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How A Chemist Found Prints Charming
It all began when two well-dressed men poked their heads in the doorway of Dr. Madeleine JoulliÈ’s office several years ago. “They said, ‘We’re from the Secret Service,’ and showed me their identification,” recalls JoulliÈ G’50 Gr’53, Class of 1970 Professor of Chemistry at Penn. “I said, ‘My God, what did I do? Are you going to arrest me? Continued...

A Princess’s Diary
Dr. Cecilia Segawa Seigle Gr’71 returned to her native Japan to research one book topic and came across an unexpected treasure —a 36-volume diary written by a 17th-century Japanese imperial princess. Though the document had been hand-copied from the original in 1902, and stored in the Historiographical Institute at the University of Tokyo, scholars had all but ignored it until now. Continued...

The Underground
World of Cockfighting

The trailer for Cockfight begins with the ominous image of a man strapping razor blades onto a rooster’s talons and carrying the bird into a dirt ring. It has all the elements of a gritty exposÈ. Continued...

Three Slackers,
Three Bikes, and a Prairie

After getting fired from their temp jobs, three “slackers” named Cal, Stan, and Dave start a bicycle-courier service in Omaha, Nebrasksa. Though the enterprise would seem to have little chance on the Great Plains, the trio achieve great success through their “punctuality, courtesy, and good hygiene.” That’s when their troubles begin. Continued...

Preparing Major Tom for Microgravity
Sending astronauts to Mars and back requires more than a feat of rocketry. It takes a thorough understanding of how the entire human body responds to long-term space travel. “We do not know enough to declare that it’s safe and it’s worth the risk for humans to do this,” says Dr. Martin Kushmerick M’63 Gr’66. “NASA will not send people on a suicide mission.” Continued...

Engendering Progress
In the early 1970s, the secretaries at the Center for Law and Social Policy in Washington put together a list of demands for the male attorneys in their office. One of them that would change Marcia Devins Greenberger’s life—and arguably the lives of countless other women—was that the center establish a section on women’s law and bring in a female attorney to staff it. Continued...

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