Mosaic Tells Nearly 2,000-Year-Old Story

One of the world's largest and best-preserved stone mosaics has made its final U.S. stop at the Penn Museum.

The Museum's "Unearthing a Masterpiece: A Roman Mosaic from Lod, Israel" exhibition displays a 13-foot by 24-foot section of the Lod Mosaic, from 300 C.E. Notwithstanding almost 2,000 years of wear-and-tear, the Mosaic appears to be in near-mint condition.

Discovered near Tel Aviv in 1996 in Lod, Israel, the Mosaic was unearthed when an employee at a highway construction site first noticed the tail of a tiger and halted work. Three more minutes, and the Mosaic could have been destroyed.

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Photos by Steve Minicola, University Communications