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Edward B. Shils
The "Energizer Bunny" of Education.

In the early 1980s, before the repeal of a mandatory retirement law for university professors, Dr. Edward B. Shils began wondering what to do next with his life. "I didn't want to be described as someone who had retired," recalls the George W. Taylor Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurial Management. So, after four decades of teaching, he enrolled in Penn's Law School at age 68. Continued...

Edward B. Keller
Representing the voice of the comsumer

In market and public- opinion research, it's no longer enough to have your finger on the pulse of the nation. As president of Roper Starch Worldwide for the past year, Edward B. Keller, C'77, ASC'79, monitors the vital signs of the industrialized world.
   Roper Starch, famous for scientific sampling since the 1930s, recently released its latest global consumer study, which Keller calls the most comprehensive of its kind. More than 35,000 people from 40 nations were surveyed extensively about their consumption habits and values. The data are projectable to two billion consumers -- roughly half the world.

Linda Simensky
Cartoons Kids & Adults Love

Linda Simensky, C'85, has always loved to watch cartoons, and as vice president of original animation for Cartoon Network, she's unlikely to outgrow the habit. Growing up in Union, N.J., Simensky tuned in daily to Bugs Bunny. Later, studying communication at Penn, she researched the history of Looney Tunes -- and learned the secret behind their success. Continued...

Ira Einhorn
The Unicorn's Capture

When Ira Einhorn, C'61, jumped bail in 1981 rather than stand trial for the 1977 murder of his girlfriend, Helen "Holly" Maddux, the presiding judge in Philadelphia's Court of Common Pleas asked court officials why he had not been recaptured. "It's not easy to find a planetary enzyme, your honor," replied an assistant district attorney, borrowing a term that Einhorn had often used to describe himself during his years as a countercultural leader in Philadelphia.
   For more than 16 years, Penn's most famous fugitive managed to elude the authorities, though he was almost caught in Ireland and Sweden. But this past June, he was finally arrested by French police in the rural village of Champagne-Mouton, where he had been living under the name Eugene Mallon.

Dr. Jeffrey Feinman
The Cyber Vet

Dr. Jeffrey Feinman, C'82, V'85, will never see some of his patients' tails wag in gratitude, because they live thousands of miles from his Weston, Conn., veterinary practice. But he does enjoy dispensing advice over the Internet to pet owners as far away as Australia and Africa. Continued...

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