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Joseph S. Wile W'26 writes from Lexington, Ky., "for the past 93 years my health is good."


Theodore K. Warner Jr. C'31 L'34 had an endowed chair at the Law School named in his honor. The Theodore K. Warner Jr. Professorship in Business Law was endowed by the Independence Foundation, a non-profit philanthropic organization in the Philadelphia area; he serves as its secretary and treasurer and was formerly its president. Warner had led a notable career in law: for more than 30 years he served with the old Pennsylvania Railroad and its subsidiaries and the Philadelphia law firm of Duane, Morris & Heckscher. In 1975 he joined the firm of Harper & Driver, where he remains of counsel.

Dr. David Platt C'36 M'40 and Dr. Ethel Friedman Platt Ed'37 write to notify that their son, Dr. Richard Platt C'68, was promoted to full professor in the Department of Ambulatory Care and Prevention at Harvard University Medical School.

Thomas P. Townsend W'39 Mystic, Conn., has written My Life and Heritage, which he published last December. Besides his career as the chief financial officer of Rosario Resources Corporation, a mining company, it describes his family's long Penn history, including an account of the first football game at Penn, written by his grandfather.


Austin R. Miller ChE'40 L'47 has joined, with other lawyers and technical advisers from the law firm of Miller & Christenbury PC which he had headed, the Philadelphia law firm of Schnader, Harrison, Segal & Lewis, where he is counsel in its intellectual-property department.

Irving Levine W'42 was inducted into the New England Tennis Hall of Fame last September: he was ranked No. 1 for 75 doubles and No. 9 nationally. A lifelong, devoted player, in 1996 he founded and endowed the New England Senior Tennis Foundation, with the aim of strengthening senior tennis there.

Dr. Nathan M. Smukler C'43 GM'76, professor of medicine at Thomas Jefferson University, was honored for his excellence in clinical teaching and notable patient care. His areas of interest include arthritis and rheumatoid disease.

Harold J. Buxbaum W'45 writes that the members of Penn's Zeta chapter of Phi Sigma Delta, Classes of 1943-48, held their second reunion during Homecoming Weekend last October. Though it "has since been merged into another fraternity, our loyalties and remembrances are still with our fraternity at Penn and its houses at 3824 Spruce Street. Fraternity brothers and their wives from many parts of the country joined together ... to reminisce and more importantly, re-establish the ties that bound us together at such a crucial part of our lives. Organized by Phil Shiekman W'48, Marv Levin W'48 and Dr. Terry Grody C'43 M'46, the festivities included two dinners, attending the Penn-Yale game and a Sunday brunch at the home of Judy and Phil Shiekman." The brothers have started a newsletter and are planning regular reunions‹the next will be in New York City in 2000. Hal added some personal notes: "Obviously, because of the war, we lost the cohesiveness of our Classes, but [as] we returned at different times we were able to connect with our fraternity brothers [in] different Classes. I was originally Class of '45‹I kept that designation, I liked the cheer‹and returned in 1946 to graduate in 1947. I was able to know fraters from different Classes. One of the things that make these reunions very special is that the friendships cross graduating lines." He can be contacted at (203) 393-2204 (home) or

Dr. H. Martin Deranian D'47 Worcester, Mass., has written and published Worcester Is America, which tells the story of the early immigration of Armenians to this country.

Jim Strausler W'47 writes that "it will probably surprise many of my classmates to know that, despite my undergraduate lifestyle, my liver is still in great shape and I am enjoying retirement with my golden retrievers and my still beautiful wife, Jean Conrad Strausler CW'50. In December we celebrated 50 years of marriage by taking all our children, their spouses and our eleven grandchildren on a cruise to the western Carribean. It was truly a wonderful experience for all of us. In January we spent several days in Bonita Springs, Fla., with a number of Penn grads, including Dr. Bob Hollis C'46 V'48, Bob Evans W'45, Bud Long W'47, Jack Dailey W'46 L'50, Jack Peters W'47, Madge Patterson Peters CW'47, Bill Harrison W'48, Jane Jones Harrison CW'48, Leo Nagle W'46, Jack Mitchell G'46, Bob Goetze W'47, Bob Becker W'45 and Jack Deuchler W'50. Much bragging about grandchildren and many highballs and other libations raised to dear old Penn."

Dr. Leonard M. Guss C'49 is president of LGA Inc., located in Woodinville, Wash., which conducts forest-industry marketing-research studies worldwide. A former director of the American Marketing Association, he was elected to the honor society of the Composite Wood Panel Association earlier this year. He received his Ph.D. in marketing from Ohio State University in 1966, and is the author of several books on marketing.

David L. Lambert C'49 retired in 1986 and "thoroughly enjoys it;" most of his working career was in sales, advertising and broadcasting. But nowadays most of his time is spent volunteering with Meals-on-Wheels with a radio station broadcasting to the blind and running a commercial- printing business from his home. For health's sake he works out three-times weekly and plays golf and tennis. Once a year he and his wife travel overseas to do volunteer work: with the Israeli army, to a hospital in Haiti, taking medicines to Cuba and needed items to the impoverished in Russia. "We have also enjoyed four Elderhostels and we attend classes in Judaism in Pittsburgh. I have a 39-year-old son who is an architect living and working in New York. I would love to hear from frat brothers and classmates that I know: (412) 621-2122 or"



Cary M. Maguire W'50 has funded the Maguire Center of Ethics and Public Responsibility at Southern Methodist University; in February it held a conference on "Ethics in Government," following previous conferences on ethics in media, healthcare and philanthropy.

Dr. P. Roy Vagelos C'50 chair of the Trustees of the University and the former chair and CEO of Merck & Co., will receive the Othmer Gold Medal from the Chemical Heritage Foundation in New York this month (May).

Ted Zehender W'50 writes that he is "still the life of the party," on those frequent occasions when he is invited to dinner parties. A lover of the theater who subscribes to three Philadelphia-area theater companies, he is "frequently asked to direct, but always declines. The crassness and naiveté of modern-day critics" never fails to shock him. He also feels "Philadelphia has everything culturally‹why go wandering to New York, London or Paris? And the Pennsylvania countryside is breathtakingly beautiful, to one who spent two decades in New York."

Elaine Goldberg Galen FA'51 was artist-in-residence at Ben Gurion University in Israel last year; she had a solo exhibition at Gallery 1756 in Chicago in April.

Dr. Leonard Hayflick C'51 G'53 Gr'56, professor of anatomy at the University of California at San Francisco, wrote How and Why We Age, a Book of the Month Club selection and in paperback since 1996. It has been translated into 10 languages.

Dr. Richard B. Marsten Gr'51 received the 1996 Pioneer Award of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers for contributions in "making direct broadcast satellites and their applications a reality." The award was made for his work on satellite broadcasting and applications over the period 1962-76, when he was manager of spacecraft electronics, then chief engineer of RCA's astro-electronics division, and later, director of NASA's space-communications programs. NASA awarded him its exceptional-service medal and its ATS-6 Group Achievement Award in 1974 and the Apollo- Soyez Space Medal (1976), for that work. His prize paper was published in the IEEE's Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems (January 1997).

Dena Gibbs Sher CW'51 has been very active in environmental and nature programs. Currently she is associate newsletter editor for Friends of Wissahickon and serves on its executive board. She also writes nature articles for Philadelphia-area newspapers.

Dr. John Whitehead V'52 was honored by the Veterinary Medical Association of New York City with its distinguished life-service award.

Dan Alexander W'53 writes that "after more than 40 years as a coach, teacher and administrator at the Horace Mann School in New York, an attractive buy-out presented itself in December 1997. Efforts are now focused on Mainly Monograms, a business started by my son, devoted to embroidery and screening, located in Rockland County, N.Y."

Rev. Martin F. Foutz Jr. C'53 writes that he is a retired chaplain (with the rank of colonel) from the U.S. Air Force; he recently retired again from active parish work in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He and his wife, Marjorie, "have just been blessed with our sixth grandchild, who, with her sister and four male cousins, are the delight of our lives." He serves on the ecumenical committee of the southwestern Texas synod, "working toward full communion with the Episcopal Church through the vision of 'called to common mission.'"

Elias Abelson C'54 retired last year from Bucknell University, where he served as counsel.

Dr. Theodore H. Rupp Gr'54 was elected earlier this year to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, for his lifetime service to wrestling. He writes that Dr. W. Austin Bishop, the now-deceased former Penn wrestling coach, was elected in the first class of 1994; he was a former coach of Ted's at Franklin & Marshall Academy.

James W. Hyres Ar'55 has been architect for Ocean County in New Jersey since 1967. "I'm going to finish the Jackson Library before I retire" at the end of this year; it will be the 13th new county-library branch he has designed in the last decade. "I knew I was getting old when the dads stopped coming to the bid openings [for projects] and sent their sons," he was quoted saying in a local newspaper article. Besides being county architect, he also has served as Jackson mayor and township committeeman.

Dorothy Earhart Swope Nu'55 writes that she has been married to her life partner, Gene Swope, for 43 years. They had four children, seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild. "I am retired, but substitute as a school nurse."

Lucy-Jo Malloy Herman CW'56 is president of Winners!, a direct-mail company that specializes in creative consultation and copywriting. Last year she was named Citizen of the Year for Lehigh Valley (Pa.), for her fundraising efforts on behalf of a local school for the mentally handicapped, Mercy Special Learning Center. She set up and chaired a "big-band brunch" for seven years and raised about $100,000. For this effort she was cited by the Pennsylvania legislature. She and her husband, Bill, live in Quakertown; "we have four 'children' and seven grandchildren."

Dr. Jack Keil Wolf EE'56, the Stephen O. Rice Professor of Magnetics at the University of California at San Diego, was honored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers for his three decades of pioneering work in multi-user communications and application of coding theory to magnetic data storage.

Richard Kirschner L'57 is a Washington attorney who has specialized for more than 30 years in the representation of labor unions and jointly administered welfare and pension plans; he co-wrote Record Retention Requirements for Taft-Hartley Welfare & Pension Funds, published recently by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.

Robert S. Rothenberg W'57 has been named publisher and editor-in-chief of USA Today magazine, based in Valley Stream, N.Y., and president and treasurer of the Society for the Advancement of Education. His wife, Sheila, is managing editor of the new children's book club, Nest Literary Classics.

Janet Lee Wagner Wollard CW'57, Arlington, Va., writes that she is "currently lobbying informally for the investment of Social Security revenues in the private sector. I find this to be a most interesting and rewarding activity."

Dr. Aravind Joshi GEE'58 GrE'60, the Henry Salvatori Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science and the director of the Institute for Cognitive Science at Penn, was elected to membership in the National Academy of Engineering in February, for his work in cognitive science and natural -language processing by computers.

Dr. Stephen Rovno M'58 has retired from active medical practice, but remains involved with Vision Health International, a non-profit group providing eye care and eye surgery in medically underserved countries.

Miryam Ehrlich Williamson CW'58 e-mails that her second book on the fibromyalgia syndrome, The Fibromyalgia Relief Book, was published last year. Her earlier work, Fibromyalgia: A Comprehensive Approach (1996), received an award for excellence in medical communication from the New England Chapter of the American Medical Writers Association. She spends "about half my time in online peer counseling with people who suffer from the fibromyalgia syndrome, a condition involving chronic pain, nonrestorative sleep and cognitive dysfunction. About 5% of the population has fibromyalgia; women outnumber men by about 8 to 1."

H. Samantha Miller Grier CW'59 e-mails that after completing her MSW at Columbia and advanced training under a National Institute of Mental Health grant, she founded two agencies serving children. In 1978 Parents Place in White Plains, N.Y., began providing parent education to families with young children. In 1986 she founded Caring For Children in San Francisco to provide emotional solace and support to children in crisis and train caregivers in the psychological needs of vulnerable children. It is now an affiliate NGO of UNICEF. In cooperation with Save the Children and Covenant House, it has reached nearly 300,000 children in 23 countries. It works with local police, homeless shelters, juvenile halls and child -welfare agencies. "Thousands more children have been helped with the gift of solace and support in the form of a family friend‹a teddy bear ... more than a toy, it serves as a therapeutic tool, reducing anxiety and enabling the child to cope more effectively with difficult life circumstances." Samantha has spoken at the World Federation of Mental Health International Conference and has presented trainings at conferences, seminars and meetings.

E. Paul Jennings Jr. WG'59, Atlanta, was elected a state legislator to the Georgia House of Representatives; his term began in January.


Dr. Milton Cohen C'60 retired last year as principal of the Green Tree Upper School, a Philadelphia private school for children with special needs. He will continue as a consultant to the school's satellite-classroom program.

Steve Cozen C'61 L'64, chair of the Philadelphia-area law firm of Cozen and O'Connor, was in London earlier this year celebrating the opening of the firm's newest satellite office there.

Idaherma Williams GFA'63, a painter and printmaker in Princeton, N.J., had her woodblock print, "Rainy Day," chosen for a calendar of scenes by U.S. Route 1 near Princeton. She also displayed in a contemporary- print exhibition at the Unilever Corporation Research Facility at Edgewater, from January to April. And she exhibited in the members' show of the Catherine Lorrilard Wolfe Art Club at the Broome Street Gallery in New York.

Barry J. Hershey W'64 directed and co-wrote the film The Empty Mirror, starring Norman Rodway, Joel Grey and Camilla Soeberg, that was shown at the Cannes International Film Festival and released nationwide this spring; see its Web site (

Donald R. Nicholson II W'64 is president and CEO of the Central Asian American Enterprise Fund and lives in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. With six offices in the region he spends his time traveling from one "stan" to another on vintage Soviet aircraft. Sponsored by the U.S. government, the fund operates in these countries as venture-capital companies, investing in emerging privately owned companies.

Dr. Ronald Jeremiah Schindler C'64 Gr'78 gave a talk to the intellectual -heritage faculty at Temple University in January on "The Pedagogy for Presentation of Elie Wiesel and the Holocaust to Students."

Dr. Kirk Gelatt V'65, professor of opthalmology at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, received the American Kennel Club's annual award for career-achievement in canine research.

John C. Hover II C'65 WG'67 has retired from the U.S. Trust Company after 22 years: he was executive vice president of U.S. Trust and chair of U.S. Trust International; he now continues as chair of the private-equity funds. At Penn he is the New York alumni trustee serving on the student-life and external-affairs committees, and a co -vice chair of the board of overseers of the University Museum. And he is vice president of the Penn Club of New York. He is also a trustee of the Brick Presbyterian Church in New York and a director of the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad in Bucks County, Pa., where he and his wife, Jaqui, have a home.

Dr. Peter Schantz V'65 received the first United States Public Health Service Commissioned Officer Veterinarian of the Year Award, which recognizes individuals whose contributions have led to the advancement of public health and veterinary medicine. He is internationally recognized for his work on the diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology and control of zoonotic parasitic diseases. He was also instrumental in opening up employment for veterinarians with the Centers for Disease Control.

Sally Keyes Steinberg Nu'65 writes that she has worked as a registered nurse, a hospital chaplain, a director of Christian education, and is currently a social worker with the Samaritan Hospice in Marlton, N.J. Her two sons are both Penn grads: Dr. David Rettew C'89 is a physican at Massachusetts General Hospital and James Rettew C'92 is a political -campaign manager in Colorado.

Rear Adm. Frederic G. Sanford M'66 retired last year from active duty in the U.S. Navy, serving in the Naval Medical Information Management Center at Bethesda, Md.

Robert S. Kniffin C'67 is vice president of marketing for HighPoint Systems, a provider of software for food retailers in the fast-growing home grocery -shopping business, based in Cambridge, Mass. Previously he was a principal in his own marketing-services firm.

Louis R. Pichini W'67, Philadelphia, has joined the dispute-consulting services of Deloitte & Touche LLP. He is a former chief of the criminal division of the U.S. Attorney's Office in Philadelphia.

Alfred L. Schreiber C'67 has been named managing partner of New America Strategies Group, the multicultural-marketing arm of True North Communications, a $12-billion, diversified communications company and the parent to Foote, Cone & Belding and Bozell Worldwide Advertising.

Colin A. Hanna C'68 secured a unanimous endorsement for a second term as a Chester County (Pa.) commissioner from the Chester County Republican Committee in February.

Dr. Richard Platt C'68 was promoted to full professor in the Department of Ambulatory Care and Prevention at Harvard University Medical School.

Dr. Stephen Bosniak C'69 has co-written the second edition of Cosmetic Blepharoplasty and Facial Rejuvenation (Lippincott-Raven), and been named editor-in-chief of the new journal Operative Techniques in Oculoplastic, Orbital and Reconstructive Surgery.

Howard Dansky C'69, Glenside, Pa., recently won funding from the National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research to produce a software assessment and planning system for designing employment supports for people with cognitive disabilities. He owns StarHD, a consultancy that helps employment-and-training and educational-service providers, both public and private, develop programs to enable welfare recipients, at-risk youth and people with disabilities make the transition to work.

Dr. Gerald L. Euster GrS'69 is a professor of social work and director of the graduate gerontology program at the University of South Carolina; in January he was selected a fellow in gerontology and geriatrics education by the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education.

Jeff Jubelirer W'69 has recently published Reaching. Three other of his books are Recovery From Despair, Understanding Life and My Life, A Poet, and he has copyrighted 12 manuscripts of poetry. Currently he is working on lyrics and more poetry. His wife, Sher-Anne, is also a published poet.

Cynthia Eiseman Lief CW'69 and Dan Lief W'69 run a restaurant, The Islesford Dock, in the Cranberry Isles, Maine, near Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. They write, "Our son, Jake, becomes a Penn alum this May."

Randy Colton Rolfe CW'69 has had her fourth book on family life go into paperback: The Seven Secrets of Successful Parents (hardback 1997). In the spring of 1998 she completed a master's in theology at Villanova University, her alma mater for law just 25 years ago. "I'm still so in love with my husband, Jay Rolfe W'66 L'69, after all these 30 years, and we are building the enterprise of our dreams with Nikken, Inc., a global giant in preventive health and wellness technologies. Our son and daughter thrive as young adults out on their own. Let's celebrate 30 years!"


Arthur H. Keeney III WG'70, president and CEO of the East Carolina Bank, has been appointed to the North Carolina State Banking Commission. He also serves as a director of the Greater Hyde County Chamber of Commerce. And he is a director of the Maritime Research Institute.

Dr. Joseph J. Moore V'70 was recently named veterinarian of the year by the New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association. He lives with his wife, Maggie, in Dover, N.H.

Dr. Hana Wirth-Nesher CW'70 has been appointed the Samuel L. and Perry Haber Chair on the Study of the Jewish Experience in the United States at Tel Aviv University.

Robert M. Levande W'71 recently left Pfizer Inc., after 26 years to become president of Palantir Group, Inc., a firm that specializes in advising entrepreneurs in medical technology. Bob, his wife and daughter live in Manhattan and Washington Depot, Conn.

Dr. Sherman Roddy Gr'71 has retired from both an active Presbyterian ministry in which he viewed the pastoral task as therapy rather than judgment, and college teaching of philosophy, religion and history. He is engaged in study and writing on the dislocations of late-medieval institutions caused by the vast increase in knowledge.

Dr. Marianna Shreve Simpson CW'71, the director of curatorial affairs and curator of Islamic art at the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore, has received two awards and international recognition for her 1997 book, Sultan Ibrahim Mirza's Haft Awrang: A Princely Manuscript from Sixteenth -Century Iran, published by Yale University Press. It is a monograph on a prince's copy of the Haft Awrang (Seven Thrones), "one of the most sumptuous works of Islamic calligraphy and painting."

Cate Gable CW'72 has just published her first book, Strategic Action Planning NOW! A Guide to Setting and Meeting Your Goals: "a non-technical, team-based, strategic-planning methodology for the information-economy environment." See her business Web site for details ( Her next book will discuss the use of metaphor in the information economy." Cathy asks any alumni also working in this area to contact her.

Nathan Sturman C'72 G'75 lives in Gunma Machi, Gunma Ken, Japan, and teaches English as a second language at Gunma University. He has been married to Masako Imai for 17 years, and they have one daughter, Naomi, 13 years old, a student in a Japanese middle school. He included a stanza from Penn's "Alma Mater" on his Web site (

Sr. Julia O'Connor CGS'73, a member of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary in Dublin, recently retired as senior clinical psychologist at St. John of God Hospital there. She now teaches cognitive therapy.

Dr. Marshall L. Horwitz C'74 is active in a medical group that travels to the countryside of China to provide health care for poor Chinese peasants and workers. He spent September 1994 in Yibin and two weeks of May 1997 in Jiangyou. He is teaching at Leshan University this May. "To help me communicate with the patients I have learned Mandarin; organic chemistry was more difficult." He has been married for 17 years, with a 13-year-old daughter and a 10-year- old son.

Nancy LeVine Intrator CW'74 has a new position as editor of the Food and Fitness Advisor, a national wellness newsletter affiliated with Weill Medical College-Cornell University. She is also a medical writer for a variety of consumer publications. Her book on infertility, The Pregnancy Prescription, co-written with Dr. Hugh Melnick C'68, continues to do well. She lives in Chappaqua, N.Y., with her husband, Richard Intrator W'74, and children, Josh (14) and Sara (six).

Dr. Louis E. Rossman D'75 GD'77, an endodontist who maintains a practice in Center City Philadelphia, has been elected a trustee for the Foundation of the American Association of Endodontists. He and his wife, Val, have two children, Alexis (15) and Benjamin (nine), and they live in Bala Cynwyd.

Charles Seymour Jr. WG'75 is senior vice president of The Hillier Group, the large, national architectural firm; he oversees marketing, business development and public relations. He had earlier served as vice president in charge of investment real estate for the Jackson-Cross Co., the Philadelphia real estate management firm.

Lawrence G. Wahl W'75 was appointed director of investor relations and corporate communications for SportsLine USA, Inc., an Internet-based sports media company based in Fort Lauderdale. He joined them from the University of Miami, where he had been executive producer and senior associate athletic director for communications. Previously he held positions with the SportsChannel regional cable networks and ABC Sports.

Dr. Valerie G. Gladfelter SW'76 GrS'83 is the senior vice president of Integrated Planning Services, a financial and estate planning firm based in Moorestown, N.J. She had previously been an account representative trading securities at Fuhrman-Matt Securities in Philadelphia.

Joseph P. Noonan C'76 is president of the newly named Worcester Eisenbrandt, Inc. The firm has also relocated its Baltimore headquarters to a former store-warehouse, restored and renovated to designs by New York architect and designer Kevin Kaufman C'77.

Miriam Arond C'77 is editor-in-chief of American Health magazine and the co-author of The First Year of Marriage: What to Expect, What to Accept and What You Can Change for a Lasting Relationship (Warner Books). She lives in Scarsdale, N.Y., with her husband and two children.

Andrew A. Chirls C'77 has been elected vice chair of the Philadelphia Bar Association. He is a partner in the business-litigation group of the Philadelphia-based law firm of Wolf, Block, Schorr and Solis-Cohen LLP.

Stewart J. Eisenberg C'77, a shareholder in the Philadelphia law firm of Weinstein, Goss, Schleifer, Eisenberg, Winkler, Rothweiler & Ostroff PC, serves as president of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association. He lives in Meadowbrook with his wife, Vera, and their two children, Michael and Rachael.

Rabbi Rachel Esserman C'77 was ordained by the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in suburban Philadelphia last year. She had earlier worked as a fundraising consultant.

Dr. Sydney Evans V'77 has been appointed assistant professor of radiology at the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Laura Furst Jacobs ChE/EE'77 GEng'78 Gr'82, who later became a physician, recently opened the Jacobs Center for Pneumatic Medicine in East Norriton, Pa., for patients with extremity swellings and edemas, such as lymphedema and venous insufficiency. She was chief of rehabilitation medicine at Cooper Hospital/University Medical Center for five years and is now an international consultant in biomedical engineering. She lives with her husband, Avrom Jacobs SW'76 and their two children, Gilad (16), and Kayla (13).

Michael Englander W'78 is teaching business to high-school students in North Attleborough, Mass. He lives with his wife and two sons in nearby Sharon.

Dr. Edward A. Magida C'78 D'82 GD'83 was recently asked to become a dental columnist for the local daily newspaper, The Bucks County Courier Times. He is a partner in a general dental practice in Newtown, Pa., with Dr. Jeffrey H. Ross D'82, specializing in restorative, esthetic and implant dentistry.

Brant K. Maller C'78 practices law in New York. He was recently voted into the partnership of Bryan Cave LLP, one of the largest law firms in the nation. He serves as chair of the Harvard University Kennedy School of Goverment New York Alumni Association and on its distinguished-alumnus awards committee. "Much more importantly, I have been married to the same woman, Sheryl, for almost 14 years (much less of an accomplishment for me than for her) and we have two great‹aren't they always when they're yours?‹sons, Zachary (nine) and Gregory (six). We live in Larchmont, a community in which every third house seems to be inhabited by a Penn alum."

David Podell C'78 is dean of humanities and social sciences at the College of Staten Island, City University of New York.

Ron Alper W'79 has joined the Office of Public Utility Regulation in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He was formerly an attorney with the Maryland Public Service Commission. He and his wife, Lisa, celebrated the birthdays of their two-year-old twins, Michael and Marissa, in March.

Dr. Sylvia-Lee Arleigh GEd'79 has been engaged in genealogical research in recent years and is now rewriting and expanding the genealogy she published last year, The Mayflower, Revolutionary War, Civil War and Other American Ancestors of Robert Beckley Harris, 1905-1984.

Frank Cervone C'79 was recognized last year as "Child Advocate of the Year" by the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and by the ABA at its annual conference, for his work as executive director of the Philadelphia Support Center for Child Advocates.

Dr. David L. Foster V'79 married Barbara J. Leahy last December. He is an associate with the New Jersey Equine Clinic in Clarksburg, N.J.

Timothy H. Haahs CE'79 GCE'85 is head of an engineering and architectural firm, Timothy Haahs & Associates, Inc., that specializes in the planning, design and restoration of parking structures. The firm was recently recognized as a small business that has successfully managed resources.

Ricard A. Levan C'79 has joined the Philadelphia-based law firm of Drinker, Biddle & Reath as a partner in its litigation department. He had earlier served for five years as chief litigator in the Philadelphia office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. He serves on the ABA's securities -litigation and white-collar-crime committees.

Seth Lewis C'79 e-mails that after many years in hotels and restaurants, he is concepts director for Star Cruises, based in London and Papenburg, Germany, and involved in the design of new luxury cruise ships for the Asian market.

Bruce S. Marks W'79 L'84 is a name partner in the Russian-American law firm of Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev & Marks LLP. He is based in the Philadelphia office, which also has branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg. He had earlier served as a senator in the Pennsylvania state legislature.

Peter Thomas Roth W'79, New York, and his wife, Noreen Donovan Roth, sent a copy of "The Roth Times" for April 12, 1998, announcing the birth of their first child, "a happy, healthy, bouncing baby boy," Ryan Thomas Roth, that day, "Easter Sunday and the second day of Passover, at 12:46, just in time for brunch." Peter is CEO of Clinical Skin Care on 5th Avenue.

Mark D. Seltzer C'79, a federal prosecutor in New England and Florida for more than a decade, has joined the Boston law firm of Goulston & Storrs, heading its regulatory-compliance and white-collar criminal-defense group.

Grace Venters Speights C'79, a litigation partner in the Washington office of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, was honored last year by the Black Law Alumni Association of the George Washington University Law School.


Dr. Ian Boardman C/EE'80 and his wife, Deborah Freed, joyfully announce the birth of their daughter, Shoshana Chava Freed Boardman, on Feb-ruary 18. They live in Arlington, Mass., just a short bike ride from his office where he has been developing automated speech-recognition technology for business applications. Deborah, a professional ceramic artist, completed her master's in social work from Simmons College last summer.

Dr. Melanie A. Callender C'80 is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Somerset, N.J.; she co-wrote with A. J. Lee The Complete Guide to Elder Care, published by Barron's.

Elizabeth Sheehan Garlatti C'80 is the newly appointed executive director of the Child Health Institute of New Jersey, at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Heidi Levine Morein C'80 and her husband, Jonathan Morein CGS'92 welcomed a baby boy, Julian Ruthven Morein, on February 9. "He came in at a whopping 10 lbs and 23.25 inches, and is, of course, adorable." Heidi and Jonathan were married on October 20, 1996.

Judge Annette M. Rizzo C'80 was appointed to the bench of the Common Pleas Court of Philadelphia County on November 17; she is currently presiding over non-jury felony cases in the criminal-trial division. Before taking the bench, she had been senior counsel in the legal and public-affairs department of the CIGNA Companies.

John E. Rosenbaum C/W'80 is practicing international law with White & Case in California. His wife, Elaine Hannah, is director of health services at the San Francisco Towers lifecare community and was recently named a 1999 Johnson & Johnson-Wharton fellow in management. They are the proud parents of Benjamin (two).

James M. Spiegelman C'80 designs and manages symposia around the world as a consulting editor with Business Week magazine. He and his wife, Elizabeth J. Kannan, an American-furniture historian, and their son Jack (three), live in Bedford, N.Y.

Anthony Stanowski C'80 is Philadelphia-area regional account manager for the Sachs Group, a healthcare-information company based in Evanston, Ill. He had been director of planning and market research for the Jefferson Health System in Philadelphia.

Dr. John Trojanowski GM'80, professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University and co-director of Penn's Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research, was awarded the Potamkin Prize last year for research on Pick's, Alzheimer's and related diseases. He shared the prize with his wife, Dr. Virginia M. Y. Lee WG'84, also professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University and the other co-director of the center, and with a scientist from the University of Cambridge.

Charles Bryan Baron C'81, an attorney, recently became associated with the New York law firm of Spitzer & Feldman, P.C., where he practices estate planning, estate and trust administration, estate litigation and tax law. Last year he published two articles: "Self- Dealing Trustees and the Exoneration Clause: Can Trustees Ever Profit from Transactions Involving Trust Property?" in St. John's Law Review and "The International Legal Status of Jerusalem" in Touro International Law Review.

Dr. Karlene Hoo Kosanovich ChE'81, professor of chemical engineering at the University of South Carolina, was honored last year by the American Society of Engineering Education as an "outstanding new faculty member."

Dr. David Gilman Romano Gr'81, adjunct associate professor of classical archaeology and director of the Corinth Computer Project, e-mails that his archaeology class, City and Landscape of Roman Corinth, had the current director of excavations in Corinth, Dr. Guy Sanders, as a guest speaker, via video conference from Athens, during a regularly scheduled seminar last December. This followed a full semester of seminars, reports and concentrated study in the museum; the students asked questions and there was a lively discussion. "This is clearly a glimpse into the future of teaching."

Dr. H. Mark Saunders V'81 has been appointed associate professor of radiology at the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Gail Sonnenschein C'81 is president of Media in New York, which produces the Web site ( subtitled "the world's biggest beach party." She co-produces the site with her brother, Howard, which they see as "the Baywatch of the Internet."

Dr. Kenneth Fischbeck GM'82, professor of neurology at the University, was honored at the annual meeting last year of the American Academy of Neurology for excellence in neuroscience research.

James Ross C'82 is a human-rights lawyer in Amsterdam for Medecins sans Frontieres, working primarily on Southeast Asia and West Africa.

Roger Viola C'82, has joined OCC, a medical -communications agency in Yardley, Pa., as vice president/ account supervisor.

Dr. L. Chava Weissler Gr'82 published Voices of the Matriarchs: Listening to the Prayers of Early Modern Jewish Women (Beacon Press) last year. It was named a National Jewish Book Award Finalist in Women's Studies. Chava holds the Philip and Muriel Berman Chair of Jewish Civilization at Lehigh University.

W. Blake Baird C/W'83 has joined AMB Property Corporation (a NYSE- listed owner of industrial and retail real estate) as managing director and chief investment officer. He spent the last 15 years with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, most recently as its managing director and head of real-estate investment banking for the Western U.S. Blake lives with his wife, Chandra, in San Francisco.

Dr. James Baish GME'83 Gr'86 is associate professor of mechanical engineering at Bucknell University; he was honored last year at its commencement ceremonies for his inspirational teaching.

Dr. Marlene Gumbs V'83 is the scientific franchise manager for Waltham, Inc. Last July she adopted three-year-old fraternal twins, Andrew and Antoine; rounding out her family, she is in the process of adopting Serena Michelle (two).

Susan Fowler Maven C'83 smaven@ was appointed to the New Jersey Casino Control Commission last June; located in Atlantic City, the five-member quasi-judicial board regulates the casino industry in that state. Prior to this appointment, she served eight years as in- house counsel to the Atlantic County Improvement Authority, the project-management agency for the construction of the new $368-million Atlantic City Convention Center.

Dr. Daisy Ann Rodriguez C'83 M'87, an internist who maintains a practice in Hollywood, Fla., was elected a fellow of the American College of Physicians last year.

Dr. Ruth Rosenberg C'83 and her husband, Dr. Bennett Levitan GEng'87 Gr'94 M'95, are pleased to announce their new jobs in New Mexico. Dr. Levitan is employed as a senior scientist at Bios Group LP, a consulting company that specializes in business applications of complex systems, agent-based modeling and machine learning ( Dr. Rosenberg is medical director of Desert Hills Residential Treatment Center, a psychiatric facility for children and adolescents. She also has a private practice and serves as PR chairperson on the board for the Solomon Schechter Day School of Albuquerque, N.M. Their three-year-old daughter, Daniella, can now delete files on their Macintosh, much to their chagrin. They were expecting another child, due in April.

James S. Adelsheim C'84 was promoted last year to group vice president and relationship manager of the Boston branch of ABN AMRO Bank N.V., the Dutch bank.

Camille M. Antinori C'84 recently returned from one year in Oaxaca, Mexico, where she researched community forestry production for her Ph.D. dissertation in agricultural and resource economics, funded by the Ford Foundation and other organizations, at the University of California at Berkeley. As a result of the fieldwork, the thesis could be completed as early as this year.

Keith B. Braun L'84 announces the formation of the law firm of Kochman and Braun PLC, with offices in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Christine Brentani C'84 is living and working in London as a fund manager covering Latin American countries for SEB Investment Management, one of the largest fund-management companies in Northern Europe. She has been in London for almost seven years since going there to complete her MBA at the London Business School.

Evan J. Cohen W'84 L'87 is a partner at Clifford Chance in Hong Kong, where he and his family have been living for the last three years. They are happy to announce the birth of their fourth daughter, Jessica Michelle, on February 3; she joins older sisters, Samantha (six), Rebecca (four) and Hillary (two). Evan serves on the committee of Penn's Hong Kong alumni club, and has been "interviewing students for Penn, which I greatly enjoy, as it helps to keep me in touch with the university. If any classmates are visiting Hong Kong, please look me up."

Joshua D. Cohen W'84 L'87 and Keri Ullman Cohen SW'91 welcomed the arrival of their new baby girl on March 15, 1998; a big first birthday bash is planned for little Melanie. Josh is an equity partner with the law firm Hartman Underhill & Brubaker LLP in Lancaster, Pa., specializing in business transactions, intellectual property and bankruptcy. Although usually advising his business clients in domestic and international transactions, he recently won an award of political asylum for a pro- bono client, a Chinese refugee who fled China to escape religious persecution and China's forced-abortion and forced-sterilization policies; the refugee had been aboard the ship Golden Venture, which ran aground near New York in 1992. This and other cases from that ship received national attention and were responsible for a change in U.S. immigration law in 1996. Josh hopes to soon reunite the refugee with his wife and children, whom he has not seen since 1991.

Dr. Egidio Farone D'84 moved his dental practice to the 15th floor of its current building. "By expanding and renovating the space, I hope to create a more pleasant environment for my patients."

Cheryl Harris C'84 is now an assistant district attorney working in the Appeals Bureau in the Bronx and lives in Manhattan.

Gwen Shields Hoover EAS'84 and Jeffrey M. Hoover ChE'84 joyfully announce the birth of their second son Benjamin John, on August 9. Ben and his big brother Jacob (five) are glad that mom is working from home now. Gwen has started her own high-tech, communications-marketing consulting business, Kestrel Communications (, while Jeff manages capital -equipment procurement for Air Products and Chemicals.

Bradford Hudson C'84 is chief executive officer of The Bay Tower Company in Boston, which was recently ranked among the nation's 100 largest independent restaurant companies.

Douglas R. Korn W'84 has joined Bear Stearns and Co. as a managing director in its recently-formed merchant-banking group, investing its pool of equity capital in growing companies in the form of leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations and private-growth equity. He is married to Betsy Berns Korn, an author on women's sports topics and president of her own sports-marketing company.

Dr. Virginia M. Y. Lee WG'84, professor of pathology and laboratory medicine and co-director of Penn's Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research, was awarded the Potamkin Prize last year for research on Pick's, Alzheimer's and related diseases. She shared the prize with her husband, Dr. John Trojanowski GM'80, also professor of pathology and laboratory medicine and the other co-director of the center, and with a scientist from the University of Cambridge.

David Perl W'84 is the chief operating officer of Prosoft I-Net Solutions, an Internet-intranet skills-training company in Austin, Tex. He had been the first president and general manager of Otis Transit Systems, a subsidiary of the Otis Elevator Company. He and his wife, Beth, and son, Eric, live in Austin.

Jeffrey L. Pollock C'84 writes that he will not be able to join his Class for their 15th Reunion, as he will be running for district justice in Pittsburgh's election on May 18. He and his wife, Melody, are "expecting our first child this May as well."

Ross Z. Silver C/W'84 and Linda Strauss Silver C'84 recently moved from Manhattan to Short Hills, N.J., with their two sons, Zack (six) and Jared (three), and their cocker spaniel, Carmel. Ross is a real estate partner in the New York City law firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson. Linda is a writer working on an anthology of short fiction‹when she is not chasing after the boys.

Dr. Audrey Buxbaum C'85 and her husband, Richard Bashner, announce the birth of their son, Michael Howard Doro Bashner, on November 22. Audrey and Rich were married on September 7, 1997. They are completing renovations on their Brooklyn duplex. Audrey is a partner at Downtown Women Ob/Gyn in Manhattan; Rich is a real estate partner at Becker, Glynn, Melamed & Muffly. "It has been a busy year."

Matthew Edward Cavanaugh C'85, Long Beach, Calif., is now chief legal officer for the North American operations of the Sage Group plc, an international publicly traded software company based in the United Kingdom. He graduated from the University of Southern California's law school in 1989.

Randy Fach ME'85 has accepted a new position as a management consultant with Dove Associates in Boston, where he will work with companies to improve their manufacturing and business processes. After graduating, he spent 13 years with General Electric. Randy and his wife, Gail Fach W'85, live in Arlington, Mass., with their two daughters, Alexandra (11) and Cassandra (seven).

Dan Grisan W'85 is director of information services for the St. Joseph's Regional Health Network, that encompasses two hospitals and several out-patient facilities and is part of Catholic Health Initiatives, "the fourth-largest healthcare provider in the U.S.A." He received his M.S. in information systems from Temple University in 1994. "I'm currently living in wedded bliss with Sandra Zebrowski in beautiful Lancaster, Pa."

Dr. Michael R. Grossman C'85, a podiatric surgeon, has joined Lankenau Hospital, outside Philadelphia; he is the first podiatrist to perform surgery there. He maintains his practice in Ardmore.

Richard Katz C/W'85 and his wife, Gila Bash Katz, announce with great joy the birth of their third child, Liana, sister to Joseph (seven) and Alex (four). Richard was recently promoted to vice president of business affairs at Sony Classical, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.

Rayna Baum Lifson W'85 and Robert Edward Lifson W'82 are delighted to announce the birth of their daughter, Natalie Sara Lifson. She was born on November 2, "and since then has been the light of our lives."

Christopher Macneal GAr'85 in February was promoted to associate in the strongly Penn architectural firm of Kieran, Timberlake & Harris in Philadelphia.

Lt. Cmdr. Mark Montgomery C'85 G'85, executive officer on the USS Elliot, based in San Diego, is currently serving as a White House Fellow: he serves as special assistant to a member of the Cabinet or senior White House staff.

Thomas F. Poché C'85 e-mails that "after earning my Ph.D., getting married two days later to my wife, Leslie, going to law school, becoming Nick's dad and working in Chicago for three years, I have moved to the Washington office of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, where I specialize in biotechnology -patent law and litigation."

Clifford Porzenheim W'85 was recently promoted to vice president of corporate strategy at GATX, a Fortune-1000 company based in Chicago. "I am told that I am the youngest corporate officer in our 100-year history." He joined the firm in 1996, "determined to start having a life after more than six years as a management consultant, first with A. T. Kearney and then with the Boston Consulting Group. I started off in Chicago in 1989 by attending (and even graduating from) the Kellogg school's one-year MBA program at Northwestern University." He lives in Evanston with his wife, Michal Clements W'84 WG'89, a partner in The Cambridge Group, a marketing-strategy consulting firm; they have two children, Mary Jane (two) and Christopher (five). "I remain close with my roommates, Dr. Kieran Cody C'85, who is an orthopedic surgeon in Doylestown, Pa., and Tom Poché C'85, now an intellectual-property lawyer in the D.C. area."

Dr. Ann Dungan Reimers EAS'85 is proud to announce that she has completed the doctoral program in electrical engineering at The George Washington University. In the summer she will start post-doctoral research in cooperation with ANSYS, a finite-element software company. She and her husband, Paul, are kept otherwise very busy with their three sons, Kelly (eight), Jackson (five) and Noah (two).

Patricia Ryan C'85 GEd'86 and Aaron J. Levine C'85 announce the birth of Carolyn Levine Ryan, on December 31; they live in San Francisco.

Dr. Aeon J. Skoble C'85 married Lisa Bahnemann, a physical therapist, in St. Paul, Minn., on August 1. Aeon is currently a visiting professor of philosophy at West Point. His anthology, Political Philosophy: Essential Selections, was published by Prentice-Hall last September.

Joseph T. Threston III C'85 is a sole practitioner attorney in Cherry Hill and Riverton, N.J., practicing in the areas of estate planning, probate, commercial and civil litigation and tax law. He and his wife, Lisa, live in Palmyra where he was recently elected to the borough council, "my first attempt at elective office." And he is in the process of completing his LL.M. in taxation from Temple University School of Law.

Linda Belsky Zamost C'85 has served as creative-services manager for the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia since 1995; two of her direct -mail fundraising campaigns, "Send a Jewish Child to Camp" and "Little People, Big Worries" were recognized by local industry groups for their high response rates. She also is partner in a marketing and design company, Just Add Water. And she lives in Cherry Hill, N.J., with her daughter, Madeline (seven).

Dr. Heide Estes C'86 received her Ph.D. in English in May last year; her specialization is Old and Middle English language and literature. In September she began as an assistant professor in the Department of English and Foreign Languages at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, N.J.

Lauren R. Greenspoon C'86 L'89 Farmington, Conn., has joined the law firm of Cummings & Lockwood as counsel in its litigation group, based in its Hartford office. Previously she was an associate in the firm of Day, Berry & Howard.

Elyssa Kane C'86 left the museum world in 1996 to earn an MBA at Georgetown University in 1998, having good company with Penn grads from various years as classmates. She is now working for Fairmount Ventures, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in nonprofit strategic planning, program planning, and resource and organizational development. Again, she is also in the good company of Penn grads bringing varying disciplines (city planning, business, liberal arts, government and social work) to bear on client projects. Last October she married Jeffrey S. Levine W'84, who is a self-employed architectural conservator. Helping them celebrate were Limor Schafman C'86, Janet Weiss C'86 L'89, Craig Frischling C/W'86, Gregory Paranzino W'86 and Bob Jex EE'83.

Michael Milne WG'86 announces the formation of Crossroads Property Group, a real estate investment company, based in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., that specializes in acquiring value-added retail, multi-family and office properties. He had spent five years at Urdang & Associates, an investment firm run by part-time Wharton professor Scott Urdang.

Dr. Lydia Tuden Oxendine C/W'86 had a banner year in 1998. She celebrated her first anniversary with her husband, Jeff. She completed her doctorate in organizational behavior from Boston University. Then in November, her next big project arrived: Jake Daniel was born and has been keeping her busy ever since. She and Jeff live in Oakland, Calif.

Wendy Delano Rosenthal C'86 and her husband, Kevin, are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Jakob Ethan, on July 29. "Jake joins the best big sister in the world, Sara Belle (four). We're enjoying the family life in Plainsboro, N.J."

Adam Salassi W'86 was named a partner in the business-practice group of the Atlanta law firm, Hunton & Williams last year; his practice focuses on corporate law, including mergers and acquisitions.

Kevin Stirling W'86 reports that his career in marketing/ communications is doing very well and continues to expand in new directions. Recently, he successfully completed the marketing- research program necessary to become a certified focus-group director: "focus- group research is absolutely fascinating." While juggling projects for clients is rewarding, he admits he is looking forward to his next trip to "the City Different," his beloved Santa Fe, later this summer.

Michael Landy C'87 recently completed a master's in public affairs at the University of Florida. He is director of the American Heart Association for Alachua and Marion counties in north-central Florida. He lives in Gainesville with his wife, Shari, and two sons, Jacob (five) and Avi (two).

Erik Rothenberg C'87 has owned and operated Atlas Corporation since 1991; it is an international trading company specializing in natural and recyclable commodities. For the last six years, it has shipped 8% of the world's raw vitamin E. A portion of the profits go to the Atlas Foundation, a non-profit that seeks "a new path for mankind based on applied principles of natural law." The company recently launched an educational Web site ( to promote industrial hemp as the world's premier renewable resource for food, fiber and fuel. Also, in 1994 he co-founded SoftAware, a high-speed bandwidth Internet service provider whose major clients include Virgin Records, Paramount and the Grammy Awards organization. He recently purchased a home in Playa del Rey, Calif., where he lives with his partner, Jessica DuVal, and spends a lot of time relaxing, listening to Led Zeppelin and the Grateful Dead.

Susan Brodsky Asch W'88 L'91 and her husband, Jeff Asch, proudly announce the birth of their first child, a son, David Carroll, on May 13, 1998.

Scott Bober EAS'88 and his wife, Valerie, announce the birth of their daughter, Natalie Olivia, on February 7. Scott is a product manager at AlliedSignal in Morristown, N.J., and can be reached at . The happy family resides in Morris Plains.

Dr. Sue Carver C'88 ewile@, Long Beach, N.Y., received a doctorate in clinical psychology (Psy.D.) from Yeshiva University in June 1997. She married Ed Wile last August. She welcomes e-mails from old friends .

Carra Ericsson Castagnero C'88 and Steven J. Castagnero EAS'88 announce the arrival of their third child, Connor Michael, on November 11; he joins Jake (four) and Mia (two). Steve is technical leader for Allied-Signal. Carra is a clinical-research monitor for Eli Lilly. In addition to chasing three children four and under, Carra is hoping to run the New York marathon and Steve is completing a master's degree.

Dr. Judy Chasin C'88 and Dr. Eric Horwitz C'88 announce the birth of their son, Dillon Hunter Horwitz, on July 11. He was also welcomed by Sarah Madison Horwitz, who was born on May 24, 1996. Since last writing, Judy completed her Ph.D. in clinical and developmental psychology at the University of Michigan. Eric completed his residency training at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich.; he is now a radiation oncologist at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. They live in Blue Bell, Pa.

James Gelsey C'88 announces the publication of the Scooby-Doo Mysteries, a series of chapter books written for seven-to 10-year olds that feature the original five characters from the TV series: Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma. Of the eleven titles planned for the series, four have been published to date by Scholastic. Subsequent titles will be appearing every two months starting in July. James lives with his wife, daughter and dog (named Scooby, of course) in northern New Jersey.

Dr. Marie Elena Hudzicki Hasson C'88 married Dennis Hasson on June 20. Next month (June) she graduates from her psychiatry residency at HUP and will take a position with the Atlantic City Medical Center as medical director of an inpatient unit in Pomona, N.J.

Amy Sheridan-Dufresne W'88 and her husband, Mike, welcomed their second child, Benjamin Michael, in February. They already have a two-year-old daughter, Anna. Amy is continuing her job as director of finance and international controller for S. S. White Burs and a number of related dental-manufacturing companies. Mike, who is a former English teacher, is a full-time father.

Tom Stephenson W'89 and his wife, Lisa, are proud to announce the birth of their first child, Grace Isobel Stephenson, on Christmas Eve 1998.

Larry Weisberg W'88 graduated summa cum laude in December from Widener University School of Law in Harrisburg, Pa. In January he moved to Greensboro, N.C., where he is insurance-operations manager for Volvo Commercial Finance LLC The Americas. He and his wife, Rebecca, have two boys, Aaron (eight) and Cutter (four).

Randi Shapiro Wender C'89 L'92 and David Wender W'88 announce the birth of their daughter, Emma Rose, on December 29.

Erik J. Williams C'88 graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 1994 and practiced personal-injury, wrongful -death and criminal-defense law in Miami. Currently he is attending Harvard Divinity School, pursuing a Master of Divinity degree. And he is the proud father of a six-year-old son, Joshua. He'd like to hear from his fraternity brothers (Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.) as well as fellow members of the Black Student League in the '80s.

Michael Altman C'89 married Kari Greenberg in Milwaukee on October 3. Groomsmen included Sean Barry C'89, Joey Arnel Sayson C'89 and Dominic Marchiano C'90. Also in attendance were Richard Gusick C'89 GEd'91, Michael Handler W'90 and Jack Ross EAS'90. The couple lives in Chicago: Michael is an attorney with Altheimer & Gray and Kari is an elementary schoolteacher.

David I. Dubin C'89 is proud to announce that he is a founding partner in the law firm of Dubin, Stein & Troiani LLP, located in Narberth, Pa. He and his wife, Rachel, are the proud parents of Zoe Elizabeth Dubin, who will be three years old this May 28.

Lisa Goldin C'89 and Matthew Golden C'89 and big sister Alexandra (three), proudly announce the birth of Jacquelyn Mira on October 1. Matt is an associate with the Manhattan law firm of Debevoise & Plimpton, and Lisa is a clinical social worker in private practice in New York.

JoAnn Sandberg Graybill EAS'89 and Dave Graybill EAS/W'89 were joined by their son, Benjamin Thomas, on November 5. He is loved very much by his older sister Heather, who is four. "We are both working with our own company, GrayTech Systems, a systems-engineering company that mainly services the plastics business. We are enjoying life in West Cobb, just outside Atlanta." They can be contacted via their Web site (Graytech

Pamela Kurland C'89 married David Marchick on January 17. She works as counsel for the American Medical Association in Washington; David is a deputy assistant secretary in the State Department.

Paul E. Lepard Jr. GLA'89 is manager of land planning and landscape architecture with the architectural and engineering firm of Nave, Newell & Stampfl Ltd. in King of Prussia, Pa. Previously, he was vice president with R. Douglas Stewart & Associates in Berwyn.

Maria Markovich C'89 joined the Philadelphia law firm of Drinker, Biddle & Reath last year as an associate in its investment-management group.

Tanya S. McRae C'89 is a producer and field director for the Lifetime Television show New Attitudes, a national women's magazine program that has been on the air for almost a year and which focuses on "every topic, issue, event and organization that is of interest to women. I am always looking for new story ideas as well as women who are making a difference. Any and all input from my fellow alumni would be graciously welcomed."

Adrianne Yarosh Meyer C'89 and her husband, Jerry M. Meyer C'90, recently had a new baby: Hayley Christine was born on February 25, weighing 10 pounds 9 ounces and measuring 22 inches. "She's doing great‹started sleeping through the night at one week old. She joins big sister Erica Lynn, who was born April 3, 1997 at 10 pounds 15 ounces and 22.5 inches. Yes, we have big babies. Jerry works at UBS in Stamford, Conn., and we own a home in Norwalk, where we can be e-mailed at"

Dr. Susanne Kent Miller V'89 married Dr. Neil L. Miller on October 17; she is a veterinarian at the Park East Animal Hospital in New York City.

David Rutchik C'89 is vice president for commercial and legal operations of WinStar Communications, Inc., where he has been for more than two years. WinStar provides telecommunications, data, Internet and professional services to businesses throughout the U.S. and is expanding into international markets. David served as lead negotiator for WinStar's largest and most strategic transactions, including a $2-billion equipment-financing deal with Lucent Technologies and the $400-million sale of WinStar wireless fiber to Williams Communications. He is based in the Tysons Corner, Va., operations office and lives in a farm house situated on 24 acres in McLean.

Suzanne Becker Stein C/W'89 and Gary M. Stein W'89 proudly announce the birth of their first child, Adam Jacob Stein on December 18. The family lives in Irvington, N.Y.


Christine Sullivan Bolinger C'90 and her husband, Blake, announce the birth of their daughter, Cassie Ann, on August 31. Her proud parents have set up a Web page with photographs of her ( /blakewb/baby/index.htm).

Dr. Nancy Davis Brener C'90 and Jason Brener C'90 are delighted to announce the birth of their daughter, Samantha Claire, on November 18. The family lives in Atlanta, where Nancy is a research psychologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Jason is a staff attorney with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Dr. Faina Vulikh Caplan C'90 had been married to Dr. Steve Caplan C'88 since 1992; they have a son, Holden, who turned two in January. Steve is a dermatologist in private practice in York, Pa. Faina is completing a fellowship in geriatrics at Johns Hopkins University and planning to join York Hospital in July.

Patrick J. Farley G'90 joined the Philadelphia law firm of of Schnader, Harrison, Segal & Lewis last year as a technical adviser in its intellectual -property department.

Aviva Shlensky Goldfarb C'90, a writer and media-relations specialist in Chevy Chase, Md., last year published a cookbook for parents and other busy people, Peanut Butter Stew and Couscous, Too: Quick, Healthy, Delicious Meals that Grown-ups and Kids Love. She invites alumni to visit the Web site ( Aviva is married to Andrew Goldfarb and they have a two-year-old son, Solomon.

Michael C. Gruber C'90 recently became director of business development with Blaxxun Interactive, a platform developer for 3-D, multiple-user communications over the Internet (; previously, he was managing the online-banking and online-investment tracking services for Quicken at Intuit. He recently attended the wedding of Greg Sigel C'90 to Barbara Wilens in Chicago. Other Penn attendees included: Dave Jacobs C'90, Melanie Robins C'90, Gordon Kessler EAS'90 and his wife, Katie, and son, Noah, Marc Zola C'90, Jay Goldberg C'90, Murray Shames C'90 and wife, Francine, and Jon Ringel C/W'90.

José Ibietatorremendía W'90 L'93 married Jennifer Lupo in Sea Cliff, N.Y., on September 26. Penn was well-represented among the guests with Gustavo Arnavat L'91, Lina Chou WG'96, Brett Danko C'90, Dawn D'Orlando Nu'90 GNu'93, Adam Gibbons L'94, Ingrid Mesa-Gibbons L'93, Jay Halbert W'92, Carlos Lopez-Oña W'94, Ricardo Martinez EAS'90, Alain Mulkay L'93, Glenn Preston W'93, Janet Reynolds Preston W'91, Jeffrey Rackow L'91, Paul Vaccaro C'90 GEd'92, Kathy Ramiza Vaccaro Nu'90 GNu'93 and Jerry Wu WG'96. An uninvited guest, Hurricane Georges, managed to ground a number of guests coming from South Florida and the Caribbean.

Fred Kostecki W'90 lives in St. Louis with Kristin, his wife of five years, and their "very beautiful, two-year-old daughter, Abigail." He has been with Arthur Andersen for almost nine years, as an experienced manager in its audit and contract finance and accounting division. Kristin owns her own travel agency, and they love to travel with their little girl. He regularly keeps in touch with former classmates and Phi -Delta-Theta fraternity brothers, Bryan Burdick W'90 and Andy Peskin C'90. Fred and Kristin recently took Abigail to see On the Town on Broadway, and visited with Ryan Marshall W'90 and his wife, Mary, while in New York.

Phyllis Hurwitz Marcus C'90 e-mails that her baby daughter, Anna Hurwitz Marcus, celebrated her one-year birthday on February 23; she "continues to amaze us with every passing day."

Dr. Nihal J. Mehta Gr'90 is a manager in the consumer and industrial markets practice at KPMG. He and his wife, Poonam, live in Dallas.

Diana Sabloff C'90 e-mails "it took a while to say yes, but I finally did, [and] married Edward Mark Shapiro on September 27. I couldn't have done it without my awesome matron of honor, Diane Painter Zablotsky C'91, and unofficial bridesmaids, Nettie Ham EAS'91 and Lisa Jones W'90. Lots of other Penn alumni came out to celebrate including Nettie's husband, Gary Lipshutz C'90, Chris Gerdes EAS/W90 GEng'92 and his wife, Madeleine, Ken Scheer C'89, Lyn Chen C'90 and Laurie Marsh Levitz C'85 and her husband, Dan. After eight years of TV news, Diana has now been promoted to project planner in Pfizer's licensing and development division; Edward is a Manhattan attorney.

Craig Schorr EAS/W'90 and Sueann King Schorr C'91 left the Bay Area after Craig graduated from Stanford Business School last June and have settled in Boston. He is a consultant at BCG and Sueann is a project manager and the webmaster for Whistle Communications (

Dr. Jay K. Selznick D'90 is now living in Las Vegas, is married, with a one-year-old son, Richard. Jay maintains an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice, out of two offices.

Zach Shore C'90 is completing his doctoral degree in modern German history at St. Antony's College, University of Oxford. Part of his work was published in January as the lead article in the Journal of Contemporary History, "Hitler, Intelligence and the Decision to Remilitarize the Rhine." Another chapter will appear later this year in the journal Intelligence and National Security. He was awarded the college's annual book prize for academic excellence.

Mary-Anne Smith FA'90 and Tor Ekenberg C/EE'90 GEE'94 happily reside in the West Village, Manhattan; June 17 will be their fourth wedding anniversary. Tor is founder and president of Manhattan Routing, an integrated-circuit design-consulting company in Silicon Alley there . Mary-Anne graduated from Columbia University in 1997 with a master's in arts administration and now heads media relations at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Caryn Stivelman C'90 GEd'97 chstiv@ is enjoying her recent job advancement as director of competency evaluations in the Academic Affairs Office at Penn's Dental School. Previously she was a coordinator for the Johnson Research Foundation at the Medical School. She is continuing her studies in the Wharton Management Program. In September she married Mitchell Bilker and they live in Center City, Philadelphia.

Angela Ai W'91 and Ferdinand Poon C/W'91 were married in Columbus, Ohio, on November 7. "We live in New York where Angela has left the corporate world and is a singer/songwriter; she recorded a new CD recently. I am in equity research now after having tried my hand in accounting and law over the years."

Joseph W. Chan C/W'91 joined the San Francisco law firm of Lillick & Charles LLP last September as an associate in their finance practice. He writes he is "loving the Bay Area."

Chris Corry EAS'91 and his wife, Susan, celebrated their first wedding anniversary in October; "married life clearly suits the both of us and we are extremely happy." Last August, he abandoned the worlds of technology consulting and the small Internet startup to head west to the San Francisco Bay Area. "I'm now (ostensibly) working for George Lucas, helping to design and build computer games based on the new Star Wars movie, at LucasArts." His new book on computer programming was published in January, the seventh collaborative effort with Macmillan Computer Publishing.

Capt. Tom Davies W'91 recently completed command of an air-cavalry troop in the Second Armored Cavalry Regiment, that included a 10-month tour in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He is now the aviation planner at the U.S. Army's Joint Readiness Training Center.

Eric D. Friedlander C'91 and his wife, Heather Weber, will be married in Laguna Niguel, Calif., on May 16. Many Penn alumni plan to attend the wedding, including Richard Hendin C'91, Adam Fine W'91, Gideon Alpert C'91, Jeffrey Tuckel, W'91, his sister, Susan Friedlander Wegner C'88, brother-in-law, Adam Wegner C'87, Andrew Bassock C'90, Jacob Cogan C'91 and his mother, Carole Goldman Friedlander Ed'61. Eric graduated with an MBA from The Anderson School at UCLA in 1997 and joined Bank of America's investment-banking division, focusing on aerospace and defense and consumer products. He and Heather live in Newport Beach, where she is COO at Doctors Foot & Ankle Centers.

Dr. David Ross Fryer C'91 completes his Ph.D. at Brown University this month (May) and in August takes up an appointment as assistant professor of religion at Illinois Wesleyan University.

Dr. Nikos Georgiades C'91 e-mails that 1998 was a year of change, transition and adjustment, June especially: that month he received his Ph.D. in physics from the California Institute of Technology, and he married Dr. Christina Bender, in California. Shortly afterwards they moved to London where Nikos is a management consultant with McKinsey & Co. and Christina is a research scientist at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

Tina Yvonne Goldberg C'91 writes to say that she graduated from Golden Gate University School of Law last May with a certificate of specialization in litigation, received with distinction. In January she was studying for the California bar exam. She welcomes Penn alumni who are visiting the Bay Area .

Laura Lazarus C'91 and Saul Goldstein G'96 WG'96 have returned from Tokyo and are living in New York. Laura is an attorney in the financial-services tax-consulting practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers and Saul is a vice president at Cerberus Partners, a hedge fund.

Dr. Jennifer Levin Popovsky C'91 married Ricardo Popovsky on May 23, 1998. This month (May) she completes a dermatology residency at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and will then pursue a surgical fellowship at Ohio State University in specialized skin-cancer surgery and cosmetics. Rick is a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch in Cleveland. Penn friends at their wedding were: Aviva Schlensky Goldfarb C'90, Alison Berger Saifer W'90, Mitch Saifer C'89, Julie Harvey Adams Nu'90, Michael Adams W'90, Vicki Botnick C'90, Chris Richards C'90, Julie Ungerman C'91, Mary Wallace Donoghue C'92, Aaron Donoghue C'92, Allison Silverman Lapat C'91, Valerie Lenard Rawicz CGS'93, David Rawicz EAS'93, Virginia Krieger C'92 and Aliza Danoff C'91.

Laura A. Possessky C'91 has joined the Washington law firm of Garfinkle & Associates as an associate, concentrating on intellectual-property and wills, trusts and estates.

Kelly Flannery Sahler C'91 L'94 daical@ married Mark Sahler in Washington on January 9. Mark is currently an MMH candidate at Cornell University, scheduled to graduate this month (May). Kelly's matron of honor was Elizabeth Mahoney Fehr C'91, and her bridesmaids included Yih -Ming Hsu C'91 GLA'95, Jamie Pawliczek C'91, Dr. Sharon Rim C'91 and Yeechun Su C'91 L'94. Other Penn alumni there were Brian Crowner C'91, Katherine Chuko Crowner C'92, Keith Hausmann C'91, Jennifer Burke Hausmann C'91, Stephen Kredell C'91, Greg Magrisi W'91, Peter van der Goes C/W'91 WG'98 L'99, "my current employer, Hon. James R. Cavanaugh L'56, and of course my father, Dennis Flannery L'64."

Dr. Andrés R. Acosta C'92 maritere.andres graduated from the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine in 1996. He currently lives in New Orleans where he and his wife, Maritere, are both completing their third year of residency in diagnostic radiology at LSU medical center. "Would like to hear from old friends from BS'28 and Franklin-Foerderer."

Laura Andelman Allen GNu'92 had an article, "Treating Agitation in the Elderly Without Using Drugs," published in the April issue of the American Journal of Nursing. She married Jonathan Allen in September 1997, and gave birth to a son, Mitchell, on December 13.

Rick Aronstein C'92 e-mails to announce that he has left New York to live in San Francisco, where he is the finance-channel product manager at AltaVista Company.

Lou Astra C'92 and his wife, Eileen, announce the birth of Maura Eden on December 24. She weighed in at 7 lb. 1 oz. and is 20.5 in. tall.

Anne Louise Elliot C'92 received a master's degree in the history of art from Williams College last year.

Anthony Feld W'92 is an institutional-equity sales trader at Morgan Stanley & Co. in New York. He would like to hear from any fellow graduates who are working at or know of buy-side entities (hedge funds, mutual funds) or who would like institutional coverage from Morgan Stanley for equities, (212) 762-6096.

Dr. Patrice Firpo C'92 is engaged to Dr. Joseph Gitreau. At present, they are "young doctors in love" in Houston, hoping for post-residency moves back East.

Amy Van Ham Hayes C'92 GEd'93 married John Hayes in their hometown of Concord, N.H., on July 25. They now live in West Newton, Mass.; Amy teaches 5th grade in Wellesley and John works for the U.S. Department of Justice. Kate Fitzpatrick C'92 and Barrie Wellener C'92 were bridesmaids and Peter Bouton C'92 was a groomsman.

Dr. George "Geep" Keogh C'92 and Anne Todd Keogh C'93 were married in Winter Park, Fla., on June 13, 1998. Alumni there said it was hot‹with the 100-degree weather and the wildfires‹but fun. Family alumni included father Alan Todd W'63, uncles Daryl Todd Sr. W'64 and Keith Keogh C'65, and cousins Daryl Todd Jr. C'91 and Bonnie Todd Marino C'93. Penn friends included the 3930 Spruce crowd of Tony Barbieri Nu'92, newly-married Dr. Kevin Colton W'92, Mike DeFlorio W'92, Andy Rozmiarek C'92, Roger Harris Saks W'92, Batya Smernoff C'92 and Yuko Tani EAS'92. Not to be outdone, the 318 West 40th group also showed up, including new-mom Susie Gorospe Curtis C'93, Peggy Hamm C'93, Susan Wise C'93 and Dr. Debbie Zarnow C'93. Current HBS-er Lynda Bearman W'93, newly-married Shannon Moffat Johnson C'93 WG'98 and bridesmaid and attorney, Amanda Dixon C'93, rounded out the Penn mix.

Hui J. Kim C'92 graduated from the Dickinson School of Law of Pennsylvania State University last year.

Erica Klein C'92 GEd'97 is getting married to Charles Erignac, a Ph.D. candidate at Penn in computer graphics, on July 3. "We will be getting married in Romorantin, France, where his grandmother lives. I am currently working as a first-grade teacher in South Philadelphia and I love it."

Jeffrey Kutash C'92 and Jessica Kostner Kutash W'92 both started the MBA program at Harvard Business School last September.

Wai-Sum Lee C'92 has legally changed her name to Wai-Sum Alexa Chiang and now goes by Alexa; Chiang is her mother's pre-marriage name. Alexa is an associate at the law firm of Hall & Evans, LLC in Denver. Her practice focuses on securities and real-estate law.

Peter A. Luke C'92 e-mails that after four years trading equity options on the floor of the American Stock Exchange, "I am moving to San Francisco to trade and do some decent snowboarding. I'd love to hear from old friends in the Bay Area"

J. Kevin Mann C'92 is an associate in the Dallas office of the international law firm, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP; he focuses his practice on corporate law.

Brian Myers W'92 is living in Johannesburg, working for Standard Corporate & Merchant Bank as a cross-currency swaps trader. He married his wife, Marie, in 1996 in Cape Town.

Dr. Jennifer Weeks Sekowski C'92 is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Maryland at Baltimore, doing research to identify differences between breast-cancer DNA and normal breast-tissue DNA.

Elissa Sternberg C'92 and Christopher Campbell C'93 are pleased to announce that they are finally getting married after more than seven years together; a September wedding is planned. Elissa is a case manager/clinician for behaviorally challenged adolescents in a community mental-health center and Chris works as a policy analyst and consumer advocate for the Vermont Department of Public Service. They both live in Montpelier, Vt.

Teresa Pearson Andresen C'93 and and her husband, Matthew Andresen, announce the birth of their first child, Eric Matthew, on November 8. Eric is also the first grandchild of Dr. Jeffry Andresen M'64 and Julie McClintock CW'63.

Christine Dias C'93 WG'98 works in the strategic-services group of Arthur Andersen. She recently got engaged to Roland Knoblauch and they will be married this August on Lake Constance in southern Germany: "We are looking forward to a small family wedding on the lake overlooking the Swiss Alps." She met Roland through old Penn friends, Dr. Paul Modlinger C'93, who is completing his residence in internal medicine at HUP, and Dr. Andrew Friedeman C'93‹completing his residency in pediatrics at St. Christopher's Hospital in Philadelphia.

Dr. Michael Dinerman W'93 graduated from the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine 1993. He will begin a three-year pediatrics residency training program in Miami, training at Miami Children's Hospital in Coral Gables. He remains "single and lovin' it."

Brian Eck EAS'93 married Kathryn McCabe C'94 last August. Penn grads in attendance included best man Ken Hofsass EAS'93, Dan Fiedler W'93, Al Altman C'60 and Dr. Ronni Chernoff Gr'83. Katy is a Ph.D. student in neuroscience at the University of Washington and Brian is a software engineer at RealNetworks. The happy couple lives in Seattle.

Allison Feder W'93 L'99 and Brett Fliegler W'93 are engaged to be married this fall. Allison graduates from Penn Law this month (May) and will begin her career in the fall in the tax department at the law offices of Simpson, Thacher and Bartlett. Brett received his MBA from the University of Michigan last May and is now an associate at MSD Capital, an investment firm in New York.

Taimur Shaique Hussain C'93 is relationship manager for corporate banking with Habib Bank, Pakistan's largest bank. Hussain e-mails that the day after Commencement, he returned home and enrolled in the Lahore University of Management Sciences, graduating valedictorian from its two-year MBA program. He then worked for with a Swiss bank owned by a Pakistani family, and for the local branch of the Dutch ABN-AMRO Bank. In October 1995 he married fellow Quaker, Saima Bokhari, who eventually graduated from Bates College; she runs her own school in Lahore. They plan to "raise a family on or about the turn of the millenium," which is also when they plan to visit the U.S. He would "love for friends and classmates to write and perhaps keep a visit to Pakistan on the cards," where his address is 22 -H Gulberg 2, Lahore 11, Pakistan, or he can be contacted at

Edgard Khafif WG'93 e-mails that after six months of being married, Rachel and he decided to move from New York to Buenos Aires. He will be working for RAGHSA, a family-owned real estate company, and "Rachel is assisting Berlitz in order to learn Spanish. We are slowly adapting but look forward to a bright future."

Michelle Peluso W'93 a management consultant with The Boston Consulting Group in New York who specializes in healthcare and consumer-goods companies, is currently serving as a White House Fellow: she serves as special assistant to a Cabinet member or senior White House staff.

Dr. Marnie Shanbhag C'93 received her Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Florida last year, after completing her clinical internship at the San Antonio V.A. Medical Center in Texas. She is currently a visiting assistant professor at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Julie Yang C'93 and Brian Shaffer C'93 were married at the Glen Foerd Mansion in Northeast Philadelphia on October 31. In attendance at the wedding were James Fleischer W'93, Regan Allan C'93, Michele Lyn Mendoza C'93 GEd'95, Dennis Mendoza W'93, Jennifer Adams L'96, Nicole Perkins Kilcullen C'88 L'96, Grace Pei Zin Tsuei W'95, David Hepps C'96, Amy Halin C'93, Keri Green C'93, Tammi Stegeman W'93, Allison Laney C'93, Carolyn Parmigiani C'96, Kibett Mengech C'95, Rebecca Anderko C'95, Luis Cornejo C'96, Kim Duyck Woolf C'92, David Woolf C'92, Darren Parslow C/W'93, Brian Alan Stern C'93, Tim Hoover W'94, Christopher P. Roberts C'94, Jeremy Rossen C'93 L'96 and Chris Iorillo C'95.

Andrea S. Chen C'94 will graduate from the Harvard Business School in June then work full time in Boston.

Lt. Tobe C. Deutschmann C'94 received the Battle Efficiency Ribbon while on a six-month deployment last year to the Arabian Gulf aboard the guided -missile destroyer USS Cole.

Loren Edwards C'94 and Michael Firstenberg EAS'94 were married on February 13 in Bucks County, Pa., where they now live. They had met as next- door neighbors on the ninth floor of High Rise East in their sophomore year. The wedding party included best man Everett W. Gilliam II C'93, maid of honor Erin Norris EAS/W'94, and Keri Edwards Blaustein W'92 and Robert Giacopetti C'94. All told, more than 30 Penn alumni, students and staff were among the family and friends at the reception, including Richard Blaustein W'92, Richard Sloane C/W'94, Marc Andrews W'94, Karen Pasquale C'94, Joe Janos EAS'94, James Hammerstone EAS'94, Keith Mounsey W'96, Scott Smith EAS'94, Arthur D. Sager W'58, Arleen Eisenberg Sager C'60, Derrick Flick EAS/W'95, Jamie Pickens Flick W'94, Jennifer Natt Goldberg C'94, Christine Psomiades Eames C'88, Jeffery Hurok C/W'94, Alissa Burns Hurok C'94, Pamela Zerbst W'92, Dira Strain C'91, Michael Capell C/EAS'94, and David Kozloff L'66, Fred Schneider W'63, Shirley Sager Pocrass Nu'67 and Barry Hartman C'76. Loren will become Dr. Firstenberg this year as she finishes her doctoral degree in psychology at Rutgers University; currently she is a staff psychologist for Northwestern Human Services. Mike left Penn in March after almost 10 years and is now a senior computer -support specialist with New Jersey American Water Company.

Valerie Golomb C'94 was matched at Duke University Medical Center for a predoctoral pediatric-psychology internship. She will move to Durham in June. "Hopefully, I will defend my dissertation before I leave."

Melody Tien Grewal W'94 graduated from the MBA-in -professional-accounting program at the University of Toronto last July. Three weeks later she married Christian Grewal; they currently live in Toronto. While Christian completes his master of divinity degree at Toronto Baptist Seminary, Melody is an auditor in the Toronto office of Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Brendan Lawry C'94 is currently managing several White Castles in Shanghai; "I got the idea from days honoring the establishment at Penn. Any alumni who come over to China should plan on gulping down a few burgers along with the local fare."

Malcolm Lui WG'94 e-mails that after four and half years in Bangkok as an equity-investment analyst, he is heading back to Northern Calfornia to join VioSoft, a small startup software company (, where he will head its marketing and sales efforts.

Kenneth MacFarlane C/EAS'94 and his wife, Amanda, are pleased to announce the birth of their first child, Timothy Charles MacFarlane, on February 19 at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. The family lives in Wilmington, Del.

Nolan H. Miller C/W'94 received an award from the State Farm Companies Foundation for his doctoral dissertation "Moral Hazard: Partnerships, Competing Agents and Insurance." He is studying at Northwestern University and hopes to complete his doctorate in June.

Michael Monson C'94 was engaged to Rachel Meltzer on December 4. Michael is currently studying public policy at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and Rachel is a psychiatric social worker in New York. They expect to wed in June next year.

Joan Denoncour Mulkeen C'94 GEd'96 married her soulmate, John Mulkeen, on June 19 last year. An attorney, his "family is from County Mayo, Ireland, and yes, he has red hair too." Joanie taught high-school English and social studies in the Philadelphia suburbs for three years, but changed her career when she moved to Jersey City, N.J., to be with her husband. She is now a computer consultant with Keane, Inc. in Clark and loves her new lifestyle‹"no more grading stacks of papers until 2:00 in the morning"‹and is also taking graduate computer-science courses at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken. She would love to hear from old friends and checks her e-mail daily joan_mulkeen@

Tamsin J. Newman C'94 joined the Philadelphia office of the law firm of Schnader, Harrison, Segal & Lewis last year, as an associate in its labor and employment department.

John Douglas Sloey C'94 married Connie Lee Nelson on July 18. Mark Ligas C'92, Stefan Sleep C/W'95 and Troy Odom C'97 were in attendance and part of the ceremony. John and Connie live in Bellwood, Pa.

Patricia D'Alonzo Spenner C'94 and Brian Spenner W'94 were married in Philadelphia on August 1. Among the guests were Diana D'Alonzo Porges C'90, Greg Porges C'89, Mark Spenner W'98, Shiva Sarram C'94, Drew Pearson C/W'94 G'94, Rachel Cytron C'94, Sara Braun C'94 and Tara Vandegrift C'94. The couple currently lives in San Francisco, where Patricia is a consultant for William M. Mercer and Brian works in investment banking.

Ashlee Stokes C'94 married Michael Purvis in West Chester, Pa., on August 8. She was given away by her father, Dr. Kenton Stokes V'68 and Julia Rose C'94 was a bridesmaid. Other alumni in attendance included her uncle, James Vinson W'67 WG'71, and Jen Herman C'94 and Julie Bickar W'94. Ashlee and Mike live in New York City where she is a senior publicist at Ruder-Finn/Planned Television Arts and he is an associate at the law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell.

Dr. Jeong Yoon C'94 will graduate this month from Yale Medical School and move up to Boston in June to start her residency in urology at the Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Ross Berger C'95 and Melissa Pulling C'95 live in Chicago and recently got engaged to be married.

Charles Gassenheimer C'95, e-mails that "having spent the first three years after college consulting (i.e., living on an airplane), I can now officially say I live in New York City. I look foward to re-establishing ties with all of my Penn friends."

Erica Sandler Gross C'95 and Aaron Gross C'95 were married at SJCC B'nai Aaron Havertown, Pa., on September 6. Penn grads in attendance were: Samir Shah W'95, Adam Hertzog C'95, Seth Stoller C'96, Robyn Kotzker C'95, Stacie Brensilver C'97 and Jaime Becker C'98. After a honeymoon in Paris and London, they are living in Farmington, Conn. Aaron is in his third year at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine and Erica is a senior financial analyst at ESPN, Inc. in Bristol. "We would love to hear from our Penn friends."

Christopher Hartwell C'95 e-mailed (in March) that he would appear on Jeopardy! in April.

Sherri Porter James C'95 married Theron Andrew James in a private ceremony in North Hollywood, Calif., on January 23. Sheree C. Thompson C'96 attended the wedding.

Jeannette Stankiewicz Kates Nu'95 GNu'97 married Kevin Kates in Hainesport, N.J., on April 18, 1998. Penn alumni in the bridal party were Alison Bohling Rowley Nu'95, Moira Gibbons Nu'95 and Joanna Maltese Nu'95. Other alums who attended: Laurie Baylor Nu'95, Abbey Falcone C'95 G'96, Kathy Martin Henderson GNu 95 GNu'97 and Sarah Jones Nu'95. Jeannette is an oncology nurse practitioner at the John & Dorothy Morgan Cancer Center in Allentown, Pa., and Kevin is a staff nurse in the emergency department at Penn's Presbyterian Medical Center; they live in Exton.

Andrea Kemp C'95 e-mails that after a stint in the music industry, she is proud to say that she is "not replacing Ginger Spice, but rather happily working for Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation in Los Angeles." She would supply the name of the film she was in, but "fears someone may actually go out and rent it." She welcomes any and all communication with Penn people, "so please drop a line and say cheers."

Desiree Renee Martinez C'95 drmartin@ entered a Ph.D. program in anthropology at Harvard University after graduation. She is quite active in the Harvard Native American program and the Harvard Archaeological Society. In March she received an M.A. in anthropology. Currently she is in the process of research for her dissertation, constructing guidelines to improve the relationships between Native Americans and archaeologists when dealing with archaeological resources. These guidelines will then be applied to a site in California to test their validity.

Lt. Michael E. Ray C'95 returned to his home port of Norfolk, Va., last year after a six-month deployment to the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Gulf aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Guam. It was the final deployment of the ship, which was later decommissioned.

Catherine Gray Reynolds C'95 and Jasper Reynolds C'93 were married on September 26 in Bryn Mawr, Pa., where they now live. Many Penn alumni were in the wedding party, including Cathy's roommate of four years, Sandra Villabon Ott C'95, and Roxana Aleali C'95, Sun-Mi Chung C'95 and Kristen Jacobs C'95. Members of 'The Buddies' Dominic Iannicola W'91, Arturo Lujan W'92 WG'98, Dr. Sean Marker C'94, Brad Rosenberg C'94 and Michael Sweeney C'95 were there too.

John Taylor C'95 was promoted last year to senior assignment editor for The News at Ten at WB17, a Philadelphia television station.

William Choi W'96 is an associate analyst with PaineWebber Research, covering telecom equipment and wireless services, and lives in Manhattan. He e-mails to notify of the weddings of his best friend, Scott W. Vineyard W'96, who married Lara HoSang in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, on April 10 (William was best man); and of his brother, Mike Hyoson Choi EE'96 who marries Su-Youn Baek on May 8 in Seoul, immediately followed by a second reception in Allentown, Pa. Scott, is a financial analyst at Spin Cycle, a national consolidator of coin-laundry operations; Mike, is a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, currently aboard the USS Blue Ridge, stationed in Yokosuka, Japan.

Carol Citkovic W'96 is working and living in New York City. She e-mails to congratulate Lee Hofstetter C'96 and Matthew Stern C'96 on their engagement; the wedding is set for spring next year. They too are enjoying working and living in New York City. Carol also congratulates roommate Corinne Duvall C'96 for the accomplishment of being chosen as a member of Cirque du Soleil's Quidam show, which will be on tour in Amsterdam, Berlin and Vienna this summer.

Steven M. Horner G'96 was elected vice president of the Harleysville Group, Inc., and vice president of education and training of the Harleysville (Pa.) Mutual Insurance Company.

Michelle Kay C'96 and Matthew Brown EAS'96 are very excited to announce they are getting married on May 27, 2000. Penn alumni in the wedding party will include Elisa Ahrend Nu'96, Lauren Blum C'95, Edward Vincent EAS/W'96, Matt Blackburn W'96, Brian Roth EAS'97 and James Newsom W'95. "We're going great: Matt is a civil engineer with a small but quickly growing engineering firm in Connecticut" and Michelle is a copywriter for a national product-and packaging-design agency.

Ross Kutash C'96 started law school at UCLA last September.

Angela J. Potter Braithwood Nu'97 completed officer basic course in Fort Sam Houston, Tex. She is currently a staff nurse stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. She married Raymond Braithwood EAS'97 in Lansing, Mich., on October 17.

Tani Fukui W'97 is still working for "the same company that I joined upon graduation, but with a new twist: in Singapore. I've been stationed here for about [eight] months and have yet to regret it. Any alums in the area or planning to be‹please drop me a line."

Lt. Kara L. Lecker C'97 graduated last year from the combat-engineer -officer course of the U.S. Marines.

Laurie Pugliese Nu'97 lives in New York City and works as a level II clinical nurse on the Special Care Unit (Critical Care) at Memorial Sloan -Kettering Cancer Center. She says it is a wonderful place to practice nursing.

Dr. Amanda Fine V'97 has been named a Luce Fellow by The Henry Luce Foundation. She will spend one year at the Mongolian Veterinary Research Institute in Ulan Bator, working on livestock diseases and public-health issues in the field and the laboratory. She is only the second veterinarian to be awarded a Luce fellowship.

Anjana Ali Nu'98 and Kamal Solaiman WG'97 will marry on May 29. "We were good friends before Penn and with the good fortune of both gaining acceptance, our friendship has grown. We plan to settle in the D.C. area with our two kitties, Shadow and Storm."

Michael Tantala EAS'98 is doing seismic-engineering research at Princeton University, as he pursues his graduate degree.

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