

Nancy Straus Sundheim CW’73 was recently appointed senior vice president and general counsel of Unisys Corp., based in Blue Bell, Pa. Previously she was a corporate vice president, deputy general counsel and corporate secretary.

James H. Brothers IV C’74 e-mails “It has been a fairly busy year. Our oldest daughter, Nancy, is a freshman at Wellesley College. Unlike Hillary, she is there on an Air Force scholarship; so far she really enjoys both Wellesley and AFROTC and thinks that the Boston area is wonderful. Our next oldest, Meredith, is a sophomore at the Governor’s School For Languages and International Studies. Elizabeth is in sixth grade in the center-based gifted program at Manchester Middle School. James V (Sandy) has just started kindergarten at Robious Elementary School. I have delivered a number of papers dealing with different aspects of the early iron industry of Virginia at conferences across the United States (Pioneer America Society, Archeological Society of Virginia, and Society for Historical Archaeology) and co-authored a paper delivered at the International Conference on Nuclear Microprobe Technology and Applications in Bordeaux, France. I also co-presented a paper at the Society for Industrial Archaeology in Washington and another at the PIXE (proton induced X-ray emission) Conference in Canada, both in May. In addition, I have been involved in a number of archaeological projects, including work on Ft. Trenholm, the largest Civil War earthwork in the defensive perimeter of Charleston, and serving as an archaeological adviser to the Falling Creek Ironworks Foundation: Falling Creek was the first North American ironworks (1619-22). I am also on the board of the Archaeological Society of Virginia.”

Patricia A. Butenis CW’74 writes, “I was recently promoted into the Senior Foreign Service of the State Department. After three years as consul general in the American Embassy in Warsaw, I transfer this summer to a two-year assignment as consul general in Bogota.”

Dr. Charles Lieberman Gr’74 is investment strategist and chief economist for Advisors Financial Center, the portfolio manager and financial-services provider that is based in Suffern, N.Y. Co-founder of Strategic Investors Management L.L.C., the macro hedge fund, he has appeared on CNBC, CNNfn, The Nightly Business Report, Reuters Financial Television and the major networks. He is frequently quoted in Bloomberg, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Barron’s.

Sylvia Miller Rhone W’74 is chair and CEO of the Elektra Entertainment Group in New York. She has been directly involved in the launch of several artists, including Yolanda Adams and Tamia, and before EEG, was instrumental in the continuing success of platinum-plus artists such as Gerald Levert and Natalie Cole. In 1990 she became the first black woman to head a major record company when named as CEO and president of Atlantic’s new EastWest Records America division.

Steve Rossi WG’74 was named president of the San Jose, Calif.-based newspaper division of Knight Ridder, having served as senior vice president of operations for the company since 1998. He lives in Saratoga with his wife, Rosemary, and four children.

Dr. C. Thomas North SAMP’75 will receive a Ph.D. in health studies from Temple University this month. He e-mails he “had the privilege of graduating with my son, Travis, who received his B.S. in landscape architecture.”

Dr. Louis E Rossman D’75 GD’77, a specialist in endodontics in Philadelphia, has been appointed general chair for the 2002 annual session of the American Association of Endodontists. In January he returned from St. Barts where he had been invited to present a course, Contemporary Endodontics. He and his wife, Val, have two children Alexis (17) and Benjamin (11); they live in Bala Cynwyd, Pa.

Jack Rubin WG’75 is president and chief executive officer of SeatAdvisor Inc., a San Diego-based online ticketing company that offers interactive seat maps for 400 venues across the country. Previously he was chief financial and strategic officer of Hotel Reservation Network Inc. of Dallas.

Rabbi Rifat Sonsino Gr’75, Needham, Mass., e-mails that his most recent book, Six Jewish Spiritual Paths, was published by Jewish Lights in December.

Dr. Jeannette South-Paul MT’75, was promoted to full professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, in Bethesda, Md.; she has served as department chair since August 1995. A colonel in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, she is retiring from the military in June to become chair of family medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.

George Fowler WG’76 in March joined Cleveland-based National City Corp. as a senior vice president and manager of its international markets and financial institutions. Previously he was manager, of the Americas area, for Bank One.

Lyria Howland C’76 is president and owner of Howland PR, a public relations firm in Dallas, Tex., that specializes in diversity communications and marketing. She serves on the boards of the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce and the Dallas Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Michael Odlum WG’76 is president and COO of Allied Investment Advisors, an institutional investment advisory subsidiary of Baltimore-based Allfirst Bank. Prior to joining the company, he was a principal at The Vanguard Group, where he served as chair of the trust-investment committee and senior officer of Vanguard Advisers, Inc., and Vanguard Fiduciary Trust Company.

David Aufhauser L’77, a partner with the law firm of Williams & Connolly in Washington, was nominated in February by President Bush to be general counsel for the Department of the Treasury.

Bruce Curley C’77 <> recently finished recording his
poetry for a spoken-word CD; it will be released by Xeximian Productions, Inc., ( of Tampa, Fla., later this year.

Sharon Ann Fordham WG’77 was appointed chief executive officer of, Inc. Previously she was president of global e-business for Nabisco, Inc.; earlier, as senior vice president for marketing there, she directed the company’s new wellness and mini-snack lines, such as SnackWell’s cookies and crackers, Teddy Grahams and a line of low-salt crackers.

David van Hoogstraten C’77 G’77 and Michelle Kayon C’77 report that as chief of project management at the National Zoo she has just finished work on extensive renovations to the Panda House. He is in the State Department’s Bureau of Oceans, Environment and Scientific Affairs, and recently concluded work on a new treaty banning or severely restricting the production and use of persistent organic pollutants (POPs), including DDT.

David Berger W’78 is chief financial officer for VNU, Inc., a New York media and information company. Previously he was senior vice president in charge of finance development at Simon & Schuster.

Dr. Mitchell Blutt C’78 M’82 WG’87 is an executive partner of J.P. Morgan Partners and a member of the executive committee of J.P. Morgan Chase’s private-equity unit in New York. He was still seeing patients one day a week until about two years ago—and he continues to teach at Cornell University Medical School. He and his wife Margo, a former dancer with the New York City Ballet, have two children, Jillian (five) and Eliza (three).

Michael D. Garz GAr’78 was recently promoted to senior vice president of STV Inc., an engineering, architectural, environmental and construction management firm of the STV Group, based in Douglassville, Pa.; he continues to serve as manager of the firm’s central region.

Valerie J. Hallman W’78, Philadelphia, is director of taxation at Detweiler, Hershey & Associates, P.C., in Brownstown, Pa.

Lee A. Ohliger C’78 L’81, a real estate attorney whose practice encompasses office leasing and eminent-domain proceedings, was elected counsel to the Wall Street law firm Carter, Ledyard & Milburn in January. He lives in Ridgewood, N.J.

Steven Weisholtz M’78, chief of infectious diseases at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in New Jersey, was named vice president of the medical staff there in March.

Michael A. Forman W’79 was promoted in February to chief financial officer and vice president in charge of finance and administration for Tessera Inc., a provider of intellectual property for chip-scale packaging of semiconductors, based in San Jose, Calif. He had been director of financial analysis and planning there.

Daniel E. Geffken W’79 was promoted to senior vice president in charge of finance and chief financial officer of Transkaryotic Therapies, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company in Cambridge, Mass.; he had joined the firm in 1997.

Valorie Mobley Hawkins C’79 married Michael W. Hawkins on Aug. 16, 1997. She is a fifth-grade teacher at Cold Spring Elementary School in the Upper Moreland School District near Philadelphia.

Betsy Shain Liebman W’79 is an attorney with the law firm of Capehart & Scatchard, P.A., and practices from its Mt. Laurel, N.J., office. She spoke earlier this year on non-complete agreements and the protection of trade secrets at a seminar of the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education.

Julie Ragland Maxwell WG’79 is chief administrative officer of Egenera, Inc., an Internet infrastructure company based in Marlboro, Mass. She had been a vice president at Goldman Sachs, in charge of internal support, with responsibility for its global IT help-desk infrastructure.

Lee P. Tarlow Miller C’79 was recently named a managing director of U.S. Trust Company. “After Penn I went to Emory Law School and have now been at U.S. Trust for 14 years where I am a fiduciary and planning manager. I’ve written and lectured widely on trusts and estate planning and, on weekends, I am a docent at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and lead walking tours in European Paintings and the American Wing.”

Bernard Plishtin C’79 is president and CEO of HotRoof, Inc., which provides technology for businesses to deliver personalized video to end-users; the firm is based in Great Barrington, Mass.

Susan Rerat C’79 in January became managing director of Epicurious, the online home of Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines. The founding publisher of Vogue Russia, she spent the last three years working in the Paris and Moscow offices of CondÈ Nast International.

Manuel Roxas W’79 was re-appointed in February for a second term as Secretary for Trade and Industry of the Philippines. He is an economist and former congressman there.

Mitch Sockett C’79 <> and his wife, Sandy, recently returned to New York, having lived in Hawaii for over five years. “After 18 years of trench warfare as a litigation attorney,” he has “escaped the clutches of the law” and joined Amroc Investments as a
financial analyst. Mitch and Sandy are “re-discovering the joys of East Coast urban life, including the snap of an autumn breeze, snowstorms, delicatessens and La BohËme at the Met.”

Peter Tallian W’79 is senior vice president and chief financial officer of TranSwitch Corp., the Shelton, Conn., developer and supplier of high-speed VLSI semiconductors. Previously he was executive vice president and chief financial officer of Metavante Corp., headquartered in Milwaukee.


Thomas D. Karol W’80 was elected president and chief executive officer of Elcor Corporation in February; based in Dallas, Tex., the company, through subsidiaries, manufactures roofing and other industrial products and provides electronics-manufacturing services. He had recently served as president of the Brinkman hard-surfaces division of Beaulieu of America.

Dr. Marilynn E. Katatsky WG’80 was promoted in March to senior vice president at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in Annapolis, Md.

Dr. David A. Newman C’80 e-mails, “We are proud to announce the birth of twin baby girls, Tali Latour and Nicole d’YQuem, on Oct. 13 <>.”

Daniel Blum W’81 e-mails “My wife, Ilene, and I have three boys ages 11 and nine and nine (twins). We live in Short Hills, N.J., and are active with them and their activities. I recently took control of a specialized-printing services business named Quality Indexing Corp. which makes high-volume runs of indexing products for printers and financial institutions. Feel free to drop me a line <>.”

David R. Campbell C’81 was named partner in the Lancaster, Pa., law firm of Chesters & Miller, which he joined in 1998.

James R. Chambers WG’81 is chief financial officer of New York-based Paxonix (www.; created by Westvaco Corp. last December, it aims to help consumer-product companies improve profitability and competitiveness through accelerated speed-to-market and efficiencies in packaging and product development. Previously he was head of, the online supermarket.

Todd Hagen W’81 was recently appointed chief financial officer of Symmetry Communications Systems, a provider of wireless data-packet services based in San Jose, Calif. Previously he was chief financial officer at

Joyce McNeill Nu’81 and her husband, Alec, are pleased to announce “the birth of our daughter, Abigail Sarah McNeill Schwartz, who arrived on May 23, 2000, just one week after our first wedding anniversary.” She joins big sister Rachel (10). Joyce works full-time as a nurse midwife with Midwives of Delaware County in Upper Darby, Pa.

Dr. Stan Bernard C’82 WG’88 received the 2000 Wharton School Alumni Achievement Award “in recognition of contributions to the health-care field and continued support of the graduate program in health-care management.” He initiated and co-taught two new health-care MBA courses, Pharmaceutical Management, Health Care and the Internet, over the past 11 years. Recently he was named by Advance magazine as one of the 15 “most influential forces in health-care information technology.” He is president of Bernard Associates, a business consulting firm that helps new health-care ventures with strategic planning, marketing, business development and financing services.

Dr. Jeffrey Scott Isenberg C’82 <> reports the publication this year of the third volume in his trilogy on the philosophy of medicine entitled Peaceful Wounds: A Philosophy of Surgery (Wyndham Hall Press, Bristol, Ind.).

Paul H. Phaneuf WG’82 is managing director and head of U.S. high-yield capital markets and mezzanine finance for Barclays Capital in New York, the investment banking division of Barclays PLC. Previously he was head of high yield at CrÈdit Lyonnais Securities.

David Porter C’82 <> e-mails, “My book, Fixed: How Goodfellas Bought Boston College Basketball, [was] published in February by Taylor Publishing of Dallas. It tells the story of how the Mob-fixed games at B.C. in the late 1970s—I can still remember reading the exposÈ in Sports Illustrated in my apartment at 4309 Baltimore Avenue in 1981. One outgrowth of the project is that Henry Hill, whom the movie Goodfellas is based on, is now my best buddy. Whether or not this is a good thing, I am not sure. But most of the major studios are interested in the film rights, so maybe it’s a blessing.”

Robert M. Schlakman W’82 e-mails, “my wife, Andrea, and I celebrated the birth of our son, Daniel Scott Schlakman, in Oct. 2000. More recently, I have joined John Hancock Financial Services, Inc., in Boston as director of federal taxes.”

Michael J. Brown C’83 was recently named intellectual-property counsel and technology-transfer manager at the Institute for Genomic Research in Rockville, Md.; he had served as staff counsel there.

Dr. John Deighton Gr’83, the Harold M. Brierly Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, was recently elected to the board of MeyerMonitor, a New York company which specializes in talent engagement and corporate effectiveness.

Dan Foley WG’83 was appointed senior vice president of corporate finance for the Bellwether Exploration Co., an independent oil and gas exploration and production company based in Houston, Tex. Previously he was a director in the global-energy corporate-finance group at Arthur Andersen LLP.

Michael L. Goldman W’83 L’86 recently celebrated his 15th anniversary with Ellen Winchell Goldman L’86. They live in Trumbull, Conn., with their three children, Joshua (11), Benjamin (nine) and Jacqueline (seven). Ellen is a travel consultant with Up and Away Travel, specializing in luxury and family travel. Michael is the founder and managing partner of Goldman, Gruder & Woods, LLC, a nine-attorney law firm specializing in real estate law and corporate transactions and litigation in Norwalk. He is the Class Agent for the Law School Class of 1986, and also regularly interviews high-school students for Penn’s secondary-school committee in Fairfield County.

Mark Horak WG’83 was promoted to senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Warner Home Video. He was senior vice president of U.S. marketing, having joined the company in 1995.

Thomas T. Janover C’83 <> is practicing law in New York as a partner in the bankruptcy/creditors’ rights group at Kramer, Levin, Naftalis & Frankel LLP. “My clients, many of whom are alumni, invest in bankrupt or distressed companies. My wife, Sarah, and I have a great time with our two daughters, Leah (four) and Emily (one), and we look forward to getting to at least one football game a season.”

Paula Katkin C’83 is vice president of marketing for The Kelsey Group; based in Princeton, N.J., it provides research and analysis based on local advertising, voice and wireless technology, and electronic commerce. Previously she was a senior marketing executive with Verizon Information Services, which publishes print and electronic directories.

Kevin A. Reinis ME’83 GME’84 e-mails, “After 2 1/2 years at Dell Computer I have taken a new position with Veritas Software, a leading storage software provider, as vice president and general manager of the IBM division. We will be staying in Austin, Tex., and the division will be based here as well. Also pleased to report that our two oldest children, Alex and Sara, recently achieved the rank of Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. My new e-mail is <>. STHL in Austin, Tex.”

Alan J. Sheptin C’83 has been working at AXA Financial for the last four years, and “this past February I was promoted to assistant vice president in the market and product-management group. Marilyn Assicurato C’01 will join us after graduation. I still live in Goldens Bridge, N.Y., with my wife, Lisa Clayman Sheptin, and two kids, Zachary (10) and Jessica (6). Would love to hear from old friends <>.”

Robert D. Thompson W’83 is chief executive officer of OraSure Technologies Inc., based in Bethlehem, Pa. Previously he was chief operating officer and chief financial officer of LabOne Inc.

Ann Kotlar Collet W’84 and her husband, Dr. Brian Collet, an ophthalmologist, joyfully announce the birth of Joshua Matthew on April 10, 2000. His three big brothers, Eric (seven), David (five) and Michael (three) are thrilled to have a new playmate. The Collets live in Woodbury, N.Y.

Douglas R. Korn W’84 was recently named chief operating officer of Bear Stearns Merchant Banking in New York; he had been senior managing director there.

Jonathan Lipsky EAS’84 lives in Bet Shemesh, Israel, with his wife, Sandy Cash, and their four children. He is a systems engineer at Israel Aircraft Industries, and she is a freelance writer and part-time singer-songwriter. He writes, “She does great mom’s music; her new CD, Exact Change, can be sampled at (”

Craig D. Mills C’84, a partner in the litigation department of the Philadelphia-based law firm of Montgomery, McCracken, Walker & Rhoads, LLP, helped convince an international arbitration panel in February that the United States could be held liable for damages arising from a Mississippi civil-jury verdict against a Canadian company and its Canadian founder, where that verdict was alleged to be the product of anti-Canadian bias. This ruling marks the first time that potential liability under NAFTA has been extended to cover a government’s failure to protect foreign investors from nationalistic bias in a purely private legal dispute.

Lynn Breidenbach Phillips C’84 and her husband, Richard Phillips C/W’84 WG’88, are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Theodore, on Feb. 9. Teddy joins big brother Russell (three), in making lots of noise around the house. The family lives in Weston, Conn.

Stephen Sammut WG’84 is chair and CEO of Buttonwood Ventures, a newly formed merchant bank and private-equity firm in Wynnewood, Pa. In January he was appointed head of the research advisory board of Round 1—Private Capital Marketplace, Inc., a financial-services company. He also serves on the adjunct faculty at Penn, teaching courses on private equity and venture capital in the Wharton School, and in the Law School and the Engineering School.

Roslyne Weiner Schulman C’84 <> and her husband, Mark, are proud to announce the birth of their beautiful daughter, Rachel Ruth Miriam, on Dec. 6. She joins five-year-old big brother Benjamin at their home in Silver Spring, Md. Roslyne is a senior associate director for policy development at the American Hospital Association in Washington.

Dr. Linda Shore-Lesserson C’84 M’88 and Dr. Jonathan Lesserson M’89 announce the birth of their second child, Jeremy Tyler Lesserson on Aug. 15; their older son, Aaron Lee Lesserson, is six years old. They live in Bergen County, N.J., where Jonathan is an otolaryngologist in private practice. Linda is an anesthesiologist specializing in cardiovascular anesthesiology at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York.

Ross Z. Silver C/W’84 and Linda Strauss Silver C’84 welcomed a third son into their family last year: Daniel Eric Silver was born on February 24, 2000. He joined older brothers Zack (eight) and Jared (five) in their home in Short Hills, N.J.

Marlene Taylor WEv’84 WEv’85 in February gave a reading at the Penn Bookstore from her novel, Life Is What You Make It, Darlin’, which was published last year by Oshun Dynasty Publications.

Philip Veneziano W’84 is chief financial officer of Everest Broadband Networks; based in Fort Lee, N.J., it provides Internet, long-distance telephone and digital satellite-TV access in multi-tenant commercial buildings and hotels. Previously he was senior vice president of financial operations at Juno Online Services, Inc.

Andrea Anania WG’85 was named an executive vice president of CIGNA Corp. in Philadelphia. She had been a chief information officer responsible for the company’s systems development, data processing and telecommunications.

Jeremy Brosowsky C’85 left his job in the late 1980s as a research analyst at Goldman Sachs to return to his first love, journalism; in 1999 he launched Washington Business Forward, “a monthly, regional business magazine for the business leaders of Greater Washington.” In the spring he began rolling out Boston Business Forward.

William Cadogan WG’85 in May joined Minneapolis-based St. Paul Venture Capital as a general partner, based in its Boston Office; he focuses on early-stage telecommunications companies. He was chair and chief executive officer of ADC Telecommunications Inc. In March he received the Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award from Northeastern University.

Dr. Scott Epstein C’85 <> is a partner in Northeastern Rehabilitation Associates in Scranton, Pa., where he practices physical medicine and rehabilitation. “My wife, Sandy, and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in June. We have two children, Ali (five) and Jake (two). We’ve been rooting for the Quakers, especially with family members Dan Zalles W’86 and Dave Zalles W’61.”

Colette Fleming W’85 joined UBS Warburg as a senior wireless-telecommunications-services analyst in February. Previously she was a senior wireless-services analyst at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.

Sheldon Lee Gosline C’85 <> has returned from three years in Manchuria where he taught Egyptology. He was recently appointed associate professor in history at Northeast Normal University. Currently he is working on expanding an academic publishing enterprise, Shangri-La Publications, and plans to return to China with his wife, You Min, to excavate six tombs near the border with North Korea. He is also director of the Hieratic Font Project, based at the Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Changchun.

John H. Grady L’85 joined Turner Investment Partners, an asset-management firm in Berwyn, Pa., as general counsel and chief legal officer in February. Previously he was a partner in the investment-management practice group at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP in Philadelphia.

Ethan Klingsberg C’85 was made a partner in January at Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton in New York. His practice focuses on mergers & acquisitions, international-securities offerings and joint ventures.

Holly Love EAS’85 is a writer and editor thriving in Havertown, Pa., with her amazing dog, Scooby. She writes columns regularly for the Main Line Times and Metro, and most recently used her techie background to write four columns for PhillyTech magazine; part-time she manages Excel and Access data for a directory publisher. Contact her especially if you’re doing something write-worthy or want to go on dog-accompanied hikes: e-mail address for both Holly and Scooby is <>.

Dr. Steven E. McKenzie M’85 Gr’85 was named professor of medicine and pediatrics and the new director of the Cardeza Foundation for Hematologic Research at Thomas Jefferson University in February. Previously he was director of the Molecular Imaging Core Facility at the A.I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Del. He is also a member of Jefferson’s Kimmel Cancer Center. He served as an assistant professor of pediatrics at Penn from 1991 to 1996.

James McLoughlin WG’85 is vice president of affiliate sales with WorldGate, a provider of interactive cable television, based in Trevose, Pa. For almost eight years he was vice president of affiliate sales and operations in HBO’s Philadelphia-region office.

James J. Moglia WG’85 in February was appointed executive managing director and head of the U.S. debt-origination group of BMO Nesbitt Burns, the Canadian investment firm. Based in New York, he heads a team focused on high-yield finance and private placements and will build the company’s sponsor coverage and restructuring efforts.

Matthew V. Petronio W’85, who recently joined Parmalat USA as VP/general manager of the ice-cream division, has been promoted to VP/general manager of marketing and business development for all of the U.S. and Mexico. “After graduation I joined P&G, then I spent 13+ years at Mars Inc. in several assignments from the Starburst and Snickers brands in the U.S. to directing the Russian snack-food business from Moscow: I led the team which was responsible for the “Snickerization” of Russia. Finally returning to America to manage the U.S. ice-cream business for Mars, introducing the Snickers Ice Cream Cone, M&M’s Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich, and the Dreyer’s/Edy’s Presents range of packaged ice creams. My wife, Mary, and I live in Allamuchy Twp., N.J.”

Ken Rosenfeld EAS’85 and his wife, Debby, are pleased to announce “the arrival of our new son, Zachary Tyler, on Oct. 27. Our older son, Ryan Daniel, just turned five and is loving pre-school, karate and gymnastics. Currently, I am director of global commercialization and e-business development for Eastman Kodak’s, PaRis business segment. We produce medical-image and information-management systems and software. Debby is enjoying being a stay-at-home mom <>.”

Lorenzo di Bonaventura WG’86 signed a new long-term contract in February extending his 11-year career at Warner Bros. and expanding his responsibilities as president of worldwide production at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Adam Gertsacov C’86 <> was crowned the Clown Laureate of Greenbelt, Md., on April 1. The mayor presented him with a large green belt to wear at all public events. This honor kicked off a six-week clown residency in Greenbelt that included performances, classes, films, colloquies, and an exhibit of clown art that Adam assembled. He also performed the world premiere of The Puppet Tragedies, a collection of popular tragedies using innovative puppet and object-theatre techniques; pieces included “The Barbie Oedipus,” “The Vegetable Macbeth,” and “A Short Day’s Journey Into Night.” To find out more about the clown activities going on as part of his laureateship, see (

Naomi Grabel C’86 relocated to Philadelphia last year as managing director of The Wilma Theater in Center City. She will marry Neil Kutner On July 1. Her brother, Jonathan Grabel W’91, is a partner in the New York venture-capital firm Baker Capital; he will marry Rori Sinks in October.

Mary K. Foster WG’86 was appointed in February president of Sylvan Learning Centers, provider of personalized supplemental education services to K-12 students. She had previously worked for Riverside Corp., a furniture manufacturer in Fort Smith, Ark.

Jonathan Guttenberg C’86 e-mails, “My wife, Randi Karmen Guttenberg, and I are excited by the arrival of our first child: our daughter, Katie Bea Guttenberg, was born on Jan. 27. We live in New York <>.”

Matt Hausmann W’86 <> and Lesley Hirshfeld Hausmann C’89 <> are pleased to announce the birth of Daniel Nathan on Nov. 24. He joins Connor (two), who has learned that kissing Daniel is acceptable, while playing “knock knock” on his head is not. The family lives in Belmont, Mass.

Charles M. Hay GAr’86 <> was appointed principal and one of five owners of TappÈ Associates, Inc. a 50-person, Boston-based architectural firm. He will act as principal-in-charge for ensuring the design mission of the firm and will continue to provide senior project management for educational institutions.

Barbara Sarnacki Jones C’86 e-mails, “As a mom with a career on hold, I’m always interested in how other stay-at-home parents are staying involved and contributing to their communities. So when I heard that Classmate Susan Pereles Nu’86, a marathoner at home with her three little ones, was organizing a race to raise money for autism research, I thought other Gazette readers should hear her story. She is organizing a 5km race in Potomac, Md., this July 4, to benefit the Cure Autism Now Foundation. After a young relative was diagnosed with autism, Susan conceived of the race as a way to bring attention (and dollars) to the need for autism research. I wish I could be there in July to run with her, but hope other Penn grads will show their support by contacting her at <>.”

Gwyneth Ketterer C/W’86 is a managing director with Bear Stearns Merchant Banking in New York, having helped set up the group in 1998. Previously she was with Lehman Brothers’s merchant-banking group.

Wendy Klausner Komarnitsky W’86 and her husband, Alek, had their second son, Kyle, on March 6. His older brother, Dirk, is almost three. “After taking the summer off, I will return to Natural Habitat Adventures, a wildlife travel company in Boulder, Colo., where I will resume my marketing position that I have loved for the last five years. I can be reached at <> or via our Web site at (”

Amy Kraus C’86 writes, “I married David Feldman, a sweet and wonderful guy, on June 25, in Mamaroneck, N.Y. Fellow grads included matron-of-honor Debbie Halpern C’86 and her husband, Jeremy Singer WG’97, and bridesmaid Sharon Levine Murphy C’86. Also attending were Suzanne Mattenson Robinson W’86, Karen Dow C’86, Jamie Cooper Romanow C’87 and Howard Romanow EAS/W’87, Erica Abel C’86, Cheryl Kligerman C’87, Valerie Sessa C’86, Andrew Dermack W’86, Lauren Greenspoon C’86 L’89, David Salz W’86, David Siegel C’85 and Dr. Ruby Ackerman Engel C’87 G’87 Gr’93. We live in New York, where David works in venture capital and I am a manufacturers’ representative in the giftware industry.”

Dr. Helen Mazuryk Mashek C’86 and her husband, Tom, are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Ana Mariel, on Aug. 8. Helen is a dermatologist in private practice in Delaware; they live in Swarthmore, Pa.

Bruce D. Radin EAS’86 <> recently joined the law firm of Budd, Larner, Gross, Rosenbaum, Greenberg & Sade, P.C. in Short Hills, N.J., as a shareholder specializing in intellectual-property law. He was previously a partner at Morgan & Finnegan, L.L.P. in New York.

Dr. Nicholas P. Sham Sr. GrEd’86, Lynn, Pa., was appointed superintendent of the Northern Lehigh School District in February. He joined the district in 1988 as a high-school principal, and was promoted to assistant superintendent in 1994.

Joshua R. Slavitt C’86 <> is pleased to report that he recently became a partner at Synnestvedt & Lechner LLP, an intellectual-property law firm in Philadelphia. “I am also president and co-founder of Silicon Philly, an e-zine and networking organization for the new economy in the greater Philadelphia area. With my wife, Nadine, we are also keeping quite busy with our three children, Sam (five), Shoshana (three) and Sydney (20 months).”

Stephen Spoonamore EAS/W’86 was mentioned in a feature in the February issue of Fortune Small Business <>.

Kit Boyatt G’87 WG’87 joined the alternative-investments group at Lazard Asset Management in New York last February. He had been head of research for J.P. Morgan Investment Management’s hedge-fund group.

Dr. James M. Day Gr’87 <> is academic dean and professor of human development and psychology of religion at the UniversitÈ catholique de Louvain in Belgium and adjunct professor in the Department of Communication and the Centre for Policy and Social Science Research at the University of New Hampshire. He recently co-founded the European Research Network in Psychology of Religion, and is thesis adviser to Princesse Mathilde de Belgique, the future queen. James is married to Birte Henkelmann, a German, and is father to Julia (11); in February, Birte was expecting, with the birth due at Easter. At Louvain he also directs the Development and Society psychology major, and teaches both developmental and clinical psychology courses. Recently he was filmed for the Archives in Social Construction series. In September he begins training for ordination as a priest in the Church of England, and will hold research and chaplaincy posts at the University of Cambridge.

Bruce Goldfarb C/W’87 in March was appointed senior managing director and general counsel of Georgeson Shareholder Communications Inc., a global proxy-solicitation firm based in New York. Previously he was senior vice president at Zurich Scudder Investments, Inc.

Lance Y. Gokongwei EAS/W’87 holds seven posts in his family’s Philippines-based enterprises: he is executive vice-president of JG Summit Holdings, Inc., the conglomerate’s holding company, and president and chief executive officer of the airline Cebu Air, Inc.

Tracy D. Hill L’87 in February joined Germani & Riggle LLC in Portland, Ore.; she focuses on civil litigation and probate law.

Daniel O. Horowitz C’87 and his wife, Janice, report the birth of their first child, Gordon Benjamin, on March 1. Danny and Janice live in New York: He was recently promoted to senior managing director in the New York office of Julien J. Studley, Inc., a national commercial real estate firm specializing in tenant representation, and she is a corporate account executive in the industry-solutions group of Microsoft. Danny continues to stay active with the university as a member of the board of The Penn Club in Manhattan.

Greg Koslow W’87 and his wife, Amy, are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Emma Lindsay, on Jan. 18. She joins big sister, Danielle (two). They live in Scotch Plains, N.J., and Greg is a partner with Arthur Andersen LLP in New York <>.

Debbie Dubin Marx C’87 and her husband, Bob, are thrilled to announce the birth of their baby girl, Julia Rose, on Dec. 3. Debbie is a content designer for Logical Design Solutions, an Internet professional-services firm in Manhattan <>.

Evan Oster G’87 WG’87 in January was
appointed vice president of research for MeasureCast, Inc.; based in Portland, Ore., it provides Internet radio broadcasters and other streaming-media-content providers with next-day demographic reports. Previously he was director of market research for the MTV and Nickelodeon cable networks and their online businesses in Latin America.

Sigurd R. Peterson Jr. L’87 and Sue Peterson are proud to announce the birth of their first child, Sigurd Edward, on Feb. 24. They live in Dayton, where Sigurd is a trial attorney with the U.S. Air Force.

Daniel Segedin WG’87 was appointed in February president and chief executive officer of Consumer Health Interactive, as San Francisco-based developer of e-health portals for health-care organizations and employers. He had been senior vice president of corporate accounts and product development for CHI’s strategic partner, AdvancePCS.

Cuyler H. Walker L’87 WG’87 was elected in January to the partnership of Pepper Hamilton LLP, a Philadelphia-based law firm. He practices corporate, mergers and acquisitions, and securities law in the Berwyn office.

Nancy Weiss C’87 is general counsel of the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a sister agency of the NEA and the NEH; she deals with legal and policy issues affecting cultural and academic institutions throughout the country. She and Laura Possessky C’91 are co-chairs of the Washington Bar’s arts, entertainment and sports law section.

Dr. Peter Wu EAS’87 <> will move to Chicago where he will begin a surgical-oncology fellowship at the University of Chicago, after completing his general-surgery training at the University of Connecticut and clinical-research training at the National Cancer Institute Surgery Branch. He currently lives in Farmington, Conn., at the Miss Porter’s School with his wife, (Lily) Lee Wen Su L’93, and daughter, Cameron (two), where they also work as house directors for the boarding school.

Beth Waddell Caulfield C’88 and Dr. Tom Caulfield Gr’91 will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in June. They currently live in Paris with their son, T.J. (four), and daughter, Amber (two), and where Tom has taken an ex-pat assignment managing a team of chemists for Aventis Pharmaceuticals and Beth is a full-time mom. They’d love to hear from old friends and can be reached at <>.

Kathleen DeMarco C/W’88 e-mails her first novel, Cranberry Queen, will be published by Talk Miramax Books in June. “Miramax Films optioned the film rights, and I’ll be writing the screenplay for the film as well.”

Joseph Durko C/W’88 is vice president and corporate controller for the New York-based Ventiv Health, Inc., which provides comprehensive marketing and sales solutions to the healthcare industry.

Seth Kaller C’88 and Dr. Lyn Kaller are happy to announce the birth of Jordana Marelle on Nov. 18. Seth has become a dealer and collection-builder of historic documents, even acquiring Benjamin Franklin’s signed copy of the Constitution, and the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Lincoln. He frequently exhibits—Einstein’s first scientific paper is now on display at the Smithsonian Museum of American History—and welcomes e-mail contacts at <>.

Rev. Steven J. Kelly C’88 <> e-mails, “I am now the priest at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Detroit, a 142-year-old parish next door to the brand new Detroit Tigers Comerica Baseball Park. It is a huge change from ministry in rural Western Pennsylvania to downtown Detroit, but the area is familiar since I grew up here. This past summer my wife, Jennifer, gave birth to our third son, William. He joins five-year-old Samuel and three-year-old Andrew. If you are going to be in Detroit for a baseball game, or any other reason, be sure to stop by the church to light a candle and to say hello.”

Richard Lester C/W’88 in March became chief financial officer of IntelliCare, Inc., a provider of healthcare communication technology and services, based in Portland, Maine. Previously he was vice president in charge of development and operations for DaVita/Total Renal Care, Inc. based in Torrance, Calif.

Dr. David Melnick EAS’88 is a fourth-year surgical resident at the University of Michigan Hospital. Noah, his son, was described by grandfather Dr. Frederic Melnick C’58 D’61 as “the cutest little kid in Ann Arbor.”

Teri Mendelsohn C’88 and Richard Lethin announce with delight the birth of their daughter, Harper Ingrid Mendelsohn Lethin, on Oct. 18. Teri is director of business development at Ovid Technologies, an online biomedical-database company in New York.

Ira Rosen C’88 e-mails that “after spending too long in graduate school—and enjoying every minute of it—I’m now director of project management for the engineering and operations division of IDT Telecom. My wife, Heidi, and I have three children, Natasha (Batsheva) (seven), Eli (Austin) (five) and Rikki Lee (three), with one more on the way. We spend some of our time running concerts in our home in central New Jersey; in June, we welcome the Bobs to perform. Any interested parties, please contact me, I’d love to hear from you <irosen@idttechnology>.”

Julia Null Smith C’88 e-mails that Wyatt Harrison Smith was born on Nov. 28. He joins big sister Carson, who turned four in January <>.

Carol Nelson Stigum C’88 and her husband, Erik, are happy to announce the birth of their daughter, Anna, on May 27, 2000. They live in East Northport, N.Y., <>.

Lee Wind C’88 invites you to get your Sex Insurance, Inc. online at ( featured in over a dozen film festivals worldwide, and now available on your computer, Lee wrote, directed, and produced this short musical comedy spoof of an infomercial. He lives in Los Angeles with his partner, Mark Hoist, and divides his time between writing screenplays and film and commercial editing. “Enjoy the film and then say Hi at <>.”

John Boord W’89 re-joined Salomon Smith Barney in February as a director to head its investment-banking activities in Mexico. He had worked for SSB from 1992 to 1999, latterly as director of its Latin American equity-capital-markets desk, based in New York. He took a one-year absence during which he created a Latin American/U.S. Hispanic-language Internet portal.

Michael S. Castleman W’89, senior vice president of the private-equity division and co-head of its venture-capital group of Lehman Brothers, in February was appointed to the board of Molecular OptoElectronics Corp., an optical-components manufacturer based in Watervliet, N.Y.

Julieta Cristal W’89 is engaged to be married to J. Darrin Smith of Stamford, Conn.; the wedding will be in New Rochelle, N.Y., on Sept. 29.

Maria Betancourt Erickson WG’89 started Bette & Court Golf Collection ( with her own savings—and a life-long passion for owning her own business—and has never looked back. She started the Miami company in 1991 in order “to create great products and support women’s golf. We are very proud of the niche we have carved out for ourselves.”

Dr. Daniel L. Minor Jr. C’89 has joined the faculty of the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine as an assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics and an investigator in the Cardiovascular Research Institute. He received his Ph.D. from MIT in 1996 and was a postdoctoral fellow at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, U.K., and in the Department of Physiology at UCSF prior to accepting this position. His research is on the molecular basis of electrical signaling in the nervous system; the lab Web site is (

Mitchell Saifer C’89 and Alison Berger Saifer W’90 are proud to announce the birth of their son, Zachary Harrison, on Dec. 19. He joins big sister Samantha, who will be three in June. Alison is president of Actuarial Management Strategies, Inc., a healthcare consulting firm based in Lambertville, N.J. <>. Mitchell <> is vice president of Building Maintenance Systems, Inc.; he recently started a company specializing in indoor and outdoor stadiums and arena facilities, Stadium Solutions.

Joy Shaffer Nu’89 <> works on the bone-marrow transplant unit at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and is “currently pursuing my master’s degree at Jefferson. I married Edward Bell in Oct. 1995 and alumni attended, including Stephanie Kontrim-Baumann C’90, Marc Boustany C’90 and Susanne Murray Boustany C’91, Melissa Andrews Rearson Nu’90 GNu’93, Lisa Kuzma C’87 GEd’88, Lisa Kitzman Nu’85 and Horace Means C’88. We live in Horsham, Pa., with our Scottish terrier, Duncan.”

Andrew J. Shapiro C’89 worked on the Gore-Lieberman 2000 campaign in Nashville as the briefing-book director for vice-presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman. After Election Day, Andrew joined the Gore-Lieberman Recount Committee legal team which litigated the presidential-election contest in Florida. Prior to joining the campaign, he had worked for two years at the Justice Department as counsel to the international-competition policy-advisory committee that reports to the Attorney General and the assistant attorney general for antitrust. He can be reached at <andrew_>.


Dr. Amy Pickar Abernethy C’90 and her husband, Steve Abernethy, “are delighted to announce the birth of our son, Cameron Montana Abernethy, weighing 9lbs. 3oz., on Jan. 14 in Adelaide. We are in awe. While in Australia, I am continuing in my role as a clinical oncologist and I am also completing a Ph.D. in palliative medicine. I return to the USA often;” she was looking forward to meeting with Laura Dieffenbach San Miguel Nu’90 GNu’94, Susan Chudnow Seale C’90, Sharon Makower W’90, Eileen Chang Rhie W’90, Julie Richards Taylor C’90 at the annual Penn TCPW weekend in North Carolina in April.

Ira Apfel C’90 <> and Gina Kim joyfully announce the birth of their daughter, Sophie Soon Apfel, on Nov. 16; she weighed 7lbs. 4oz.

Andrew A. Bassock C’90 and his wife, Irene, proudly announce the birth of their daughter, Addison Aliya Bassock, on Dec. 24. Addison has already met alumni Michael Fein W’90, Scott Grodsky W’92, Greg Porges C’89, Dean Schefrin W’90, David Brous C’90, Adam Shapiro W’90, Eddie Hilzenrath W’91 and Sydney Cutler Hilzenrath C’94, JoAnne Heit Bertrand CW’58, Stephen Bassock W’55, Michael Bassock W’57, Betsy Heit Gaberman CW’62 and Matt Friedman W’90. The family is doing great and Addison is preparing to join the Class of 2021. Andy left his job as an assistant district attorney in Boston last year and is currently a financial adviser at PaineWebber in Hartford, Conn. <>.

Jeffrey Bernstein C’90 and Susan N. Bernstein C’91 “welcomed our second son, Koby Adam, on Feb. 1. His big brother, Zachary, is almost four and his best friend is Chloe Citron, daughter of Jill Krupp Citron C’91.” Jeffrey’s e-mail is <>.

Dr. Richard J. Bleicher C’90 is pleased to announce that he has completed his general surgery training, and is currently a fellow in surgical oncology at the John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica, Calif.

Jose Luis Castro GPU’90 <> has been appointed director of finance and development for the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, a scientific organization for the prevention and control of tuberculosis and lung disease and related community-health problems whose activities span 52 countries. Since 1998 he has been working with the World Health Organization in New Delhi advising the Indian government on the implementation of its national TB-control program, the second largest in the world after China. He was selected for inclusion in the 2000 edition of Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare.

David Eisman C/W’90 and Jennifer Linderman Eisman C’90 proudly announce the birth of their son, Dillon Hunter, on June 16, 2000, weighing 6lbs. 15oz. The family has moved back from London, and now lives in Beverly Hills, Calif. David is a senior corporate associate with Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom’s Los Angeles office and Jennifer loves being a stay-at-home mom.

Jeffrey Hyman W’90, president, chief executive officer and founder of Cruel World, Inc., was appointed in March chief operating officer of LeadersOnline, the Internet recruiting subsidiary of Chicago’s Heidrick & Struggles for professionals and mid-level executives.

Ken Joseph C’90 and his wife, Deena Joseph, are elated to announce the birth of their fourth daughter, Sophia Elena Joseph, on Sept. 9; she joins Ashton, Allie and Lauren.

Stephanie Kontrim-Baumann C’90 and her husband, Jeff Baumann, are proud to announce the birth of their son, Samuel Kontrim Baumann, on July 26 in Amsterdam. Stephanie will finish her “ex-pat assignment in Holland at the end of this year and then return to the U.S.—specific location still to be determined.” She can be reached
at <> or <>.

Karen Rich Nadel W’90 e-mails she and Alan Nadel W’89 “are happy to announce the birth of our daughter, Sophie Lynn Nadel, on Nov. 30. I’ve put my law career on hold to be with Sophie and her big brother, Joshua, full-time in our new home in Chappaqua, N.Y.”

Susan Klepper Quill C’90 and William Quill C’90 joyfully announce the birth of their son, Charles Thomas, on Feb. 15. Charlie joins big brothers Alex and Nicholas, who were born in Aug. 1999. The Quills live in Scarsdale, N.Y.

Steven Swagel C’90 and his wife, Nathalie, are thrilled to announce the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Clara Estelle, on Feb. 4; “Mommy and baby are doing great.” The family lives in Wilton, Conn., <>.

Deborah Fishman Volk W’90 and Judd A. Volk W’89 are pleased to announce the birth of their second son, Brian A. Volk, on Jan. 22, 2000. He joined big brother Ethan (four) in Great Neck, N.Y., where Debbie <> runs her own personalized-stationery and birth-announcement business on the Internet ( Judd recently joined forces with GCP Capital Group (also in Great Neck), specializing in commercial mortgages <>.

Kristin C. Vaccaro Nu’90 is “delighted to announce the birth of Samuel Joseph on Oct. 18. He joins big brothers Noah (six) and Isaac (two). Anyone know the recipe for a girl? Just kidding. We would not change them for the world. Plus, there is still only one princess in our house <>.”

Michael Wenban WG’90 is a partner of the Toronto-based Monitor Group, co-head of its Canadian practice and president of Monitor Institute. Having joined the company in 1989, he has led client relationships in North America, Europe and Asia with TSE-100 and Fortune-500 companies, and a number of non-profit and governmental clients. The Monitor Institute develops specialized content and leveraging assets for the development and success of public-good intermediaries, such as not-for-profits, social enterprises, governments and government agencies.

Melissa K. Blau W’91, a general partner of Constellation Ventures in New York, an affiliate of Bear Stearns Asset Management, has joined the board of Verance, a developer in San Diego, Calif., of watermark technologies for content management and broadcast monitoring.

Dr. Eric Britton C’91 M’96 e-mails, “I have finished my training for general practice in the British National Health Service and been offered a partnership in The James Wigg Partnership, a large teaching practice in North Central London. As part of my duties I will be responsible for the teaching of medical students from University College London Medical School.”

Gregory M. Case WG’91, a general partner at Patricof & Co. Ventures, Inc., an international private-equity investment firm based in King of Prussia, Pa., was named in January to the advisory board of Katalyst, a full-service accelerator for New Economy companies.

Henry J. DeWerth-Jaffe L’91 was elected in January to the partnership of Pepper Hamilton LLP, a Philadelphia-based law firm. He practices bankruptcy and creditors’ rights law in the Philadelphia office.

Samantha Marks Gordon W’91 e-mails, “My husband, Jonathan, and I had a beautiful baby boy on Nov. 7—he made up his mind that day; it only took the country another 35 days to decide on the next president. His name is Zachary Jack Gordon, and he has big slate-blue eyes and gorgeous red hair. Additional news: upon returning to work in early February, I was promoted from vice president of strategic planning to managing director of business and market development for e-business services at Standard & Poor’s. I was informed that I am the youngest to ever receive the managing-director title at S&P. I look forward to seeing my classmates in May for our 10th Reunion.”

Michael Herman C’91 joined Deloitte & Touche LLP in New York last February as a senior manager with its human-capital advisory-services practice. He was previously a senior consultant with Sibson & Co., a subsidiary of Nextera Enterprises.

Matthew Hilk C’91 has just become the assistant news director at WBMA-TV, the ABC affiliate in Birmingham, Ala. He spent the past few years as a news producer in Orlando, Fla. After getting over the initial shock that the 10-year Reunion is months away, he is anxiously awaiting the trip.

Lauren Katz Kluger C’91 and her husband, Matt Kluger, are the proud parents of Aidan Michael born on Jan. 3. The family lives in New York, where Aidan has been seen proudly wearing his first Pennsylvania sweatshirt.

Steven Melnick C’91 is vice president of media relations for 20th Century Fox Television in Los Angeles.

Linda Merrill Mullen C’91 and Peter Mullen C’89 are thrilled to announce the birth of their twins, James Perry and Ethan Patrick, on Feb. 7. Pete and Linda have made their home in the New York area since their 1992 wedding, and currently live in Summit, N.J. He works in credit research at Deutsche Banc Alex Brown; until recently she was a marketing director in the Internet-banking division of American Express, and is now enjoying being a full-time mom.

Laura Possessky C’91 practices entertainment and intellectual-property law for Lichtman, Trister, Singer & Ross, a Washington public-interest law firm, where she represent artists, writers, independent producers and publishers, and non-profit organizations. She and Nancy Weiss C’87 are co-chairs of the Washington Bar’s arts, entertainment and sports law section.

Dr. Sara Pugach C’91 married Scott Frey at the Estherwood Mansion in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., on Feb. 25. Her maid of honor was Alice Segal C’92, and Sandra Ehrenpreis-Flaster C’90, Nancy Polutan C’92 and Rachel Schuldiner C’92 were bridesmaids; Ken Cooperman C’91 was a groomsman. Other alumni attending were Sara’s cousin Charles Goldman C/W’90 and Anthony Crowell C’92 and G. Basil Manos C’92. Sara recently completed her Ph.D. in European history at the University of Chicago, and in April began a Social Science Research Council postdoctoral fellowship at the Free University in Berlin. Her husband, a lawyer, accompanied her there.

Maureen Shay L’91 has joined the Atlantic City office of the Philadelphia law firm of Fox, Rothschild, O’Brien & Frankel, LLP, where she will concentrate on general commercial, litigation and licensing law. She lives in Margate.

Pat Talamantes WG’91 in March was appointed vice president/finance, treasurer and chief financial officer of the McClatchy Company of Sacramento, Calif., publisher of 11 daily newspapers and 13 non-dailies mostly in the West. He had been chief financial officer of the Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., in Baltimore. A native Californian, he is “thrilled to be returning to Northern California.” He and his wife, Scarlett, a stationery and jewelry designer, have two boys, five and two.

William Wrigley Jr. WG’94 is CEO of William Wrigley Jr. Co.; with the firm since 1985, he is the fourth generation to lead the 110-year-old Chicago-based company.

Christine M. Zambito C’91 <> was recently named executive chef of The Sanderling, a luxury resort on the Outer Banks in Duck, N.C. In April she married Luis Morillo of the Dominican Republic; they live in Southern Shores, N.C.

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio GM’92, a plastic and cosmetic surgeon, in March joined the Adams Center for Aesthetic Surgery, P.C., in Boston. He had previously practiced in Greenwich and New Canaan, Conn.

Leslie Sacks Gross C’92 and Shawn Gross proudly announce the birth of their son, Benjamin Martin, on Dec. 25.

Dr. Alexander Hoffman C’92 married Dr. Allison Chausmer in Baltimore on March 11. She is a postdoctoral fellow at the Johns Hopkins Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit, and he is a research fellow at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, intramural research program, in Baltimore. “In addition to my father, Dr. Stephen Hoffman C’62 M’66, several of my classmates and AEPi fraternity brothers were able to join us for this wonderful event: Dr. David Fleischer C’92, Adam Cutler W’92 L’95 and Caroline Cutler GEd’93, Amy and Dr. Dan Polster C’92, Adam Sherer C’92 WG’96 and Dr. Risa Finkle Sherer EAS’92, Dr. Evan Finkelstein C’92, Jeff Kellem C’92, Tom Vandever C’92 and Allison Powell C’92, and Dr. Evan Melrose C’92 WG’01. The honeymoon was in St. Lucia. Any e-mails from other long-lost Penn friends are welcome <>.”

Dr. Daniel M. Joo C/EAS’92 <> e-mails that “after obtaining my Ph.D. in 1997 from UC Berkeley in biochemistry and molecular biology, I did a one-year postdoctoral stint at UCSF. With the cost of living in the Bay Area entering the ionosphere—a two-bedroom, 78-year-old house at $700K—I jumped out of academia and entered bioinformatics in the private sector to make ends meet. Other than paying my mortgage, I am enjoying my life to the fullest with my life partner of over six years, Stephen Rogers, another Berkeley graduate, and with our one-year-old chihuahua, aptly named after a protein in E. coli, sigma.”

Mark V. McCray WG’92 was promoted in March to executive vice president of PIMCO, a fixed-income assets-management firm based in Newport Beach, Calif. With the firm for just over a year, he is a portfolio manager of municipal-bond funds. Previously he was a vice president and co-head of municipal-bond trading with Goldman Sachs in New York.

Matthew Soska GEd’92 WG’00 is vice president of the U.S. business operations, based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., of TeleComputing, the Norwegian global application service provider. He previously was vice president of technology services for HostOne, a division of marchFIRST, an Internet hosting company.

Melanie Hirschfelder Berkowitz C’93 e-mails she and “my husband, Doug, are delighted to announce the arrival of our daughter, Abigail Weiss Berkowitz, on Feb. 26 in Chicago. Abby will be the honorary flower girl at her aunt Beth Hirschfelder’s C’95 marriage to Jeff Wilensky in St. Louis in October.”

Chad G. Boonswang C’93 joined the Philadelphia law firm of Montgomery, McCracken, Walker & Rhoads, LLP in March as an associate in its litigation department. Previously he was an associate with Margolis Edelstein, where he focused his practice on civil litigation.

John Browett WG’93 is chief executive officer of, the online arm of the large British supermarket chain. After being turned into a separate operating company in April last year, the e-grocer business has expanded rapidly. Already with an online presence in Ireland, he is planning further expansion outside the U.K., to central Europe, Thailand and Korea. Before joining Tesco as business-development director in late 1998, he worked as a merchant banker at Kleinwort Benson and with the Boston Consulting Group.

Dr. Joshua Fogelman C’93 and his wife, Amy Fogelman, are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Shoshana Ruth, on Oct. 4. After graduating from the Yale University School of Medicine, he completed his internship in internal medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and currently is a chief resident in dermatology at the New York University Medical Center; he will begin a fellowship in clinical laser dermatology in July <>.

Ruth McIlhenny GormÈ C’93 married Craig GormÈ in August; Sunny Bosco C’94 was maid of honor. Ruth and Craig met in Gainesville, Fla., where she is attending Levin College of Law at the University of Florida <>.

Lt. Joshua Himes C’93 married Lcdr. Suzanne von Luhrte in North Canton, Ohio, on May 27. The wedding party included several alumni: father-of-the-bride John von Luhrte WG’65, best man Brian Gault C’93, groomsman John Fruttero W’93 and head usher Alex Brubaker EAS/W’92; Lt. Kevin Lynch C’95 and Capt. Eric Syverson C’96 were part of the sword arch. Many other alumni attended, and much fun was had by all. Josh and Sue currently live in Pacific Grove, Calif., and will complete their respective master’s degrees at the Naval Postgraduate School this year; they can be reached at <>.

Chrissy Bass Hofbeck C’93 and her husband, Keith, are happy to announce the birth of their son, Michael, on Jan. 7. He joins big brother Andrew (almost two). After an extended maternity leave, Chrissy will return to work part-time as a senior consultant in the actuarial department of PricewaterhouseCoopers/Unifi Network <>.

Voula Tsoutsoplides Katsoris C’93 married Nicholas C. Katsoris in New Rochelle, N.Y., on June 4, 2000. Alumnae in the bridal party included Allison Fink Brody C/W’93 and Deanna Huffman C’95. Guests included Karen Grimm C’93 GEd’94, Vincent DeLorenzo C/W’93, Natalie Georgakis EAS’99 and Athena Anthopoulos-Kamavas C’86 GEd’93. Voula is a real estate attorney at Davis & Gilbert LLP, a Manhattan law firm. Nick is general counsel for the Red Apple Group; his legal thriller, Crimes of Fire, was published in December ( Voula and Nick live in Manhattan.

Dr. Howard B. Levene EAS’93 is pleased to announce that this month he graduates from a seven-year M.D./Ph.D. program at both the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey—Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Rutgers University. “Yes, this is one of the longest school names ever; just try to fit that on a name tag.” His dissertation, “Analysis of Tyrosine-Derived Novel Synthetic Polymer Scaffold Devices for Guided Tissue Regeneration,” was awarded in October 1999 through the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Rutgers University. “Finding West Philadelphia too ritzy,” he is “continuing in a seven-year residency in neurosurgery at Temple University Hospital in exciting North Philadelphia. Drop a line to say hello at <>.”

Dr. Beth Kissileff Perlman G’93 Gr’98 has given birth to Yael Daniella Perlman. Beth and her husband, Rabbi Jonathan Perlman, and Yael’s sister, Tova Yonina Perlman, live in Springfield, Mass. Beth is a visiting assistant professor of religion at Mt. Holyoke College. Karen Stein Kissileff CW’63 and Dr. Harry R. Kissileff C’62 Gr’66, and Julia Reisman Kissileff Ed’36 were delighted to announce this news.

Dr. Eric A. Rosenberg C’93 married Lauren Kreutzberger in Manhasset, N.Y., on Dec. 16. Alumni attending were Audra Bernstein C’93, Craig Bitman C’93, Jared Friedman W’93, Steven Friedman W’93, Richard Gorelick C’93, Michael Kamras C’93, Justin Mauskopf W’93, Alyssa Newman C’93, Joshua Rafofsky C’93, Jason Scharfspitz C/W’91 WG’97, Jody Sheinbaum C’94, Stephanie Teicher C’93 and Judith Weinstock C’94. Eric and Lauren met on a blind date set up by David “Scooby” Goldstein C/W’93, who also attended the wedding. Eric is serving as chief resident during the final year of his internal medicine-pediatrics residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, and she is a human-resources manager at Random House, Inc.

Greg Schuckman GPU’93 has been appointed director of federal relations for the University of Central Florida; he also serves as director of the university’s Washington office, in Lorton, Va. Previously he was director of communications and corporate relations for the Southeastern Universities Research Association.

Alice Yang Nu’93 GNu’97 and Dr. Wayne Ho M’97 celebrated their marriage on July 15 with many Penn “Living Water” friends as witnesses. Penn friends in the wedding party included Sue Yu W’93, Joseph Chang EAS/W’93 WG’99, best man and big brother Willy Ho EE’90 WG’95 and twin brother Dr. Warren Ho M’96. Alice and Wayne continue to call Philadelphia home, where she works as a nurse epidemiologist for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and he is completing his last year of pediatric residency with DuPont/Jefferson. “We look forward to being in touch with friends from our Penn days: Alice at <> and Wayne at <>.”

Jun S. Bang C’94 married Dr. Charles J. Bae in North Wales, Pa., on Sept. 16. The wedding party included John P. Bang C’93, Elizabeth Bauer Chand C’93 G’95 and Carolyn Choi C’95 G’95. Alumni attending included Charles Chand W’93 G’94, Soney Chang C’94, Dr. Mary Chou C’94, Ann Cho W’94, Lien-Ha Nguyen C’94, Sonia Lee C/W’94, Lauren Isenberg Forbes C’94, Andrew Forbes EAS/W’94, Phong Nguyen W’94, Tim Yoo C’94, Adam Wilson C’94, Dr. Susan So C’94 D’97, Robyn Allen Reifman C’94, Dr. Kyle Saito C’94 D’97, Jeffrey Casello EAS’92 GEng’99, Byung Kim C/W’94, Edwin Chung W’94, Leo Chang W’94, Laura Lieberman C’94, RoseAnn Cho C’95, Tanya Salgado L’96, Ralph Salgado L’96, Jasmine Lee C’98 and Candice Nhu Tran W’91 GPU’95. Jun and Charles now live in Beachwood, Ohio, where she is an attorney with the National Labor Relations Board in Cleveland and he is a neurology resident at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Jun would love to hear from Penn friends at <>.”

Jennifer A. Brandt L’94 is an associate in the Philadelphia office of the law firm of Cozen & O’Connor, who concentrates her practice on family law. She was elected in February to the executive committee of the family-law section of the Philadelphia Bar Association.; she already co-chairs the section’s membership committee and was a recent editor of its newsletter.

Rosa Sochin Ko C’94 e-mails, “After leaving Philly in 1994 with an Econ. degree and premed, I went to Texas A&M with a Regent scholarship for a graduate degree in finance; got a Mitsui scholarship to Beijing University in China, and then went to Harvard University on a Yenching grant. By bypassing some wonderful academic opportunities, I am in D.C. working at the Pentagon for the Department of Defense, on budget policies, acquisition and cost analysis. I haven’t had a chance to meet any Penn people, while being busy working for the government and the archdiocese. P.S. Not married yet. With many thanks to the Gazette for keeping in touch. Rosa from the capital.”

Dr. Eric J. Schwartz C’94 <> “would like to apologize to all true Penn fans as I have recently married the enemy: on Nov. 11, I married Dr. Robin Wisch, a Princeton grad. Attending were Greg Shangold C’94, Ethan Youderian W’94, Doug Baumstein C’94, Dr. Jon Reidel C’94 and Tamara Sloan Rice C’94. The consolation is that Robin’s father is Dr. Robert D. Wisch D’67. I am currently in the third year of my urologic-surgery residency at the University of Connecticut; and Robin is in the third year of her residency in pediatrics at Yale.”

Jonelle St. John WG’94 was appointed in February to the board of Motient Corp., which owns and operates a satellite network to provide mobile and Internet services principally to business-to-business customers. Recently she was CFO for Worldcom International in London.

Kevin D. Allen W’95 co-founded with his brother, Eric (who has suffered from leukemia since a teenager), New World Science and Technology (, a bioinformatics company which developed the CellTek Simulation System, a predictive tool to improve the drug-discovery process.

David B. Carlson GLA’95 in February joined the Santa Fe office of the Design Workshop; he focuses on ecological design. Previously he was with the Hillier Group of Princeton, N.J.

Peter Ellman C’95 and Dr. Olivia Johnson C’94 M’99 will marry this Memorial Day weekend on the island of Jamaica. They met at Penn in 1993, but did not start dating until last year, when she moved to New York to do her residency in internal medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital. He expects to receive his MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business in June 2002. He also works full-time for Other Press, a publisher of books on psychotherapy, cultural studies and gender studies, which is close to launching an online bookselling Web site, ( He can be reached at <>.

Jeffrey Goodman W’95 WG’00 married Shoshanna Goodman last summer in New York after earning his MBA from Wharton <>. Groomsmen included Neeraj Patel C/W’95 and Johnson Sikes W’95 WG’01. Other guests from Penn were Kristin Adams Nu’95 GNu’01, Tracy Akresh W’96, Mike Alpert WG’00, Eric Ariyoshi C/W’95, Art Buckler C’80 WG’00, Weiling Chang C’95, Michelle Cheung W’95, Troy Figgins WG’00, Dianne Inniss C’91 WG’00, Tak Kakudo WG’00, Adam Magnus C’01, Tracey Neiman W’95, Lisa Schuman Strug W’93, David Tandy GEng’99 WG’99, Howard Wilkins W’95, Jessica Yin C’95 and Baryn Yoon EAS’95. Jeffrey and Shoshanna now live in Atlanta, where he is a senior consultant in the strategy practice at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.

David C Hinman WG’95 was promoted in March to an executive vice president of PIMCO, a fixed-income assets management firm based in Newport Beach, Calif. He focuses on high-yield corporate bonds and structured-credit products.

Ted Kartzman C’95 e-mails, “For three years, I have been toiling away building a music-promotions company on the Internet, called JamBase ( We provide tour dates and information for 3,000 improvisational bands worldwide. We also operate as a music-marketing company, working for bands, promoters, venues, record labels and music festivals to help increase attendance at events.”

Lt. Patrick Songsanand EAS/W’95 recently completed “my second deployment onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln to the Western Pacific and Arabian Gulf, supporting Operation Southern Watch over Iraq. I am assigned to the “Black Eagles” of VAW-113, and will soon transfer to the U.K. as an exchange officer flying E-3D AWACS with the Royal Air Force.”

Leah Loebl L’95 and Michael Rogal L’94 are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Max Jaime, on Dec. 11. He is a senior counsel at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and she practices immigration law with Bander, Fox-Isicoff & Associates in Miami.

Lt. Michael W. Bentley Nu’96 announces the birth of his son, Trevor Douglas, on Oct. 1. “Additionally I am on active duty at Fort Sam Houston, Tex., enrolled in the U.S. Army graduate program in nursing anesthesia. Feel free to contact me at <>.”

Brad E. Coren C’96 joined the Miami law firm of Bernstein and Maryanoff, P.A., in February; he concentrates his practice on personal-injury, medical-malpractice and products-liability law.

Jennifer Gillary C’96 and Justin Segal C’93 got engaged last fall on a trip to Paris. They live in San Francisco, where he is the co-founder of a start-up company and she, a Duke medical student, is doing cancer research at UCSF.

Johanna Swift Hart Nu’96 GNu’98 and her husband, Kyle, had a baby girl, Seneca, on Dec. 7, 1999. “Seneca is not only good-looking, but she’s smart too.”

Marie Hurabiell L’96 joined San Francisco’s Red Herring Communications, Inc., in January as its first corporate counsel. The company publishes Red Herring, a monthly magazine focusing on technology issues and trends, and distributes the Catch of the Day newsletter. Previously she was an associate at the San Francisco office of New York’s Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.

George Hykal EAS’96 has joined the New York office of the international law firm of Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. as an associate in its intellectual-property and technology department.

Jason Chou Liu WG’96 in January was named chief executive officer of Callisto Software; based in Wheaton, Ill., it provides corporations with systems-management software for laptops and handhelds. Previously he was senior vice president of corporate services and chief financial officer at Ravisent Technologies.

Pyotr Panov WG’96 in February was appointed director for business development and strategies at International Business Systems, based in Moscow. Previously he coordinated business development in Eastern Europe for Qualcomm.

Mika Rao C’96 married Dr. Vish Kalapatapu at the Birchwood Manor in Whippanny, N.J., on Aug. 11. Besides her mom, Dr. Anu Rao SW’78 G’95 Gr’96, other alumni on hand to celebrate the event included Raj Mehta C’94 and Manisha Juthani-Mehta C’94, Sapna Shah Parikh W’95, Ahalya Nava-Majmudar C’94, Harsha Krishnappa W’94, Manish Mittal W’94 and Ritu Sahai Mittal C’97, Sameer Chawla C’94, Radha Mehta Badani W’96, Meera Bajwa C’96, Nehal Patel C/W’95 and Maalika Rastogi W’96. Other members of the Penn extended family present included Ellie DiLapi SW’77 and Gloria Gay SW’80 of the Penn Women’s Center, Dr. Louise P. Shoemaker GrS’65 and Rajiv Shah. Mika and Vish now live in Savannah, Ga., where he is in medical residency and she continues her work in consulting, currently working as the public-relations specialist for the Lifelink Foundation, a national organ-donor awareness and procurement organization, and her non-profit group, Project Impact (

Dr. Alison Dietrich M’97, a Philadelphia physician, appeared in the recent hit television series, Temptation Island, as a temptress.

Dr. Alisa Iriye V’97 had a daughter, Alexis Julian Iriye, on May 29, 2000.

Dr. Allison P. Stewart C’97 married Alan S. Kellman EAS’96 at the Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle, N.Y., on Nov. 19. Alan’s brother, David Kellman EAS/W’00, was best man, with support from groomsman Hal Luria C’96. Many Penn friends were present to help celebrate the wedding, including Jennie Markowitz C’97, Hollis Kramer C’97, Evan Weiner C’97, Randi Feigenbaum C’97, Alan Modlinger C’96, Evan Herbst EAS’97, Mary Jane Lee C’96, Dr. Stanley Lee C’88 D’91 and Dr. Jeffrey Weinberg M’93 GM’97. Allison graduates from Yale Medical School this month and plans to pursue a residency in pediatrics. Alan is an associate in the New York law office of Kirkland & Ellis.

Robert Glazer C’98 married Rachel Steiman in Cambridge, Mass., on Oct. 21. Penn family members included Robert’s brother, Stephen Glazer C’01, his father, Michael Glazer W’70, his mother, Jill Samter Glazer CW’70, and his grandfather, John Samter EE’38. The wedding party included Lee Anchin W’98, Aaron Abrahms C’98, Ari Blum C’98, Andrew deLemos C’98, Jeremy Seidman EAS’98, Louis Klein W’98 and Brett Lebed C’98. Guests included Beth Davis C’98, Genevieve Fitzgerald C’98, Robert Fechner C’98, Daniel Finn C’97, Ryan Goodman W’98, Steven Goodman C’98, Jeremy Isenberg C’98, Faisel Khan C/EAS’99, Roman Krislav EAS/W’98, Gregory Murphy C’98, David Nathanson C’98, Jon Peet C’98, Nicholas Saidel C’98, Larry Sloan C’98, Daniel Unger C’98, Sharon Weinzimer C’98, Eric Wenke C’98, Steve Fine C’70, John Bakalar C’70 and Stanton Abrams L’68. Rachel and Bobby live in Brookline and can be reached at <>.

Dr. Linda Bone Jeng Gr’98 M’98 and Dr. Bennie H. Jeng M’98 announce the birth of their first child, a daughter, Cassie An Jeng, on Nov. 8. Linda is in her third year of five in a combined pediatrics and genetics residency at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital and Case Western Reserve University. Bennie is in his third year of an ophthalmology residency at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Patricia Gonzalez-Revilla Serrano C’98 married Juan Pablo Serrano in Panama City on Feb. 19, 2000. The bridesmaids included her sisters, Edisa Gonzalez-Revilla C’00 and Alice Gonzalez-Revilla C’04. Alumni who joined them included Daniela Nunez W’98, Noelle Mendez-Villamil W’98, Starr E. Haymes C’98, Raffy Attie W’96, Fernando Lopez-Ona C’98, Sophie Bosch C/W’99, Jessica Resnick C’98 and Charles Myers W’98 WG’99. Patricia and Juan Pablo are both getting their master’s degrees at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va.

Lindsay Gray C’98 and Mark Landman EAS’98 got engaged in December, and will marry in October. She owns and operates a boutique public-relations firm and he is an independent computer programmer currently contracting at Merrill Lynch. They live and work in New York. Friends can contact them at <> and <

Angela Nissel C’98 is happy to report “that my first book, The Broke Diaries: The Completely True and Hilarious Misadventures of a Good Girl Gone Broke, was published by Villard (a division of Random House) in April. The book details some of the semi-legal or just plain embarrassing activities I engaged in to make it through my last year at Penn. The sitcom and screenplay are in development and I am relocating to Los Angeles in the spring. I still hold my day job as co-founder and manager of I can be reached at <>.”

Catherine Verdi C’98 and her husband, Shawn Gorman, are pleased to announce the birth of their first daughter, Annabel Grace, on Dec. 29 <>.

Lt. Phoebe S. Choi C’99 <> writes that “I have sailed to the following places between October and November: Guam, Hong Kong, Chinhae (Korea), Okinawa and Fukuoka (Japan). In Chinhae, several South Korean navy personnel embarked on my ship for a week-long, joint military exercise. I grew up speaking Korean, and that proved to be fortunate, as I suddenly found myself translating, to the best of my ability, for the two navies. I was also translating during search-and-rescue efforts following the crash of a Korean Air Force F-14 at the end of the joint exercise; unfortunately there were no survivors. Afterwards my ship pulled into Fukuoka for some much-needed rest. I had the chance to meet the sumo wrestler, Akebano, and watch his team practice: he is very amiable, and was taken aback when I said Mele Kalikimaka (“Merry Christmas” in Hawaiian); I guess he did not hear that too often in Japan. After Fukuoka my ship participated in another week-long exercise with the Japanese Maritime Defense Force. At the end of six weeks out at sea, we finally pulled back into homeport, Yokosuka, just in time for Thanksgiving. I drove the ship into the pier as the conning officer, with the captain and harbor pilot by my side to guide me: driving a ship is incredibly thrilling. Since Thanksgiving I have shot M-14 rifles and 9mm pistols, been stranded for 4.5 hours in the middle of nowhere on the wrong train, and gone to Guam for Christmas on a noisy C-130. In a few weeks [from January], my ship will be going back out to sea for another one and a half months.”

Joseph Scott McArdle WEv’99, a sales representative with Weichert Realtors on the Main Line outside Philadelphia, was elected last year to the board of Angel Flight East. Based in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., it is a non-profit organization of volunteer pilots that provides free transportation on private aircraft for medically and financially needy children and adults throughout the Northeast ( Joseph, who was instrumental in the first major media campaign for the organization, holds several licenses in aviation and is learning to be a balloonist.

John F. Pullo GEng’99 was recently appointed vice president and general manager of the performance-materials business unit at Gentex Corporation, based in Carbondale, Pa. ( He is responsible for the development and manufacture of a number of technically advanced materials, including thermal protective textiles, chemical and biological protective materials, and materials for light management and photonics applications.

Joel Telpner WG’99 was promoted in February to vice president and chief legal counsel of the Koch Ventures Group, the venture-capital and risk-financing arm of Koch Industries, Inc., based in Wichita, Kan. Joining the firm in 1999, he was a managing director in charge of developing and implementing underwriting standards.


Steve G. Vogel WG’00 is senior vice president of finance and chief financial officer of Chordiant Software, Inc., based in Cupertino, Calif. Previously he was chief financial officer for Tessera, Inc.u

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