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Trounced in Trivia Game

Question: This Wharton alumna lost -- big time -- on the quiz show Jeopardy and still wants her classmates to know about it.
   Answer: Who is Judy Hutchison?
   A week after the show was taped, she was philosophical about her defeat: "It was totally unfair. The game was stacked against me." Her marketing major, you see, didn't prepare Hutchison, W'94, for "killer categories" like Yul Brynner Movies and Modern Opera, and she was disappointed to find host Alex Trebek to be a bit of a "twit -- not acting as brilliantly intelligent as I had thought he was." But with three Penn classmates and her mom cheering her in the audience -- and those fabulous parting gifts -- she says she really can't complain.
   "Everybody was impressed I was even on it," says Hutchison, who works as a commercial-relationship manager for NationsBank in Baltimore. Look for her when the show airs December 26.

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