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Here in cyberspace, you can get the Gazette with the click of a mouse, but back in the real world putting out the magazine costs real money—for paper, ink, and postage, mostly (although, in-print or on-line, our writers and artists expect something for their trouble, too).

Funding for the Gazette comes from three sources: the University, advertising revenues, and—to paraphrase what the folks at PBS say (over and over and over)—the generous support of readers like you.

We mailed out letters in December asking alumni and parents to contribute to the Gazette. Just in case that letter didnčt get to you, or—God forbid—you tossed the envelope without opening it, wečre asking here, too. Your support really is critical to expanding the magazinečs readership and increasing its quality in the future.

So, please help us continue to bring the Gazette to our more technologically challenged readers—as well as those who simply prefer not to carry their computers around with them everywhere—by making a contribution of $50 or more. Just print out this page and fax or mail it to us with your check or credit card information.

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