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Shapiro Succeeds Howard as Alumni Society President
“God is crying that you’re leaving office,” joked Leonard Shapiro W’64 to Elsie Sterling Howard CW’68, the outgoing president of the University of Pennsylvania Alumni Society. He was referring to the rainy weather braved by those attending the UPAS board meeting early on Saturday morning of what would be a mostly soggy Alumni Weekend—at which Shapiro was elected to succeed Howard as president. Continued...

When Culture and a Community Church Intersect, the Spire’s the Limit
Usually when you go to an arts event—be it the ballet, a bookstore reading or a hip-hop concert—the people there, notes Lorene Cary C’78 G’78, “have a resume very similar to you. You kind of know what everybody makes and where they come from and about what their education has been and what they’ve studied and what they agree with.” Continued...

Something to Grin About
Kathleen Harris Nu’98 spent the 25th anniversary of the U.S. troop withdrawal from Vietnam helping to give smiles to children born long after the war in that country. Continued...

Illustration by Jason Farris

He’s Got the Meter Running
On Crime

A New York cab driver was making the rounds one spring night when he saw another cabbie being beaten up and robbed. He summoned police with his cell phone, and within minutes, the three assailants were arrested. Continued...

Itching to Perform
Many folks might scratch their heads—as well as a few other parts—at the thought of raising creatures that feed off human blood and have the alarming ability to jump about 1,000 times an hour. Continued...

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