A Tour of the Neighborhood

Here’s a glance at Penn’s 12 college houses, many of which have residential programs or themes:   

Community House, 3700 Spruce Street–Located in the Quad, it unites Thomas Penn, Cleeman, Magee, Ashhurst, McIlhenny, Warwick, Ward, Chestnut and Butcher.

W.E.B. DuBois College House, 3900 Walnut Street, a low-rise which attracts students with an interest in and commitment to African-American culture and literature.

Goldberg College House, 3700 Spruce Street–In the Upper Quad, its buildings include Brooks, Leidy, Franklin, Foerderer, McKean, Baldwin, Class of 1887, Craig, Baird, Fitler and Hopkinson. House theme: "Public Affairs and Public Culture."

Gregory College House, 3909 Spruce Street–Consists of Van Pelt Manor House, established in 1971 as the first college house, and the Class of 1925 residence, which features the Modern Languages Program (Casa Italiana, Maison Française, Casa Hispanica and Deutches Haus).

Hamilton College House (formerly known as High Rise North), 3901 Locust Walk–Home to the Community Service Residential Program.

photo by Addison Geary
Friends watching Friends at Spruce.

Harnwell College House (formerly known as High Rise East), 3820 Locust Walk–Home to five residential programs: Ancient Studies/ University Museum, Arts House, East Asia, International and Latin American.

Harrison College House (formerly known as High Rise South), 3910 Irving Street. Home to the Perspectives in the Humanities and the Science and Technology Wing residential programs for upperclass students.

Hill College House, 3333 Walnut Street–Continues a long tradition of student leadership through its House Council and UpperClass Board.

King’s Court/English College House, 3465 Sansom Street– Biosphere (Environmental and Health Issues) Residential Program, Huntsman Program for International Studies and Business, Perspectives in the Humanities Residential Program for first-year students, Science and Technology Wing Residential Program for freshmen and upperclassmen.

Spruce College House, 3700 Spruce Street–Includes eight buildings in the Lower Quad: E.F. Smith, Coxe, Rodney, Bishop White, Birthday, Mask and Wig, Provosts’ Tower and Graduate. Residential programs include Entrepreneurial Management, Study of Infectious Diseases and Women in Science.

Stouffer College House, 3702/3817 Spruce Street–Includes Stouffer Hall and Mayer Hall, adjacent to the Quad.

Ware College House, 3700 Spruce Street–Made up of 11 buildings in the center of the Quad: Provost Smith, Lippincott, Carruth, New York Alumni, Morgan, Wilson, Bodine, Morris, Class of 1928, Speakman and Tudor Memorial Tower.

For more information, including links to the individual college house Web pages, visit (www.upenn.edu/resliv/uch.html).



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