THE ROAD TO HOME By Vartan Gregorian Hon’88. (Simon & Schuster, 2003. $29.95.) The former Penn professor, dean, and provost tells the story of his life from his childhood in Tabriz, Iran—including being passed over to succeed Martin Meyerson as Penn president in favor of Sheldon Hackney Hon’93. Though the blow was devastating at the time (and still seems to sting), he recovered admirably, going on to head the New York Public Library, Brown University, and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. A supporter’s secret promise to Gregorian’s wife to provide financial help “in case I did not get a job” proved unnecessary. Order this book

HUMAN DIET: Its Origin and Evolution Edited by Peter S. Ungar and Mark Teaford C’73. (Bergin & Garvey/Greenwood Publishing Group, 2002. $58.95.) By reconstructing the food preferences of our distant ancestors, it is possible to link recent changes in our diets (including increased consumption of saturated fats and sodium) to numerous modern health problems. Mark Teaford is professor of cell biology and anatomy at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Order this book

EIGHT MILES HIGH: Folk-Rock’s Flight from Haight-Ashbury to Woodstock By Richie Unterberger C’82. (Backbeat Books, 2002. $19.95.) A sequel to Turn! Turn! Turn!, on folk-rock’s early years, this book documents the evolution of folk-rock music from mid-1966 through the end of the decade, covering such innovators as the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Bob Dylan, and Joni Mitchell as well as monumental events like Woodstock. Order this book

BUILDING THE NATION: Americans Write About Their Architecture, Their Cities, and Their Landscape Edited by Steven Conn Gr’94 and Max Page. (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2003. $59.95, cloth; $24.95, paper.) Through a range of American voices across more than two centuries of history, this anthology shows that the struggle to imagine what kinds of buildings and land use would best suit the nation pervaded all classes of Americans and was not the purview only of architects and designers. Steven Conn is associate professor of history at The Ohio State University. Order this book

HANK By Arch Montgomery C’75. (Bancroft Press, 2002. $19.95, cloth.) Hank Collins is a precocious, questing, and troubled 13-year-old growing up in the Baltimore suburbs. His divorced parents, busy with new spouses and demanding jobs, largely ignore him. In school, most of his teachers bore him. Through his attempts to find friends and think clearly, this book of young adult fiction deals with the challenges of teenaged life. Archibald Montgomery is headmaster of the Asheville School in North Carolina. Order this book

OVARIAN CANCER: Your Guide to Taking Control By Kristine Conner C’90 and Lauren Langford. (O’Reilly and Associates, 2003. $29.95.) This guide for ovarian cancer gives women crucial information to improve the chance for lengthy remission and cure, as well as emotional support for the journey. Conner specializes in writing about healthcare, medicine, and education. Order this book

CLIMATE AFFAIRS: A Primer By Michael H. Glantz MTE’61 G’63 Gr’70. (Island Press, 2003. $40.00 cloth; $18.95 paper.) An exploration of the many dimensions of our increasing vulnerability to climate change. Glantz is senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Col. Order this book

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