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The Old Guard

HARRY FUIMAN, C'19, L'22, Philadelphia, a retired attorney.

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DR. MABEL GENEVA KESSLER, Ed'21, Gr'27, Seattle, a retired clinical child psychologist who had served as assistant superintendent for special education in Montgomery County, Pa.; June 6.

JOHN C. KIEFFER, Ed'22, G'26, Liverpool, N.Y., a retired physical-education teacher who had served as a director of adult education for the Philadelphia School District; May 7.

ROBERT R. RILEY, W'22, Los Angeles, retired vice president of Sweet & Crawford, insurance underwriters; June 3. Serving in the U.S. Army during the First World War, he was awarded the Croix de Guerre and the Distinguished Service Cross for bravery in August 1918.

EVERETT P. WELCH, CE'23, Allentown, Pa., retired manager of engineering services for Pennsylvania Power & Light; April 26.

RUTH OPPERMAN, Ed'24, Philadelphia, February 22.

DR. OTTIS L. ADER, M'25, Winston-Salem, N.C., retired director of health for Durham County; July 1. He had served on the board of the Research Triangle Lung Association.

ROLAND J. BECNEL, W'25, Baton Rouge, La., March 27.

CLARENCE F. KUNZLER, W'25, Lititz, Pa., retired vice president of his family's meat-processing company; June 4.

WILLIAM R. MILLER, W'25, Washington, D.C., retired chief of budget and finance for the Office of the Secretary of Defense; May 31. He was a director of the old German Orphan Home.

ELLWOOD L. ENGLANDER, C'26, L'29, Silver Spring, Md., a retired attorney; February 29.

MATTHEW M. JASNER, W'26, GEd'39, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., May 9.

A. EDGAR MILLER, W'26, Hollywood, Fla., April 15.

ETHEL KITSELMAN MORROW, CCT'26, Blue Bell, Pa., May 25. She had once taught high school in Pemberton, N.J.

ANTHONY GALLICCHIO, C'27, Studio City, Calif., May 1994.

BERNARD M. NOVACK, WEv'27, Montclair, N.J., March 10.

LEONARD A. TALONE, W'27, L'30, Conshohocken, Pa., a retired attorney who practiced in Norristown; June 1. He had also served as solicitor for the boroughs of Conshohocken and West Conshohocken, and for the Conshohocken School District. He served on the board of the Philadelphia Life Insurance Company. And he was a trustee of United Way of Philadelphia and a director of the local chapters of the American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society.

SIDNEY S. KADIN, W'28, Boca Raton, Fla., a retired manufacturing executvie; February 7.

JERE BRYLAWSKI KNIGHT, CCT'28, G'29, Newtown, Pa., ecologist, writer, and editor, known for her contribution to the book and film Lassie; June 29. In the Thirties, she worked as an assistant story editor for Selznick International Pictures in Hollywood when her husband, Eric Knight, was a struggling screenwriter there; later she worked in Selznick's New York City office, overseeing the development of Gone With the Wind. She helped edit her husband's books, Lassie Come Home (1940) and This Above All (1941), both being made into major wartime films. Later during World War Two, she served as an aide to Oveta Hobby, the founder of the Women's Auxillary Army Corps (the WACs). After the War, she was in charge of the literary estate of e.e.cummings. Later, following a 1984 trip to Nicaragua, she translated poetry by Central American women. But all the while over the years, she tirelessly promoted Eric Knight, writing two children's versions of Lassie, and making appearances with her own collies for children. On the fiftieth anniversary of the novel, she appeared on Good Morning America, from England, where the book had originally been set. And she petitioned the U.S. Postal Service for an Eric Knight stamp. She also labored for environmental causes, helping to have Cooks Creek in Buck County declared a state-protected conservation area. In 1995, she received an honorary doctorate from Lehigh University.

JOHN DANIEL KURTZ, W'28, Wilmington, Del., December 1.

CHARLES H. BYNUM, G'29, New York City, the retired director of intergroup relations for the National Foundation-March of Dimes for 27 years; January 1996. He had earlier served in administration at Langston University, Texas College, and the Tuskegee Institute. A civil-rights campaigner, he was a leading advocate in the campaign for the initial capitalization of the word Negro, by the white press especially in the South.

DR. JAMES R. HIBBS, C'29, Gr'41, Sandy Spring, Md., a retired economist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; June 29.

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DOROTHY STEEL BORKOW, Ed'30, Haverford, Pa., former founder of the New Hope (Pa.) Fine Arts Workshop; May 24. She had also helped establish the Allen's Lane Art Center in Philadelphia.

DR. H. CLESS CROCKETT, M'30, Hayward, Calif., a retired physician; March 5.

GEORGE R. VAN SCIVER JR., W'30, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif., June 1.

ARTHUR M. BURR, W'31, Portland, Conn., retired partner of the Puritan Furniture Mart of Elmwood; June 29.

RICHARD U. CHRIST, W'31, Lansdowne, Pa., retired personnel manager for Day & Zimmerman; June 14.

JANET WOLFENDEN MacPHERSON, Ed'33, G'34, Midpines, Calif.

DR. FRANK C. J. McGURK, W'33, G'37, Pompano Beach, Fla.

DR. CHARLES M. PAULEY, GM'33, St. Petersburg, Fla., a retired physician who had maintained a practice in Pittsburgh; May 14.

DR. KATSUMA DAN, Gr'34, Tokyo, former president and professor of biology at Tokyo Metropolitan University; May 18. A prominent marine developmental biologist, he is credited with fundamental discoveries in cell differentiation and behavior and in lunar-influenced spawning cycles, based on studies of sea urchins. He was long-associated with the Marine Research Laboratory at Woods Hole, Mass., serving as a corporation member since 1936 and where he conducted many summers of research.

LESLIE H. GEISINGER, C'34, Chantilly, Va., December 19, 1993.

FRANK PASSAL, Ch'34, Hollywood, Fla., a retired industrial research electrochemist in Miami; April 11. He is noted for perfecting the process in automobile manufacture that binds gleaming chrome to nickel bases, eliminating the need for frequent polishing and buffing. A man of wide interests, he had performed in local orchestras and taken up making violins which he gave to members of his family.

ETHEL M. B. WENGER, G'34, Palmyra, Pa., June 18.

DR. BERNARD H. WINSTON, C'34, Kansas City, Mo., a retired physician; February 5.

VICTORIA SPOSATO HULSE, Ed'35, Newtown Square, Pa., May 7.

DR. JAMES O'NEIL, GM'35, Prairie Village, Kan., a retired surgeon who had served as chief of staff at St. Mary's Hospital; June 22. He had also served on the staffs of General Hospital and Baptist Memorial Hospital. He was a former president of the Southwest Clinical Society.

SIDNEY V. STEINBERG, W'35, Plainsboro, N.J., a retired partner in the Philadelphia accounting firm of Cogen and Sklar; May 25.

GEORGE J. SERAFIN, WEF'36, Shamokin, Pa., retired orthotist for the Valley Forge Military Hospital; June 5.

JOHN A. GODFREY, W'37, Brookfield, Wis., retired chair and CEO of the Godfrey Company; June 22. With his brother he had founded Sentry Food Stores.

JOSEPH JOYCE, W'37, Windsor, N.Y., May 1, 1995.

ELSIE MISSIMER STITT, Ed'37, Atlantic Beach, Fla., April 24.

WAYNE B. BARR, W'38, Lavallette, N.J., retired executive assistant for development and alumni relations at the University of Pennsylvania; June 1. He had earlier served as director of information for the City of Philadelphia. He was a former treasurer of his Class.

IRWIN PAUL, L'38, Tavernier, Fla., an attorney; 1995.

GORDON T. WAY, C'38, Devon, Pa., retired president and and chair of F. G. Okie, Inc., distributors of chemicals and pharmaceutical materials; May 2. Earlier, he had served as personnel director and research manager for the old Smith, Kline, French.

DR. FRANCIS F. WAYLAND, Gr'38, Avon, Conn., August 23, 1995.

WILBUR K. CASSEL, GEd'39, Lancaster, Pa., retired supervising principal in the Perkiomen School System; May 17.

DR. ORAM R. LAWRY JR, M'39, Thomaston, Maine, a retired family practitioner; June 17. He twice served as president of the Knox County Medical Association.

WILLIAM LITVOCK, WG'39, Lauderhill, Fla.

KATHERINE J. SKELTON, Ed'39, G'43, St. Davids, Pa., a retired teacher of English and journalism at Philadelphia Girl's High School; May 22.

CONRAD A. WICKHAM JR, L'39, Bryn Mawr, Pa., a retired attorney who served with the old Bell Telephone company; May 1. Earlier, he was counsel for the John Wanamaker Company.

DR. ROBERT H. YAGER, V'39, West Colombia, S.C., retired director of veterinary medicine at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research; May 2. After retiring in 1965, he served for 18 years as executive secretary of the Institute of Animal Resources of the National Research Council.

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MARY MESSICK ANDERSON, PSW'40, Downers Grove, IL, March 13.

DR. NORMAN J. ABRAMS, C'41, D'43, Boca Raton, Fla., a retired dentist; February 22.

JOSEPH M. GORMAN, WEv'41, Rock Hall, Md., a retired insurance auditor with Joseph Froggatt & Co. in Atlantic City; June 13.

BERNARD W. REILLY, W'41, Phillipsburg, N.J., a former co-owner of an auto-transfer company, ; May 6.

HERBERT D. SHEDINGER, W'41, WG'46, Elkins Park, Pa., a retired employee in the finaince department of the old Philco Ford company; April 26.

WILLIAM P. LANDGREBE, C'42, Lyndhurst, Ohio, a retired chemical salesman for Young Chemical Co.; May 20.

DR. JAMES B. LAWRENCE, C'42, M'45, Broomall, Pa., a retired psychiatrist; February 25.

WYLIE MITCHELL, GAr'42, Beaufort, S.C., a retired architect; June 18. He had served on the board of Architectural Review.

DR. RACHEL DUNAWAY COX, Gr'43, Haverford, Pa., emeritus professor of education and psychology at Bryn Mawr College; April 24. Arriving at Bryn Mawr in 1944, she was appointed director of its Child Study Institute, which rose to national prominence during her tenure. Then, children who had trouble keeping up in school were usually deemed unmotivated or defiant; she raised awareness that such children often suffered from complex impairments. Dr. Cox continued to write and lecture widely after retiring in 1971; at her death she was working on a 40-year study of women she had first begun research on in the 1960s.

S. RAYMOND RACKOFF, W'43, Homestead, Pa., chair of A.S.K.O., Inc., formerly the American Shear Knife Co.; February 27. Earlier, he was its president and CEO from 1962 to 1981. He had served on the boards of Montefiore Hospital and the United Way of Pittsburgh. And he was a former chair of the National Conference of Christians and Jews.

ROBERT A. LEAVITT, W'44, Santa Barbara, Calif., a retired Baltimore clothing salesman; May 13.

JOHN W. REID, W'45, Cleveland, January 26.

JACQUELINE CLARK MAUGER, GEd'46, Royersford, Pa., a retired language and guidance counselor in the Spring-Ford School District; May 24.

LORENE B. PUTSCH, PSW'46, Albuquerque, N.M.

DR. ERNEST BENDER, Gr'47, Philadelphia, emeritus professor of Asian and Middle Eastern studies at the University of Pennsylvania; April 22. He wrote various monographs on Indian laguages and literature. After retiring from Penn in 1989, he worked on a dictionary of Old Gujarati.

ROBERT L. KELSEY, WG'47, Buffalo, N.Y., retired vice president for M. & T. Bank; April 23. For six years after retiring in 1989, he worked with special-needs children at the Canticilian Center.

WALLACE E. MILLER, GEd'47, Abington, Pa., a retired department chair at Abington Friends School; May 13. He also had served as athletic director for the township.

MARY WARD WALSH, Ed'47, GEd'49, Philadelphia, June 19.

EARL W. COFFMAN, GEd'48, Essington, Pa., a retired supervisor of elementary education for the Avon Grove School District; May 13.

DR. ZACHARY A. SIMPSON, GM'48, Doylestown, Pa., retired chief of surgery and president of medical staff at Doylestown Hospital; May 3.

ALFRED J. SICA, Ed'49, Toms River, N.J., June 7.

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FRANK F. KANZLER, W'50, Haddonfield, N.J., a retired administrator with R.C.A; May 2.

DR. CHARLES M. SNYDER, Gr'50, Mifflinburg, Pa., emeritus professor of American history at the State University of New York at Oswego; April 21. He wrote The Jacksonian Heritage: Pennsylvania Politics and Oswego: From Buckskin to Bustles. He also wrote a number of histories of Mifflinburg and Union County. He had taught at the University of Pennsylvania in the 1930s.

CHARLES R. DeBEVOISE, WG'51, Basking Ridge, N.J., retired vice president for sales and marketing with the Filtrine Manufacturing Co. of Harrisville, N.H.; May 28. He championed a number of conservation causes throughout New Jersey, starting in the early 1960s serving on a grass-roots committee that opposed the construction of a fourth major airport for New York City, and which led to the establishment of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. He also served on the board of the Conservation Foundation, leading in the protection of the Pineland watershed in southern Jersey and the Rails to Trails project (which links old railroad branch lines with hiking and biking trails).

HARRY H. JUDY JR, C'51, Middletown, Pa., mayor of Middletown from 1970 to 1977; April 15. He had served in the personnel department of A.M.P. Insurance.

HARRY L. PETERS JR., ME'51, Ambler, Pa., March 10, 1995.

FRED SHARP, W'51, Malvern, Pa., April 6, 1993.

DR. RUTH E. STANDARD, GM'51, Citrus Heights, Calif., a pediatrician; April 15, 1994.

DR. WILLIAM G. PACE III, M'52, Naples, Fla., emeritus clinical professor of surgery and an assistant dean at Ohio State University; June 16. He had also served as director of its Center for Continuing Medical education, establishing a radio-based education network for physicians in six states. And he was a past president of the Columbus Surgical Society. Dr. Pace endowed a chair in hematology-oncology and, with his wife, established a chair for cancer research at Ohio State.

DR. ROBERT S. MANDELL, C'53, Longmeadow, Mass., head of urology at Mercy Hospital; April 30.

WILLIAM L. SMITH, WEv'53, Turnersville, N.J., a retired accountant for Arco; May 8.

HON. EDWARD J. BLAKE, L'54, Philadelphia, former president judge of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas; May 3. He had earlier served as administrative judge in the trial division.

JOHN A. CASEY, ChE'54, Benicia, Calif., founder and president of Integrated Biological Farming, Inc., which made clean- and waste-water systems and agricultural technology for developing countries; April 25.

MARK R. FELLER, W'55, New York City, managing partner of the stockbrokers Kalb Vorhis & Co.; April 5, 1995.

DOLORES GRANT STERNTHAL, CW'58, Lafayette Hill, Pa., executive director of the Philadelphia chapter of Hadassah; May 25.

CARL V. KAPP, L'59, Santa Monica, Calif., a retired probation officer with the Los Angeles Police Department; May 4.

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DR. HENRY FREY, M'60, Denver, a psychiatrist; June 12. He founded the Adams County Mental Health Center in 1965, serving as its executive and medical director for ten years. And he had served as an adjunct professor of law and psychiatry at the University of Colorado. He was a past president of the Colorado Psychiatric Society.

NEAL R. HILL, GEE'60, Haddonfield, N.J., an electrical engineer with R.C.A.; May 19.

ANNE FAST KROEHLER, GEd'62, Lancaster, Pa., a retired reading consultant in Delaware County; May 8. She had earlier served as director of the Lancaster County Reading Clinic.

ELEANOR MINCK LIPPINCOTT, CW'62, Houston, director of public relations for House Hunters, a real estate company; December 24. She was the primary researcher for Houston's Forgotten Heritage: Landscape, Houses, Interiors, 1824-1914.

DR. NICHOLAS MORCOVESCU, Gr'63, Melbourne, Australia, January 12. He had taught medieval French literature and philology at Monash University.

V. DALE SCHURR JR, GEd'64, Mendenhall, Pa., principal of the Anna P. Mote Elementary School in Wilmington, Del.; May 24. He had once served as an assistant professor of middle-school education at West Chester University.

PHILIP L. WICKENDEN, WG'64, Towson, Md., head of a mid-Atlantic healthcare-management firm he had founded; June 2. He had once served as a Maryland assistant insurance commissioner.

STANLEY J. BASSETT, WG'65, Williamsport, Pa., a self-employed land developer who had served as city managing director in the early 1970s; May 17. He had earlier served as director of personnel for the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

MORTON I. GROSSMAN, GEd'66, Palm Harbor, Fla.

JOHN W. SJOSTROM, L'66, Cape May Court House, N.J., an attorney who was once an assistant prosecutor for Cape May County; May 17.

LINDA ROGOFF SEGAL, CW'68, New York City, June 13. After Penn, she moved to California and worked with the well-known rock promoter, Bill Graham; and later served as road manager for the Pointer Sisters. She retired 13 years ago, after marrying the actor George Segal. In recent years she was ill with complications from aplastic anemia.

GARY K. SWEITZER, W'68, Portland, Ore., president of Qualivest Investment Management, Inc.; April 1996. He was founder and past president of the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation of Portland.

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DR. ISHMAEL P. AKAAH, WG'74, Detroit, professor of marketing at Wayne State University; May 27. He twice received Excellence in Teaching awards.

GERALD B. CLARK, ChE'76, Kennewick, Wash.

JEFFREY H. SIMON, C'78, V'83, Philadelphia, a veterinarian; June 1996.

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MICHAEL B. RUGGERA JR, WG'80, East Windsor, N.J., owner of a computer-services company; April 29, from injuries sustained in an airplane crash in Duanesburg, N.Y.

DR. S. BRUCE KAUFFMAN, WG'81, Bernville, Pa., June 21.

LAURIE POND TIEDE, G'87, Warsaw, N.Y., a self-employed archaeologist and editor; May 25. She was a Ph.D. candidate in archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania.

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EMILY R. SACHS, C'98, Yardley, Pa., a student at the University of Pennsylvania; May 23, 1995, of asthma from which she had suffered since she was two years old. An accomplished dancer from childhood, she was Miss Dance Pennsylvania in 1992 and Miss Dance New York in 1994 and placed fifth in the Miss Dance America competitions of 1992 and 1994. At Penn, she was a member of the Arts House Dance Company and of Chi Omega sorority. And she worked in genetic research at Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania.

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Faculty and Staff

WAYNE B. BARR. See Class of 1938.

DR. ERNEST BENDER. See Class of 1947.

DR. CHARLES M. SNYDER. See Class of 1950.

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