Higher Education in the Information Age

Photo of ENIAC 2 chip New telecommunications and information technologies are radically transforming the world in which colleges and universities operate. They are accelerating changes in the higher education marketplace, presenting at the same time revolutionary tools with the potential to make education more effective, more cost-effective, and more widely available. What are the real opportunities and challenges? Which changes are likely? Which are "hype"?

One hundred invited leaders from technology, education, and business came together at Penn on June 2 and 3, 1997, for intensive, interactive discussions covering the technological future and new models for delivery of education; new markets, competition, opportunities, issues, and business relationships in education; and the future of the undergraduate experience.

For details on the Symposium program, see the Proceedings section of this site; for background on the participants, see the People section. Directions to Penn and a map of the Symposium sites are also available. To return to this home page, click on the HEIA logo in the banner.

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