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Jiang Speaks at Penn

While a group of demonstrators protested a block away -- mostly against China's treatment of Tibet -- Chinese President Jiang Zemin spoke to a small audience of Penn faculty and students in the Harrison Auditorium of the University Museum, which was
Photo of Jiang spacer
suffused with pale red light for the occasion. Jiang came to campus during his recent visit to the United States to join Penn President Judith Rodin in announcing a series of agreements between the People's Republic of China and the Wharton School to provide management training programs for senior Chinese government officials and executives of state-owned enterprises. The programs, developed at the request of the Chinese government and facilitated by the Graduate School of Education, will begin next year in China and at Penn.
   In his brief remarks, Jiang said he was "convinced that such cooperation will add a brilliant page in the annals of China-U.S. scientific and educational exchanges." He also spoke warmly -- in halting English -- of his private visit with Dr. Yu Hsiu Ku, Hon'72, the 94-year-old emeritus professor of electrical engineering who taught Jiang at Shanghai Jiao Tong University more than half a century ago, and who had been an adviser to Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek before fleeing to Taiwan and then to Penn.

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