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THAT HASN'T led him to slow down, though. He's never learned to cook; instead, he grabs a sandwich before running off to the theater in the evening. One April day he spent the afternoon sitting in on auditions for a replacement for Natalie Portman, who will leave Anne Frank this month to begin filming George Lucas's prequel to Star Wars. That evening he attended a three-hour production of Othello.
   At least once a year Stone brings that enthusiasm back to Penn, where he teaches a half-day course in Arts Management to Wharton students or speaks at the Performing Arts Symposium on careers in the theater. He is not surprised to note that students in the College are generally interested in the artistic side of the business, while the Wharton students focus on the financial aspects, but Stone himself prefers to balance the two. "Sometimes you are involved in a production that you are proud of artistically but it is not successful commercially. Other times you are involved in something that makes money but is crappy. When it all works, when you're involved in something brilliant that also turns out well financially, it's one of the best feelings in the world."

Leslie Whitaker, a former reporter for Time and contributor to numerous national magazines, last wrote for the Gazette on inner-city schoolteacher Michael Feinberg, C'91, in December 1996.
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