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Class of ’80
Room with an Urban View
Weary of the corporate life, Jane Mendelson C’80 GCP’82 fantasized about finding a charming place to convert into a bed-and-breakfast. She finally happened upon it–in Harlem. Continued...

Quakers Meeting House
When Dr. Bernard Steinberg GrE’71, and his wife, Jacqueline Steinberg wanted to renovate their 50-year-old Chestnut Hill home, the active retired couple must have had just one logical choice of where to turn: the Philadelphia architectural firm of their son and daughter-in-law. Continued...

Class of ’92
A Mush With Greatness
When February comes to Fairbanks, and temperatures dip to 40 below, or colder, it would seem the time to hunker indoors and wait for Alaska to thaw. But Aliy Zirkle C’92 does the opposite, setting out on her dog sled for a 1,000-mile journey. Continued...

New Chapter in Alumni Education
Dr. Alan Filreis, the Class of 1942 Professor of English and faculty director of the Kelly Writers House, has recruited some of his colleagues to join groups of alumni in book-discussion groups–by e-mail–in the coming year. The Writers House Virtual Book Groups, as he calls them, "make possible smart and interesting conversations, carried on across Penn generations as well as across space and time." Continued...

Class of ’71
Moving Memories
and More

The caller was frantic.
His father
lives in an Alzheimer’s facility. His mother had sold her house to move to a retirement village, and had to leave within a month. But she broke her arm and leg in a fall, requiring six weeks of rehabilitation. Continued...

Class of ’91
A Reel Artist
Growing up on her grandfather's farm, by an unspoiled creek along the Chesapeake Bay, Ellen McCaleb C’91 would observe the seasonal processions of fish by her house–striped bass, red drum, bluefish, mackerel. Fishing outings with her father, "a tough task master" around the farm, provided precious occasions for the two to simply have fun together. Continued...


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