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Photo: Arnold Kramer / U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Bearing Witness in Blue On the Holocaust remembrance day of Yom Hashoah, members of Tiferet Bet Israel synagogue in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, gathered for a presentation of “Forms of Blue,” a poem by Harrison Tao C’74 about the gas chamber at Majdanek, Poland, and those who died inside it. Continued...


On a Clear Day, You’re Not in Beijing Robert Fox C’82 was riding in a cab to his hotel in Beijing when the dust storm hit—a recurring consequence of deforestation around the Chinese city. “It was kind of like a sci-fi movie,” he recalls. All of a sudden, “This wall of brown was coming towards me.” Fox, coincidentally, was in town to teach a month-long seminar to Chinese lawyers and judges about environmental policies in that country and the United States. In China, he notes, “The environmental issues are palpable. Continued...

Illustration: Regan Dunnick

CLASS OF ’97, ’96
Advice on Life After College, Careers—
and Dry-cleaning
“It’s a whole new world once you graduate from college,” notes Eveie Wilpon C’97, “and there are a lot of changes, not only career-wise but in personal development: how do you move, find an apartment, meet new people?” Continued...

A Starter Kit for Babies When Sandra Samberg Nu’94 GNu’95 was in grade school, she used to help out at her father’s pediatric practice. She admired what he did for a living, but wondered if she could devote herself to both motherhood and a demanding career as a pediatrician. Her dad suggested she explore an alternate occupation of nurse practitioner. “I went to work with one one day, and I absolutely loved it.” Continued...

At Home Abroad Picture yourself in Venice during the Carnival. You’re on the guest list for several masked balls, and you don’t want to show up in just any old 18th-century gown. So you head over for a fitting at one of the most prestigious costume collections in the city, where the actors for Dangerous Liaisons and Eyes Wide Shut were outfitted. Later during your stay you’ll take cooking lessons with a countess, rub shoulders with a gentleman wearing a live python at a private party off San Marco, talk to local artisans about their work, and listen to a string quartet in a sumptuous palazzo. Continued...

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