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PAUL SMITH, CE'26, Blue Bell, Pa., July 25, 1995.

ARTHUR MOSELEY HOPKINS JR., W'27, Altamont, N.Y., a retired insurance agent for the Penn Mutual Insurance Co.; October 5. He was a former president of the Albany Life Underwriters' Association, and a member of the board of the Albany Chamber of Commerce. He had served as president of the Child's Nursing Home and Hospital.

DANIEL JASPAN, C'28, Bethesda, Md., July 23.

CLEMENT J. CLARKE, W'29, L'36, Beach Haven, N.J., a retired attorney, and partner, who served in the Philadelphia law firm of Pepper, Hamilton & Scheetz for 40 years and had established its tax department; August 8. He also had been instrumental in major changes to the Federal tax code during the mid-1940s. After retiring in 1974 from Pepper Hamilton in 1974, he set up his own investment company, Clarke and Clarke, and held seats on the Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington stock exchanges until his second retirement in 1984. Prior to becoming an attorney, he had been a statistician for the New York Stock Exchange.

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RALPH W. MILLER, W'31, Glen Mills, Pa., September 25.

RICHARD M. MILLER, W'31, Arlington Heights, Ill., October 13.

HERBERT W. FRANK, W'32, Boston, retired head of the Stern Frank Agency, a travel-advertising agency; October 28.

MARY FOLEY PANACCION, Ed'32, Bryn Mawr, Pa., March 17, 1996.

DR. MILTON H. GORDON, C'33, GM'42, Jerusalem, a retired physician; August 20.

GLADYS JAFFE ARONS, CCC'34, G'35, Brookline, Mass., August 20.

DAVID H. BISHER, C'37, Boca Raton, Fla., August 2.

DR. DONALD W. WYATT, G'37, Winter Park, Fla.; July 30.

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DR. JACOB SEIDENBERG, L'40, Falls Church, Va., a retired labor arbitrator and mediator who had served as executive director of the President's Committee on Government Contracts, 1953-60, and as chair of the Federal Service Impasses Panel, 1970-75 (which settled deadlocks in negotiations between Federal agencies and labor organizations); October 16. Dr. Seidenberg had written extensively on labor law and negotiations.

EDWARD E. BAUER, GME'46, Denver, a retired manufacturing executive who had established a hard-rock, mining-equipment facility for Joy Manufacturing; October 25. In recent years, he devoted his time to management consulting. He served on the board of Rx Plus Pharmacies, a statewide chain of pharmacies.

EDMUND B. WIENER, C'47, Kingston, Pa., a partner in his family's lumber company; September 20. He had also served on the local zoning board for 32 years.

FRANCIS L. CURCIO, GEd'48, Vineland, N.J., April 7, 1996.

DR. JAMES F. SHANKWEILER, GEd'48, GrEd'59, Wyomissing, Pa., September 24.

EDWARD F. HEFFERNAN, W'49, Bryn Mawr, Pa., December 18, 1995.

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HARRY V. KLEIN, C'50, L'53, McEwensville, Pa., an attorney who had practiced in Northumberland County for more than 40 years, who also served as the first district magistrate for Sunbury; September 17. He twice was president of the Northumberland County Bar Association.

FREDERICK E. SEIDEL JR., W'50, Skillman, N.J., a retired employee of Church & Dwight in Princeton, working on inventory planning; September 5.

DR. LYNN R. DERBY, V'52, Earp, Calif., a veterinarian; April 14, 1995.

ROBERT H. CLAMPITT, L'56, Washington, D.C., founder of Children's Express, a nationwide, nonprofit, news-service that trains young people from 8 to 18 to be reporters and editors; August 8. Founding it in 1975, he devoted more than 20 years of his life to it. Initially the young reporters covered subjects such as hang-gliding and white-water rafting, but at the 1976 Democratic National Convention, one reporter came up with a scoop: Jimmy Carter's choice of Walter Mondale as his vice-presidential candidate. This story put Children's Express on the media map. It later operated bureaus worldwide. After working for a Wall Street firm, then as a public defender, he held Government positions in the Peace Corps, Head Start, Job Corps, and Vista. He also was the founding president of United States R&D Corp., a national job-training organization.

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SUSAN CARLEN BROWN, Ar'62, Delray Beach, Fla., a real estate broker and appraiser; October 20. In the 1970s, she was an economist with Texas Commerce Bank in Houston. She had served on the boards of Pineapple Grove Main Street in Delray Beach and the Palm Beach County Green Market Association.

DR. CHARLES J. A. ROBERTSON, G'65, St. Andrews, United Kingdom, professor of economic history at the University of St. Andrews; December 26, 1992.

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