Stamp of Approval

FOR Dr. Ahmed Zewail Gr’74 Hon’97 it was yet another mark of recognition when the Egyptian government honored his contributions to molecular science with the creation of two postage stamps bearing his portrait. Zewail, the Linus Pauling Professor of Chemical Physics and professor of physics at the California Institute of Technology, who has obtained numerous national and international awards for his research, was touched greatly by the accolade from his birth country and to be "in the company of stamps honoring the pyramids, Tutan-khamen and Queen Nefertiti." Released last year, the stamps are still in circulation.
    Although he is now a U.S. citizen, Zewail grew up and studied in Egypt before obtaining his doctorate in chemistry at Penn. Zewail is known for his development of ultrafast lasers and electrons for studies of dynamics in chemistry and biology. His work has made it possible to study atoms and molecules in motion during chemical reactions.

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Garden of Hedon
TED Werth C/W’94 calls himself "a chronic entrepreneur" –an accurate description considering his string of business ventures, which have ranged from creating a "webzine" and launching a live-concert site in cyberspace to becoming partner in Original Sin, a hard-cider company. Continued...


A Surprise Musical Prize

DR. Melinda Wagner Gr’86 was composing her latest piece when the telephone rang one morning in April. She had turned off the ringer to avoid distractions, but still heard the answering machine pick up in the next room. It was her publisher. "He had been getting phone calls that were slightly cryptic and was calling to see if I had received any," Wagner recalls. "We finally put two and two together." Continued...


Murder, She Writ: A Conversation with Lisa Scottoline
BRASH, bold, intelligent, loyal, impetuous, tall, blond, Italian-American and Philadelphian. Those are the descriptors one could use in depicting Bennie Rosato, protagonist of the sixth and latest legal thriller by Lisa Scottoline C’77 L’81, Mistaken Identity. Ask any of her legions of avid fans, and you will find that many of the same adjectives come to mind as they describe Scottoline herself. Continued...

Paris is for Pooches
based photographer Michael Malyszko C’73 and poet Judith Hughes CW’73 took their two dogs with them to Paris and came away with enough off-beat material to fill a rhyming photo album.

Former Quaker Football Star Still Tough as Concrete
was November 1945. Chuck Bednarik Ed’49 had just come out of the Army Air Corps at age 20 and enrolled at Penn at the urging of his high school football coach. Having flown 30 missions on a B-24 over Germany, the solidly built, 6’3’’ center and linebacker was now going to transfer his "killer instinct" to the Quakers’ football field. Continued...

Social Worker Exposes
Mental Health Abuses
AN adolescent boy screams, then whimpers, in pain as he is carried by his arms and legs and strapped to the bed in a psychiatric hospital. Although he is barely struggling with the aides trying to restrain him, one worker has wrenched back the boy’s left arm into a leather cuff with such force that he reinjures a damaged wrist. Continued...

Connecting Penn’s Past and Present

ELSIE Sterling Howard CW’68, president of the University of Pennsylvania Alumni Society, remembers how frustrated she felt that her daughter Heidi Howard Tandy C’92 never got to meet any of her own classmates’ children while attending Penn. Continued...

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